Chapter 11: "Jaxson and Ellie"

A/N: Sorry it's been awhile. I just had midterms and last week was my choir concert. Tomorrow is also my voice recital but since I have chapter 11 done I decided to upload it now. I love reading the reviews so feel free to leave one. This chapter we get to meet Kevin's parents. They will be appearing again later in the story. Enjoy!

Jaxson and Ellie Barr adored their only son. When Kevin was younger and always fighting with the Ed's, they were saddened. However they had all grown up a lot since those days especially Kevin. When Edd came out as gay and Kevin stood up for his friend, Jaxson and Ellie took their son to his favorite burger place. And just when they thought they couldn't be any prouder, he came out as bisexual. They took him out to his favorite ice cream place and bought him 2 of his favorite Sundaes. So it came as no surprise to them when Kevin told them he and Edd were dating.

"Congratulations you two" Jaxson exclaimed clapping his son on the back and flashing Edd a warm smile.

"It's about time" Ellie laughed. "Honestly Kev, you've been crushing on Eddward for a long time, we were starting to wonder if you would ever get around to telling him" she teased.

"Mom don't embarrass me in front of my boyfriend please" Kevin pleaded, turning as red as his hair.

"Sorry sweetie, it's my job" she winked. Taking out her wallet she handed Kevin $30. "Why don't you two go out and eat something, you're dad and I need a nap after driving non-stop for 2 hours".

Kevin took the money from his mom and kissed her cheek, "Thanks mom we'll be back soon."

"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Barr, it was a pleasure to meet you" Edd said while Kevin pulled him out the door.

As soon as they left Ellie turned to her husband "They are too cute Jax. Were we ever as cute as them?" She asked

"El we still are, and I'll prove it" Jaxson said with a mischievous look in his eye. Ellie was suddenly very glad they were alone.