|Anniversary time|

First thing that Gumi did after she woke up was grin at the huge poster that was pasted on her bedroom's ceiling. Her face was flushed and a huge—almost cynical —smile adorned her face. She sat up and looked at the nearest plush toy that greatly resembled the girl in the poster.

"Good morning, Miku-chan."

You'd say what is so special about poster? Well that's the point. The poster depicted a girl about her own age, with teal hair that was held up in twin tails. The girl was none other than Hatsune Miku, A very unfortunate person to have gumi as her admirer. Actually 'Admirer' is just a understatement– an stalker was more accurate term.

Back to the story, Gumi was cuddling with miku plush toy, her face was flushed red as rose. She was mumbling to herself—if anyone had seen her like that then they probably would have suggested her to get medical treatment, also because she was grinning madly—recalling what she saw in her dream.

"And our chest pressed against each other and then M-Miku licked...ahh I can't... It is so embarrassing..." Gumi cupped her cheeks that felt so hot and red, she panted heavily for some reason. Her whole body was red from embarrassment. Her green eyes were glazed and were darker than usual. She was without a doubt–"Excited". She then placed her hand over her erratically beating heart. With a smile, she began to get ready for the day.

"And... there." She let out a breath as she placed last plush toy of miku on her bed. Well, her room consisted of nothing but miku hatsune toys and posters, a bed and a vanity. One wouldn't be surprised if they find some naked poster of miku in her bathroom. That was just so like her.

After getting dressed, she kissed each of the miku toys and with a loud goodbye, She exited her sleeping chamber.

Her green hair styled in her signature style that complimented with her outfit that she'd normally wear every day. Green and yellow dress that stopped just above her mid thigh flattered her long and lean legs. Boots, gloves and glasses just made her look prettier. Gumi was a beautiful girl and many would have admired her as well if it wasn't for her perverted and obsessive nature. But aside that she was a young woman with really sweet nature.

Gumi locked the door of her dormitory behind her. With a signature cheeky smile on her lips, she began her day. She just couldn't wait to meet her Miku. The very feel of her name on her lips just boosted her energy level.

"Well someone's in good mood today." A voice cooed behind her. She turned and her face lit up at the sight of her two friends–Rin Kagamine and Luka Megurine. Gumi flashed a bright smile at them to which Rin grinned back while Luka nodded at gumi in acknowledgement.

"Luka-nee, Rin-chan... A very good morning to you." Gumi greeted her friends who greeted her back. Luka and Rin are her childhood friends, they've been been friends since they were 9. As much as she wanted to ship them together, Luka and Rin were dating Len and Kaito. As the result, she holds a grudge against both of the boys who also found her annoying and tries their best to ignore her. But that is not the only reason why Gumi hates them; she saw them hitting on her Miku once. Their feelings of hatred for each other was mutual now, then and will always be.

"You sound very happy." Luka noted, looking curiously at her friend who just blushed in return. Rin nodded when she noticed dazed look on Gumi's face, every now and then she'd take sip from her orange juice.

"Yes, that...today is a very special day for Gumi." Gumi said in daze, referring herself as third person. Gumi would sometimes refer herself like this when she'd either be very happy or very depressed.

Luka and Rin just raised their brows in amusement. Glancing at each other, they decided to ask what the special occasion was.

"Today is gumi and miku's 222 day anniversary. Gumi is so happy that couldn't wait to meet her girlfriend." Rin was tempted to retort at how Miku is not her girlfriend but knew that would definite hurt her friend so she let it slide. Then it hit her.

"Wha-?! Wait, 222nd day anniversary? As in this day you guys met each other." Rin asked loudly. Rin was very peppy in person; According to her it increases her cuteness level but others insists that she was only succeeding in making fool out of herself. Reality is very different from what one thinks it to be.

"Nope, It means it has been 222 days since they met each other. Isn't that so exciting? 222 days! I'm sure Miku and I are fated to marry each other in future, like as in a fairytale!" And with that Gumi loses herself in her own thought where she marries Miku and make love with her and all other stuff. Her face instantly flushes pink as she looked down unable to meet their eyes and her arms folded tightly against her chest.

The reaction she earned from her friends to her theory was 'WTF' look. Well, Rin's reaction was that but Luka looked calm and composed as if what Gumi said wasn't something a weirdo would say. If anything what Luka said back to Gumi shocked her even more.

"How thoughtful of you, Gumi. To think that you are keeping record of this since the day you first met her, you are amazing Gumi." Luka smiles at her, seemingly oblivious to Rin who looked at Luka in absurdity and not to mention, she had her jaw dropped down in shock.

"What about yesterday?" Rin decided to ask after she recovered from her momentary shock.

"What about it?" Gumi looked at Rin in confusion after She thanked Luka for her compliment.

"You know, What day was yesterday?"

"221st day anniversary," Gumi nodded her head excitedly, flashing her pearly set of teeth at Rin. Luka looked curiously at Rin who looked dumbfounded at her reply.

"A-And what about tomorrow?" Rin's mouth was growing dry but she managed to ask her friend who was immune to the looks she was throwing at her.

"Ahaha...You are suddenly so curious, but yes, tomorrow will be very special day to Gumi, it will be 223rd day anniversary."

Rin gaped at her, her jaw dropped and the orange juice can she was holding hung low.

"Oh, I can't wait to celebrate this special day with Miku." Oblivious to Rin's reaction to her, Gumi pressed her hands in front of her chest as she let out a excited squeal.

"You are really admirable, Gumi. It is really nice to that you find every day a special day, I wish I could think that that." Luka beamed happily, patting Gumi's head in a 'you-did-a-good-job' manner. She was rooting for Gumi and Miku although she was painfully aware of how Miku holds a grudge against Gumi. Oh well... Now that she knows that Gumi is following this anniversary thing, she can always find a way get them together. But the question is 'how?'

As smiles exchanged between her two—idiotic—friends, Rin concluded she couldn't be any more shocked than this. And here I thought luka was one of the most mature girls in the school. Apparently it appears like she was the most immature one.

"Thank you, Luka-nee." Gumi thanked the older girl, and flashed a smile at Rin who was lost in her own conflicting thoughts.

"So... Are you planning to give her a present?" Asked Luka, her blue eyes boring down into Gumi's emerald ones. Luka looked down at Gumi, pulling off her most serious expression as if she was asking a question whose answer would be the key to unlock all the mysteries of the world– or at least in Gumi's world.

"A present? Why should I?" Gumi frowned as she tilted her head to her side in confused fashion. She couldn't understand why she should give a present to Miku, not that she would mind or anything.

"Oh no, dear" Luka throws her arms around Gumi's shoulder, pressing her body close to her friend's. She smirked upon seeing her friend's clueless expression. "It will help you in winning her heart."

"You want to have Miku all for yourself, don't you?"

"Yes, I want her." A wide cheshire grin made its way to Gumi's full lips. Her green eyes sparkled with anticipation.


|Author's note|

Well, here you have the 1st chapter of "When girls love". Primary pairing would be GuMiku but there would be presence of other pairings as well– for instance, RinKai, Negitoro, Minto, Rinumi and LenLu. I know you must be like what about Rigumi and Negitoro?! but don't be because once Miku will make her debut, story will take a big move forward.

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This story was previously known as Obsession but I had to rewrite it for reasons. Oh! And excuse the typos and grammatical mistakes.

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