|Freaky fantasies|

"You think I should give her a present to win her heart." Gumi repeated, she still don't understand how a insignificant thing called gift would help her win Miku's heart.

"Yes." Luka nodded with confidence while Rin looked uncertain.

Rin was never particularly thrilled to know that Gumi liked Miku, not after that. Not that she would tell a soul or anything but Rinto, her brother, was also harboured feelings for Miku. And to make it worse, he was asking for her help because Rin and Miku are friends for quite sometime and not to mention are quite close to each other. He was her brother and even though they tend to fight a lot and she finds him annoying, she loves him enough to help him in hooking him up with Miku. But that would mean...

"Isn't that right Rin?" This snapped Rin out of her thoughts and she looked up at her friends who were looking at her in worry.

"W-what?" Rin uttered weakly. She was spacing out of the conversation so she didn't know what they were talking about.

"Are you alright, Rin?" Luka asked Rin. Her voice filled with concern for Rin. That's right that Rin couldn't possible betray Gumi like that. She wanted to help her but then what about her brother? She was confused.

"Yes, you've been spacing out a lot these days. You can tell us if there is a problem, we will definitely help you, Rin-chan." Gumi asked her with a kind smile on her face. Rin had known Gumi since they were like 8. That smile was nothing but a selfless act that she pulls around wherever she goes. Gumi is too kind and sweet, she couldn't possibly hurt her one of the best friends. Rin's lips were tight and formed a straight line, her blue eyes sparkled with conflicting emotions. She'd try to help both of them with their problems. She'd try to give her brother advice's on how he should approach Miku. Same thing applies to Gumi. She wouldn't be betraying anyone that way. At least that's what I think...

"Hn... I'm fine, I was just thinking what type of gift Miku would like... But I have no clue." Rin made up a quick excuse to prevent any further interrogation. To make it sound more realistic, she put her signature grin and winked. She was definitely okay but she doesn't want to worry them. They didn't look like they were reassured with her answer and looked at her doubtfully but Rin just waved it off with a shrug.

"Whatever you say." Luka finally breathed out and glanced at her before turning back to Gumi who was about to say something to Rin.

"Gumi, can you think of anything that you could present her for this day?" Luka asked Gumi, her sapphire eyes boring down into Gumi's bright green ones. Gumi who had turned her attention from Rin to luka looked up thoughtfully placing her finger under her chin, completely forgetting whatever she was about to say to Rin.

Gumi tried of think of anything that could make Miku happy but failed miserably. As much as she hated to admit it, Gumi was not close to Miku so she had no idea. looking depressed, Gumi shook her head slowly. Her shoulders slumped down and she looked down, sad that she couldn't think of anything that could make Miku happy.

"No... Gumi couldn't think of anything that could possibly make her Miku happy." Gumi breathed out in disappointment.

"I say you should just give her leek. I'm confident nothing else could make her more happy." Rin suggested, she almost looked bored.

"Yes, she isn't called 'leek-freak' for nothing." Luka chuckled recalling how Miku would send death glare at anyone within 5 feet near her leek. Her leek fetish sometimes turns out to be a serious threat. Not that she was ever going to tell Gumi but sometimes she and Miku are paired together because of their love for leek (negi) and tuna (toro). As the result they are called Negitoro. But they are just friends, at least from her point of view.

Gumi pouted. Ah...looks like this day would be the worst day of my life. How in the world am I ever going to give her something that she would be able to treasure as a sign of love and would be useful to her well. There was a light poke on her forehead. She looked up and met Rin's gaze.

"Don't be down for something like this, idiot. You can't let a mere gift giving ruin your special day, now can you?" Rin put her hands on her hips and looked at Gumi with a smirk on her face. Somehow her words really seemed to had a magic on Gumi because a smile made its way to her lips. Her green eyes glimmered with newfound determination. Yes, Rin-chan is right. Gumi can't let something as trivial as this ruin her day!

"Rin's right, you shouldn't be down. Cheer up, will you? We don't have a clue about gift that would be suitable for miku but I'm sure we can ask suggestions from others, they sure would know better." Luka nodded in agreement. This blossomed a bright smile in her lips as she shook Luka's hands violently in excitement.

"Yes! We can ask others, uh- Gakupo, IA, haku... Oh! And Meiko as well, she is her Best friend after all." Gumi said excitedly. Rin and luka smiled as they saw their friend's happy smile. Rin would never admit it but Gumi was her best friend. She was her first friend and she cherishes her but too bad she is too levelheaded to admit that. Luka however was total opposite to Rin.

"Yes, and didn't we saw SeeU earlier Luka, let's ask her first, she seems to be expert in such things." Rin suggested, she looked back and forth at the two girls. They agreed as well.

Gumi's eyes sparkled as she imagined...

"Here, Miku-chan... I know this isn't much... But I want you to accept my present! I love you." Gumi confesses as she looks up at Miku's shocked and awe-struck face. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled in joy as she cried happily. Her pink, kissable lips curved up in a wide, bright smile that could make anyone just melt on the spot.

"Oh! Gumi, this is the most beautiful gift I've ever got, I-I love it... But there is something that I love more!"

"W-What is that...?" Gumi shyly looked up at her lover who wrapped her slender arms around her, capturing her in a embrace.

"You." Miku said with a smirk that made her look even hotter than before. A bright red blush adorned Gumi's face as she cupped Miku's face and kissed her passionately on her lips.

The kiss was not wild but very passionate and loving. It lasted for seconds before they pulled away and gazed lovingly at each other.

Miku then exclaimed in a rather comical way,"Oh Gumi, Let's get married, like right now."

"Oh! Miku-koi, yes! we shall." Gumi said with immense joy as she nodded a yes with excitement and joy. Miku smiled brightly and pulled Gumi close to her and was about to kiss her again when...

"G-Gumi...Gumi! O-Oi, S-Snap out of it." A voice shouted, flustered.

Gumi blinked and saw Struggling Rin in her arms and their mouth just inches away from each other. Rin's face was flushed red from embarrassment or was it anger? She doesn't know. Rin had her hand on Gumi's face in an attempt to push it away from her. Gumi's dazed look, drool that was coming out of her mouth and Rin's current position concluded that Gumi was day dreaming and she was about to kiss Rin who she assumed was Miku from her dream.

"Y-you p-pervert, l-let go!" Rin yelled at Gumi, her cheeks tinting red. That was when she realized someone pulling her from behind. That was Luka, she was trying pry Gumi off Rin who was being crushed from Gumi's death grip and was the victim of her fantasy.

"Oh..." Gumi realized what she was doing and let go of poor rin at once. It all happened without warning that Luka who was pulling on Gumi, fell back with Gumi onto the ground while Rin was panting heavily.

"Y-You..." Rin growled as she regained her breath and was ready to pounce on Gumi in anger when Luka held her back.

"Forgive her, Rin. She didn't do it on purpose." Luka had this awkward smile on her lips when she tries to calm Rin down.

"Yes, I'm sorry but It wasn't exactly my fault anyway..." Gumi pouted as she looked away, apologizing nonetheless. She wouldn't have tried to kiss her if she knew from the beginning that she was Rin, and not Miku. Rin glared at her slightly before turning away.

"My my, you two are fighting like any old-married couple would." Luka chuckled at them while they turned to face Luka, their face flushing red.

"Are not!" They both said simultaneously, before glancing at each other and turning away from each other once again.

"Oh, and you both even synchronize." Luka couldn't suppress the smirk when she noticed how both of her friends become red at her remark.