Don't make me out the hero -
It's who I'll never be.
I would not be different
If even the end I see.
This is how God made me -
It's what I am today.
I will not be made better
By reasons you will say.

Don't make me out the hero -
Don't justify my wrongs.
I was not a child
And was not for so long.
This is what I wanted -
This path I have led
I knew the consequences
For each one I've left dead.

Don't make me out a hero -
Don't try to wash my soul.
I cannot be rescued
For I've chosen this role.
This was always to be,
Where everyone will die;
To say otherwise
Would be holding a lie.

AN: Inspired by someone someone here one said about - or rather wrote about - Col. Tavington. Because while I know I can justify anyone and anything or at least explain it away and make it seem reasonable or pitiable given reason and time, I also know that it's not always right. Just because a serial killer has a sad, understandable reason for the atrocities he commits, that doesn't make it right. And so, in this case, this is for Adam. Certainly, I'll find ways to at least give him reason for his actions if not nullify the consequences or the actions entirely, but I also know that the writers didn't create him that way and I'm probably horribly misremembering him anyway. Because the first time I watched it? He was the one that enjoyed murdering. (I will blame whomever made me write Liar Liar because that's what started this whole mess...) 11-24-2015