Contestshipping birth of quadruplets

Authors note: if don't like couple or understand the title go now. It helps to read my handymanshipping and pokeshipping stories first but not totally nessacary.

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We go to a hotel in Cerulean city. August 7th

May said, "Drew this sucks."

Drew replied, " I know you hate being away from home,pregnant with four and being on bed rest."

May said,"no it sucks that they keep kicking my bladder."

Drew said, "May again."

May nodded. Drew flipped his hair helped her into her wheelchair and helped her to the bathroom.

Once back in room May drifted into day dream land. Drew left roselia with May while he made a delivery of food to hospItal to friends there watching there little ones gain strength.

Of course this was a mistake. May felt her first contraction while Drew was out. May just hoped Drew wouldn't be long. Roselia looked at May with confusion. It wasn't to long before Drew returned. May was in her second contraction when he returned.

When it stlord May said, "Drew I am having contractions about ten minutes apart. Before we do anything I want to try to have these vaginaly it is ok if absolutely need c-section but only if absolutly nessacary. I am not going to turn pain meds down."

Drew said, " Whatever you want. Now lets get you to hospital."

They called for special hospital taxi to the multiple birth hospital because they had that. By time it arrived May contractions had increased frequency to seven minutes apart."

May and Drew told doctor O once Mau was in room how May wanted it. Dr O reminded her it would be painful she still wanted to go thru with her plan. Three hours later May was in full labor it was around five p.m.

Dr O had returned to room and was ready for her delivery as well as team of nurses. May was only eight weeks before her due date thus why Dr O let her do her plan.

Dr O told May to push May pushed while squeezing Drew's hand. A few pushes later a baby girl was out and handed to it's team She was given a 3 minute break between each one before more pushing The second was a boy. The third was a girl and the fourth a boy. Obviously each handed off to there team as they where born. In the order they where born there names where Cobey(it is gender neutral name), Kale, Beth and Liam.

May turned to Drew and said, "I am tired I am going go take a nap. Go call mom and Brock. If run into are friends here let them know."

Drew said, "Ok May I will."

Drew turned to doctor O as May dozed off and asked, " Is her being tired anything to worry about?"

Doctor O replied, " Nope she is totally fine."

Then Drew left to do as he was told.

Two years later they where visiting Hoenn because shortly after the birth they had made decision to move to Kanto. They watched Max be a doting uncle to his nieces and nephews. He was letting them play with one of his pokémon and giving them plenty of hugs. They heard the awws of Caroline and Norman. They had decided it was good idea to cost for the quadruplets second birthday as doctors had given them the all clear.

The end.