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Hello, Young Adventurers,

You may all have recently noticed the surge of mysterious monsters suddenly plaguing our planet. These creatures seem quite capable in hurting us if we get too close, as they come with an array of elemental-manipulating abilities. Instead of fearing these creatures, I have taken an interest in them and have resolved to study them as much as possible. But I am not alone. Several colleagues are helping in my endeavors.

Packaged with this letter, I present all of you young people a gift if you choose to accept the call of adventure. Inside, you will notice a collection of twenty small devices which I am referring to as "PokéBalls" as well as a QR code to download a feature onto your phones called the "Pokédex." Both of these you will quickly find of use shall you accept my challenge.

As dangerous as many of these creatures may appear, we have discovered that they are easily tamable and can be stored inside the previously mentioned Balls. This is why my colleagues and I have taken to calling them "Pocket Monsters," hence the terms "PokéBall" and "Pokédex."

So, this brings me to my request. I am asking those among you that are brave enough to travel outside and search for these Pokémon, are you willing to become Trainers? The choice is up to you!

Go forth, Pokémon Trainers!


Professor Willow

P.S. If you do choose to accept this invitation, please download the Pokédex app and register yourself as a Trainer. Thank you.

… …

"Hello. This is the Pokédex. You are a new user. Please tell me your name, so that I may register you as a Pokémon Trainer in Professor Willow's Database."

Goh Fujita

"Is this correct?"


"Welcome, new Trainer! Professor Willow is glad that you have decided to accept his offer to help his research team study these Pokémon on a firsthand basis."