Disclaimer: I don't own the song or the movie, just Terra. I was inspired by the song to connect the differences between Hiccup and Terra

Summary: After Hiccup's line: "Everything we know about you guys is wrong." What does Hiccup and Terra do before night fall?

Lyrics: "Something Entirely New" by Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe

After Terra realized that she was in love with her master as she got up and sat at the edge. The Pixie Terrors left as Hiccup sat next to her as they said nothing for an hour as flashbacks from their friendship and the recent flight flashed their eyes. The feelings of being with someone from different races and how they connect, it was strange and new to them, due to the fact they have been alone and bullied all their lives. "I have seen fairies carry their own on their backs, but I never knew it would feel like that." Hiccup said, "Sometimes it feels amazing, like you have someone to rely on. I never felt that before." Terra said, "Me too, it was amazing to feel like someone on my back." Hiccup nervously laughed as he said, "Yeah."

Terra was flying back to Berk with Hiccup as they began to sing,

[Both] Where did we go?

What did we do?

I think we made something

Entirely new

And it wasn't quite me

And it wasn't quite you

I think it was something

Entirely new

At the cove they were on the grass looking at the moon and stars, thinking,

[Hiccup] Oh... um

Well, I just can't stop thinking

[Terra] So... um

Did you say I was different?

[Hiccup] And you hadn't before?

[Terra] Of course not

When would I have ever?

Feeling it was his fault that Terra lost her flight permanently, Hiccup sings,

[Hiccup] Terra, I'm so sorry

[Terra] Hiccup, don't be

[Hiccup] And now you're stuck here forever!

[Terra] What about you?

[Hiccup] What about me?

[Terra] Well you're here too

We're here together

Terra places her hand on her master's hand as she hums

*Humming* Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm...

Fireflies started to fly in the cove creating light as Terra took Hiccup's hand asking him to dance with her, they began their first dance. Terra and Hiccup's hand connected as they did a waltz near the lake.

[Both] *Humming* Hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm...

Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm...

Terra placed her head on Hiccup's chest as he blushed on the contact. Terra glances at him with wide eyes as they continued to dance.

Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm...

Hmm hmm hmm hmmm hmmmm...

Terra and Hiccup landed on the grass as they laughed.

Hiccup never felt the feeling of a girl on his chest as Terra never seen a boy dazzling to her eyes.

Hiccup surprises Terra with a dark blue rose as she blushes red with shyness. Terra accepts the rose as she places it behind her ear.

Seeing it was getting late, Hiccup decides to return to the village as Terra decides to sleep for tomorrow.

Terra bids Hiccup goodnight as he leaves to the forge and Terra enters her cave to sleep.

They don't know what was coming, but whatever happens they will fight at one to stop it, even if it kills them.