There was a rumour that started from a story that happened in the past.

The story is about a female student who was bullied by her classmates. Every day, she would go to school and get laughed at with no friends to support her. Her tables would be vandalised and she received numerous distasteful nicknames.

One day, she snapped.

Laughing hysterically, she stood on the edge of the empty rooftop. Balancing dangerous while giggling, clearly out of her mind. Suddenly, she stopped. She looked at the sky with hatred before screaming with anger. She then proceeded to jump off the building while laughing.


There she went. Her hollow laughter echoed off the equally hollow school campus.

This is the origin of the rumour. Whispers could be heard about this female student returning as a ghost to get retribution against those of whom had a hand in her death. It is said that she was the cause of students in class 4-1 to vomit and have bloodshot eyes these days. Many said that was the girl's former class and she was getting her revenge by haunting it.

This, was the curse of class 4-1.