Gwen couldn't get that dance out of her mind. She wondered if the same was true for Ben. She looked back at him sitting on his bunk fiddling with the Omnitirx. He really wanted the master code back.

It wasn't long before his fiddling backfired and he was on his way to find Azmuth. to prevent the end of the universe.

She of course wasn't going to let him go without her. Her dweeb needed her if he was going to make it out of this alive.

.Since when had she started thinking of him as HER dweeb, or her anything for that matter. She asked herself. Had that just happened over time, was it while they were dancing the other day.

Well she didn't have time to think about that now. They needed to find this guy and get him to fix the watch.

It seemed though that Gwen would never know if they had succeeded. She had shoved Ben out of the way of the wildvine creature that was about to attack him...and it got her instead.

She heard Ben beating on the hatch above; but to no effect.

She accepted her fate. Knowing how carnivorous plants digest their prey she tried to put herself in a magic trance so she wouldn't experience the pain and fear of digestion. Her last thoughts surprised her...I love you Ben.


Tatrax was not given to over sentimentality but he couldn't help but feel the anguish in the young heroes cries. Clearly the boys feelings for his companion went deeper than Tetrax had guessed.

Of course being a child, childish behavior came out. He wanted someone to blame and settled on Myaxx. Tetrax was left to calm two irrational beings down and get back on task.

Ben was numb the rest of the way to Azmuths lab. How could this have happened. What does he tell Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson. How does he go on. What will he do without her...He loved her.

Only now did he realize that. It wasn't like the crush he'd had on Kai. He had just been attracted to a pretty girl, but they had no connection. He and Gwen had been friends as far back as Ben could remember, and this summer had formed a bond, taught them that they could rely on each other. They had made their way into each others hearts...And now she was gone. He had realized that he loved her but he would never be able to tell her so.

Then, when they had found this Azmuth. He had the gall to refuse to help them. She had given up her life for him, for the world, and this pouting, goth wannabe was just going to sit in there and brood; having passed his self righteous judgment on the universe, even though it would mean his life to. He would he would squander this chance that Gwen had bought with her life...Well he was going to fix this watch or Ben was going to spend the last moments of existence beating the snot out of this piece of shit.

He went Canonbolt and rolled repeatedly into the door, again and again until he broke through.

It wasn't long after that Vilgax found them...

Consciousness slowly returned to Gwen. He first thought was that the spell hadn't worked and she would get the full experience of being digested by the wildvine.

But she started to realize that she wasn't in the pod. She was in the sunlight...with Gluto, and he was speaking to her. "You'll be okay. I know this is disorienting, it was for me the first time it happened."

She looked at him. "You speak English?"

"I speak a lot of languages. Are you starting to feel better?"

"Yeah, a little I guess."

"So you understood everything that Ben said?" She asked with a slight smirk.

He seemed amused when he answered. "Yes I did. But he's a child and he was afraid. He was trying to hide that. I'd guess that's the root of much of his behavior...Of course that doesn't mean I'm not waiting for the right time to let him know I understood him."

She laughed. "Wait, Ben, where is he. Is he okay?"

"I'd guess he's over there." Gluto gestured toward where a battle was going on.

They came over the hill and saw Ben blasting away with some kind of canon on his arm. Look at him go. She thought with pride.

But soon the numbers became too much and two fighters came down on Ben. He seemed to know it was over for him and stood to face it.

Gwen encased the fighters in orbs of magic and destroyed them.

Ben turned around to see her and Gluto standing there. He ran to her and she ran to meet him. As they met they embarrassed. Gwen was surprised at how good it felt, and surprised again when he quietly said. "I love you."

She smiled and whispered "I love you to."

As Tetrax arrived they separated and he asked "Gwen you're alive, but how?"

She explained as well as she could but there wasn't much time for Gluto to fill in details, this fight wasn't over.

Soon though, thanks to Ben and Azmuth it was over. Hopefully they'd never see Vilgax again.

And, yes it was a long ride home but it gave Ben and Gwen some time to talk.

"So, Gwen asked. What you said when we got back together, um, did you mean it?"

"Uh, well, yeah." Why was he stumbling. If he's such a hero, well shouldn't he be good at talking to girls? NO, he realized. A TV hero was always smooth, always knew what to say, but a real hero is just a guy...just like him. He'd do the best he could and hope he wasn't about to wish the universe would have ended, he continued, "I, I did mean it...Um, what about you?"

She answered, "My mother thinks I don't know what love is. She says I'm too young. Maybe she was right, but I think I know now. Yeah Ben. I meant it when I said I love you."

They moved slowly, awkwardly toward each other. The distance between their lips shrinking, each so nervous about what seemed to be happening...

"Entering atmosphere!" Tetrax voice came over the intercom, "Buckle up."

The two looked at each other sheepishly. "Uh, can we talk more about this later?" Ben asked.

"Uh, yeah." she added "Let's pick up where we left off."

Ben smiled as he buckled himself in. "Yeah, lets do that."