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Naruto: The Runaway Chronicles: Redux

Chapter 1



The two warriors screamed at the top of their lungs as they slammed their respective attacks into one another.

The resulting explosion shook the landscape and sent the Uchiha flying back into the valley wall. The other boy was also sent flying into the wall, but he ricocheted off of it, and he landed skull first on the valley floor.

"Ouch... that looked like it hurt." Kyuubi muttered as his host had his brains scrambled by that landing.

"Ooohhh Shit... I wonder if there is any brain damage." The Fox wondered as it began to heal it's host's, cracked open skull.

Doing a quick check, the Fox found it's host's memories were frayed, unfocused. It was all stable up until about the end of the academy, then his memories got all fucked up. They were out of order and broken up.

Letting out a sigh, the Fox began to try and piece them together. One by one, he watched the memories, trying to figure out where they went, in order.

As the Fox ran through Naruto's memories, it became increasingly agitated. It watched each one, and even went back to Naruto's first memories.

"Why the hell do you still live there?" The Fox asked, as it watched it's host receive beating after beating at the hands of the villagers. It watched as he was forced to live in the shittiest part of town. In a building that was quite literally, only standing because roaches made up about sixty percent of the building's structural integrity.

It watched as he was constantly kicked out of the stores and chased away from other children. It watched as he was held back and sabotaged in the academy and how no one either noticed or cared.

"That Iruka Umino... he may have been kind to you, but there is no way he didn't know that you were being sabotaged. I mean, seriously... he's a teacher and he couldn't tell that your reserves require higher level chakra control exercises to master, then simple leaf spinning? That's either intentional sabotage, or simple negligence." The Fox shook it's head in disgust. Humans were so fickle. These people claimed to be warriors but instead of sucking it up and accepting the deaths of their fallen comrades, they decided to take it out on an innocent child.

Moving on from there, the Fox found itself continuously disgusted with the Leaf village. That pathetic silver haired Jonin, he was the student of Naruto's father. He should have favored Naruto above the others, but instead he treated Naruto as the dead last. All he taught Naruto was tree walking. Then when Naruto tried to ask for help in the Chuunin exams, he pawned him off to that pathetic excuse for a ninja, Ibisu.

Then there was that piece of shit, Jiraiya. The Fox knew who he was to Naruto. The fox remembered from his time in Kushina, he knew that Jiraiya was Naruto's godfather. Where the fuck had he been for thirteen years? If he didn't know that Naruto was alive, then why hadn't he told Naruto of his connection to him? The only answer was that he did know, and intentionally chose to ignore him and leave him to the spiteful villagers.

The Fox shook it's head in disgust. Every day these pitiful humans proved to him that his father had been wrong. Human's weren't worthy of his sacrifice. He should've just let the Juubi destroy them all.

After a little more searching the Fox located a misty barrier in Naruto's mind. Curious, the Fox approached it. He pushed his way through the barrier and it easily cracked. It must have been some sort of seal, that held blocked memories. Naruto's injuries must have damaged it.

What the fox found, was a smiling young girl, that acted just like Naruto. He saw memories of them playing together, and acting like children did. And then... she was gone. Like she had never existed at all.

The memories were all messed up, even worse then Naruto's from his head injury.

Withdrawing from the seal, the Fox took a look around. All of these broken memories were floating around with zero connection. Would Naruto remember them? Probably. Would they make much sense to him? Maybe, maybe not. Would he feel a connection to them? No.

With a sigh the fox allowed his energy to flow through the boy. Moving him like a puppet, the Fox took control of his body.

"You may not like it... but I refuse to allow my host to be weak. You aren't going back to that place. It doesn't deserve either of our powers." The Fox stated as it began to move Naruto's body on it's own.

Now in control, the Fox took a look around. It spotted Sasuke, lying on the ground not far away, it gave the Uchiha a look of disgust, before turning and dashing off. The Fox had contemplated crushing the unconscious boy's skull, but it could sense other's approaching. If it wanted to escape, it needed to move, and quickly.

-Several Hours Later-

"Oh... my head..." Naruto whined out in pain as he awoke next to a stream.

He sat up and looked around. He was next to a stream, in the middle of a forest. It was night time, and cool. This wasn't the first time he'd woken up in the forest, his body racking with pain. Still... this time was different. It was much colder then usual, and the trees weren't familiar. They weren't the same kind as the ones in Konoha's forest.

"Where... am I?" Naruto asked aloud as he clutched at his throbbing head.

"You're in the land of Lightning." Naruto heard a dark demonic voice state. He spun around and found himself in a sewer. Before him was a massive cage and on the other side was the nine tailed fox.

"Gah!" Naruto screamed out in terror as he stumbled back and fell into the water.

"Hello there little guy. Do you remember me?" The fox inquired.

"What the hell are you? Where am I? How did I get here?" Naruto quickly rambled out, his eyes wide in terror.

"I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune. We're currently talking in your head, and I brought you down here." The Fox answered.

"Why?" Naruto managed to ask.

"I needed to speak with you. Do you remember me?" The Fox asked.

Naruto looked like he was about to say no when a memory shot to the surface. He recalled demanding power from the fox to beat Sasuke. 'Wait… why was I fighting Sasuke?' Naruto thought in confusion. Then another thought struck him, 'Why was I talking to the Nine Tailed Fox?'

"He was trying to defect from the hidden Leaf. You were sent to stop him and bring him back. But he decided to toss away your friendship and used cursed power to try and kill you. So you just evened the odds." The Fox informed him.

"What? Sasuke isn't my friend. I hate that stupid teme, he always thinks he's so much better then everyone else." Naruto fired back. But even as he did, more memories drifted into focus. A few memories of their time in team seven. And even a few memories of Naruto begging Sasuke to come home.

"What… what the hell?" Naruto muttered aloud, confusion spilling into his mind.

"You and the Uchiha did battle, but you suffered a head injury. you're suffering from some minor form of amnesia. The memories are there, they're just all jumbled." The Fox informed him.

Naruto was quiet for several moments as he tried to think back. The memories were indeed there, but he had no connection to them. No way of finding them unless he was looking. The last thing he remembered clearly was failing the Genin exam for the third time, and being told that was it.

He tried to think back to that time, and got a few vague images of Mizuki trying to kill Iruka Sensei. He vaguely recalled that it was Mizuki that had told him about the Fox. He was some sort of vessel, the fox had been sealed into him by the Fourth Hokage.

Naruto didn't know how he felt about that. Thinking back, it all made so much sense now. Why everyone thought he was a monster, why the people called him a demon. He had hoped by becoming a ninja he could start proving himself, that people would stop hating him, but from what he could vaguely recall, he doubted that it worked.

"How did I end up in the land of Lightning?" Naruto asked after a moment.

"I brought you here. You were unconscious, I used my chakra to manipulate your body and get you away from that wretched place." The fox replied.

"Why?" Naruto asked as he looked at the fox and focused on it for the first time since being woken up.

"Because… I've seen all the shit you've gone through in your life. The beatings. The looks. The neglect. Hell, you struggled and worked your ass off to become a ninja and your reward is a douche-bag Uchiha, who thinks you're worthless. A pink haired fangirl, who thinks you're an annoying loser. And a white haired, mask wearing pervert, who favors the Uchiha and thinks you'll never amount to anything." The Fox replied with a bit of a growl.

Each time it listed off, a memory flashed up. Naruto felt his hand's tighten into fists, as the painful memories came flooding back. Sakura, the girl he had a crush on, thought he was nothing. She treated him like dirt. Sasuke… well that guy always treated everyone like crap, even though the villagers gave him everything he could possibly want. And then that white haired guy… Kakashi-sensei. That guy was such a hypocrite. Always going on about teamwork and unity only to cast Naruto aside.

The memories were there. They may be out of order, but when he tried to recall something, it came up. Kakashi taught him exactly two things. Work as a team, and tree walking. And even then, he told Naruto how to do it, and then he pissed off. Sasuke and Naruto had to spend hours and hours running up that damn tree and failing about a thousand times before they got it right.

He tried to recall why he bothered staying in the Leaf, and then it came back… his dream of being Hokage.

The Fox knew what he was thinking, he was in Naruto's head after all. So he quickly moved to quash the potential problem, right away.

"Do you honestly think that those people would ever elect you to become Hokage? Remember… you beat Gaara… and no one even so much as said thanks to you. Do you remember that? Do you remember brushing off their disrespect like a bunch of fucking assholes? I hate your kind, but even I have to admit, that you managing to beat a bijuu, with what little training and help that you've had, is pretty damn amazing." The Fox said to him.

Naruto was actually taken aback. He rarely if ever received compliments. Hell the only four people to ever compliment him were Iruka-sensei, Old Man Third Hokage, and both the Ichiraku's. No one else ever complimented him, so it was weird hearing the freaking Nine Tails of all things, paying him a compliment.

"I need to go back… if I run away… they'll send people to kill me… I'll be listed as a rogue. And… I'll never get to be Hokage..." Naruto found himself saying.

"You weren't going to be Hokage anyway you little runt. If they can overlook you being son of the Fourth Hokage and the Red Death, they sure as shit aren't going to notice any 'accomplishments' you can pull out of your ass, to try and impress them. Hell they'd probably have you killed for harming their own so precious Uchiha." The Fox growled in reply.

Naruto actually took a step back, stunned beyond belief.

"Wh-what did you say?" Naruto asked with a stutter. The Fox made a face, it knew what Naruto was referring too, but it wondered if he had caught the rest of what it had said.

"Your father was Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. Your mother was a woman named Kushina Uzumaki, also known as the Red Death. She was my host before you. I know everything about her, including her secret marriage to the Fourth and your birth. They both died during my rampage." The Fox explained to him.

Naruto was completely dumbstruck. Once again he fell to the ground. To think… his idol, his hero, the man he admired more then anyone else, The Fourth Hokage, was actually his father… Naruto couldn't believe it. He started to shake his head in disbelief. The fox had to be lying, when he looked up, ready to lay into the lying bastard with vengeance, he was struck by a stunning sight.

The Fox had created an illusion inside of it's cage of two people. One was a woman with long red hair. He saw his own facial features in hers almost instantly. And the other, was a man who's face matched that of the mountain side monument that he always stared at, the Fourth Hokage. These were his parents… they had to be.

Looking at his Father… Naruto just couldn't believe it. How could no one see that? He was almost a spitting image of the man. They had the same hair, the same skin tone, the same eye color… how could people not see?

"Humans are blinded by their emotions. They allow them to cloud their judgment. Still… a few people should have known… in fact… I know they knew. And still they said nothing." The Fox growled out.

"Who? Who knew? And why didn't they say anything? Why didn't they tell me!?" Naruto shouted as he shot back to his feet.

"The Third Hokage definitely knew. That sensei of yours, Kakashi, he knew, he was your father's apprentice for a while before becoming one of his three students. That old hag, Tsunade, she was your mother's cousin, surely she recognized you, and even if she didn't, she had access to your birth records. Then finally there was the perverted toad, Jiraiya. That man is your Godfather. And he didn't say a damn thing to you. Not even a fucking apology for being gone for thirteen years." The Fox explained. Each name brought memories forward. People he trusted. People he respected. All of them had lied to him. All of them kept him in the dark. Why didn't any of them tell him?

It made him so mad! All he ever wanted to know was that he once had a family that loved him. Didn't they realize how hard it was being an orphan and not knowing if your parents loved you or not? Didn't they once think that it might have made things so much easier to deal with if he knew that his family didn't abandon him? Why didn't anyone say anything?

"I don't know what their reasoning could be. But I knew your parents. The two of them were insufferable with how much they doted on you while Kushina was pregnant. All the two of them ever talked about was how they would raise you and care for you. How they would love you with all of their hearts. I'm a demon so that kind of thing is annoying to me, but in all truths, the two loved you, with all their hearts, and they gave themselves, to save you and that fucking village. And how did the village choose to honor your parent's sacrifice? Well… I think you know. So many clan leaders… all of them knew and respected Minato, and yet none of them raised a finger to help you." The Fox explained. By now, Naruto was in tears. The fox could tell though, that they were tears of Happiness. All Naruto ever wanted was to know that he could have had a family, that he wasn't some dumpster baby, that was tossed aside and unloved. He stared intently at the two illusions of his parents. He memorized ever line, and every curve of their faces, and emblazoned them into his memory. He would never forget either of their faces.

Things were quiet for several moments as Naruto let out a few pained sobs. The Fox stayed quiet, not wanting to agitate his host more then he already was. The fox's goal was get away from Konoha, hopefully this was a good start, but he needed to play his cards right, from here on out. So with that in mind, he kept the illusion of Naruto's parents up for him to see. Each second he held it up, increased his chances of convincing Naruto to abandon the Leaf.

Finally after about ten minutes had passed, Naruto wiped the tears from his eyes and looked up at the Fox.

"I know you probably don't care… but thank you. Thank you for giving me this one thing. This one thing that I've always wanted." Naruto thanked the mighty demon with more sincerity then the Fox had heard from a human in a long time.

"I'm willing to make you an offer… but only if you promise to never return to that wretched village again. Your parent's wouldn't have wanted you to remain and suffer like you have been. If they were alive now, they would have burned that village to ash, for what they have done. Swear to never return to that village, and I will tell you anything you want to know about your parents… hell, I'll even train you in their styles of fighting if you would like? How does that sound? Would you like to learn your parent's styles of combat?" The Fox offered.

"I'm not going back to Konoha. You were right… I'd never make Hokage… no matter what I did. All the people there just lie to me, anyway. And… I want to know about my parents, I want to hear everything about them, but… why would you offer to help me? Don't you want to escape?" Naruto asked.

"Of course I want to escape! However… when your father made this seal, he made an error. He placed two failsafes on this seal of yours. One was set to activate when you tear the seal off, that holds your father's chakra. The other was meant to activate when you used the seal key to try to control my power. That failsafe, holds your mother's chakra. What Minato didn't know was that by sealing a piece of both their chakra's in here, he was also sealing a bit of their souls. And while I can't get rid of those two soul fragments, I can examine them. And… because a soul holds a person's memories… I was able to learn all of their lives. This wasn't useful for Kushina, but for Minato, I learned that any attempt to escape would end in failure, and that he also sealed half of my chakra into himself before he died. So even if I do get out of here, I'd only be at half strength." The Fox explained with a bitter amount of respect towards his old enemy. Minato was indeed a cunning man.

"Wow… my old man sounds really smart. He even managed to outsmart a several thousand year old demon… wow..." Naruto stated with awe.

"Yeah well… he was smart, but I still learned all about his plan. doesn't mean there's much I can do about it… so I guess you can say that we're tied. He split me in half, I killed him. He sealed me in you, I killed his wife. He left failsafe's in the seal, I learned all of his techniques from his soul. So… yeah, we're tied." The fox replied with a harrumph.

"Don't be so morbid, gosh. Those are still my parents and that's really friggin' dark." Naruto muttered earning a growl from the fox.

"Look brat. I'm stuck here with you. You promise not to go back to Konoha, and you promise to let me lightly leach off of your Yin Chakra to slowly begin to replenish my own. And I promise to tell you all about your parents and to help make you strong. If I'm gonna be stuck with you, I might as well make you awesome, so that I don't have to watch you get thrashed over and over again. Honestly, it's embarrassing for me." The Fox replied.

"Um… taking my… uh… 'yin' chakra, isn't going to hurt me is it?" Naruto inquired with a bit of confusion.

"No. I'm only gonna take a bit. I'll take a bit, corrupt it, so that it's like my own chakra, and then add it to my reserves. With a bit of luck, once I gather enough Yin chakra from you, I can pump it into my core, and get it to start recreating my own Yin chakra. it'll probably take decades, but it's the only chance I've got to repair the damage the Fourth did." The Kyuubi responded.

"Okay. Alright then… it's a deal. You help teach me, and tell me about my parents, and I promise to be the most badass host in the world. We'll kick all sorts of ass together!" Naruto agreed gleefully.

"Alright… but before I tell you anything… there is something I need you to do first." The Fox informed him as it leaned close to the cage.

"What's that?" Naruto asked.

"THROW THAT ORANGE ABOMINATION INTO THE FUCKING RIVER!" The Fox roared scaring Naruto out of his mindscape.

He found himself where he was before, back by the stream. With a sigh he rose to his feet and removed his orange jacket. It was a cold night, but not so cold that Naruto wouldn't survive without the jacket. He let out another sigh and tossed it into the water. After a few moments he thought back to the people in Konoha.

"Iruka-Sensei, Ayame-chan, Teuchi-Ojii… I'm sorry guys… but… I can't go back. The Leaf will never respect me. They'll never acknowledge me. I can't just keep putting myself through this. I need to do what's best for me. So… that's what I'm gonna do. I promise… I'll make you guys proud. I'll do great things." And with that, Naruto removed his head band. After a few moments of contemplation, and a few more memories of how little that headband had meant in regards to his treatment by the villagers, by his peers, by the council. With a sigh, Naruto dropped it into the water and turned to walk off. He could see lights in the distance. Hopefully he was far enough from home that no one would even remotely recognize him.

-One Year Later-

"Come on Naruto!" A loud, friendly young voice shouted. That dark haired, young girl was smiling back at him, as she waved for him to hurry up.

Naruto quickly followed, eager to have some fun.

He chased her into a wooded area but lost sight of her. After a few moments he found himself alone. For a second he worried she had abandoned him, but then he heard a muffled giggle. He glanced over at a tree, and a grin formed on his face. He crept closer to it, and could hear someone shush others.

His grin growing larger, Naruto got into position. Taking a deep breath he jumped around the tree and yelled as loud as he could.

Three children stumbled back in fright, while Naruto burst into laughter.

"Haha… I found you. Nice try though." Naruto laughed.

"Hey… no fair. We were gonna do that to you." The Dark haired girl replied as she quickly got close to him. Naruto just continued to laugh, as she pouted.

From there, the memory faded and Naruto found himself opening his eyes.

"Another dream about her..." Naruto muttered as he sat up. He was currently sitting up in a tree, balancing himself on a thin branch while he slept.

"That's the fifth time this week. Perhaps your memories are trying to tell you something?" The Fox suggested.

"Hmm… yeah maybe." Naruto replied as he shook the grogginess from his head and hopped out of the tree.

"Alright, Kurama-sensei, what's on the agenda for today?" Naruto asked, with interest.

From there, the Fox gave him his morning workout routine. For the last year, Naruto had been worked into the ground every damn day by the fox. But they quickly formed a bond. The Fox even told Naruto it's real name, and from that point onward, Naruto always referred to him as either Kurama, fur-ball, or Kurama-sensei.

When they had first started, Naruto's training consisted of ball-busting physical exercise, and chakra control exercises. At first Naruto dreaded those exercises, until he learned that they weren't the shitty leaf twirling or wall walking exercises. These exercises were meant for those with massive quantities of chakra, like Naruto.

He would have to do things like balance ten kunai along his arms and hold them on their points with his chakra. He would have to lift balls of water from ponds, using only his chakra to hold the water together. He was forced to do all of his physical exercise on the water's surface, hell the fox made him sleep on the water, while sitting upright, using his chakra to keep from sinking. For the first three months… Naruto absolutely despised the Fox.

But then came his first fight. He had been ambushed by a couple of bandits, that thought he was an easy target. The ease that Naruto kicked their asses, was eye opening for him. From that point on, Naruto ceased to bitch about his training, taking each lesson to heart.

As his chakra control improved, and his physical strength and speed got better, the Fox started Naruto working on Shurikennojutsu, Kenjutsu, and Fuinjutsu. Three arts that his parents excelled in. For Shurikennojutsu, Kurama had taught him the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu, and elemental infusion techniques. Naruto was a dual elementalist., meaning he had two base elements, being Wind and Water, which were his parents base elements. Wind was an exceptionally useful element to add to any sort of Shurikennojutsu, and with Naruto's massive chakra supply and slowly increasing control, he quickly learned to utterly decimate large numbers of unarmored opponents with his attacks.

For Kenjutsu, The Fox had Naruto take a standard Katana from the body of one a bandit he had slain. The sword was descent, good enough to practice with and use in a fight. From there, it taught Naruto one of his mother's many sword styles. She knew six different styles, with which she excelled in all of them, but she only mastered two. His mother fought with two katana, and used a brutal two-handed style to utterly destroy her opponents. Naruto only needed one sword, since the Fox had decided for Naruto's Kenjutsu skill to be his ace in hole and his fight finisher. One of the styles Kushina knew was the primary Samurai dueling style. Which included a lot of slashes and a good offensive posture, but the most important part, at least to the fox was the opening strike. That single sheathed slash, that was what the Fox wanted for Naruto's finisher. Not some super flashing ninjutsu like was known for, but a single slash.

Of course that slash would be infused with wind, and performed but someone with the speed rivaling a kage, at least that was Kurama's intention.

The final art that they focused a lot on in the beginning was Fuinjutsu. The sealing arts. Like his parent's before him, Naruto was naturally gifted in them. He actually found it calming and peaceful and took to learning them with relative ease. He already wore gravity seals on his arms and legs, and was in the midst of learning other seals to use as traps.

Another major skill that was focused on during the year was Naruto's stealth. He had years of experience from hiding from Anbu and other ninja, and now those skills were going to be refined.

For a year, Naruto lived in the forests of the Land of Lightning. The first thing he was ordered to do was summon the toad Chief and either get their assurance that he wouldn't be reverse summoned to them, or that he would have to end his contract with them.

Gamabunta wanted answer as to why Naruto had fled, but Naruto simply stated that the Leaf had betrayed what his parents died for, and that if the toads stood by the Leaf for that, then he would abandon their contract. After consulting with the Toad Elders, it was decided that they would hold to Naruto's trust and not tell Jiraiya anything. After all, he may hold the contract, but Naruto was the future. He would be their summoner long after Jiraiya passed away, so if they wanted to still have a summoner they needed to keep Naruto happy.

With his safety on that front secured, Naruto perfected his stealth.

Another thing he did, that both kept him hidden and helped his chakra control, was that he was now constantly under a henge. He looked almost the exact same, except now he had red hair, and his whisker marks were gone. He changed his eyes to a more purplish blue like his mother then the bright blue of his father.

Being under a henge at all times ensured that his control slowly increased. It was like training on top of the water, Naruto's control was always improving under Kurama's careful guidance.

Aside from the constant training and lessons, Naruto was also going over his life and re-examining everything. He took a look at people he had known for a long time, and even tried to get a clear sense of those that he knew after his graduation. A lot of things added up to disappointment for Naruto. People who should have helped him, instead ignored him or outright attacked him. He learned that he should have had a large number of allies on the council. The Uchiha were close friends with Fourth and his wife. The Inuzuka actually swore and oath to Minato to protect his line. Hell, Shibi Aburame and Chouza Akimichi, were both of Minato's squad mates from his time as an Anbu, and neither of them offered any help.

Naruto didn't regret his choice to leave. Out here he was his own man. He was free to do whatever he wanted, and he was free to live his life how he wanted to live it.

For the last couple of months, Naruto had been having dreams of that girl. She had dark hair, and dark eyes, and looked a lot like Sasuke. Naruto didn't remember her name, and he couldn't really think to clearly about her, but every so often he'd have a dream about her.

Naruto knew that the answers lay behind the seal on his memories. He knew he could learn who she was by unlocking that seal. But he didn't want to know. His dreams told him that she was a friend, probably his only friend during those hellish years. But she wasn't here now. There was a reason that his memories of her had been sealed up. Naruto had a gut feeling that told him that whoever she was… she had died a long time ago. Naruto knew that her death was probably one of many memories hidden behind the memory seal. That was the reason why he didn't care to release it. He didn't want to know who she was or how she died. She was his friend once upon a time. He'd just stick with the dreams and pray that the truth remained locked away. Whoever she was… it didn't matter anymore. And he knew, that to learn her name, would reopen old wounds, and he didn't think he could take that pain.

Another oddity to occur were the memories of time spent with the Uchiha. Those memories made no sense at all. He couldn't even place them in a timeline, he had no clue when could have possibly lived with the Uchiha… it just didn't make sense.

So Naruto focused on the now. He focused on the present and how he could improve his life even more.

-Another Year goes by-

Naruto let out a grunt of pain as he deflected a strike from a much larger man. This man was carrying a halberd and Naruto was deflecting it with his sword. This guy, must have been at least eight feet tall, and weighed nearly eight hundred pounds. Definitely a beast of a man.

With another grunt, Naruto pushed the blade of the Halberd away and dashed back. He sheathed his sword and charged wind chakra into the sheath, as the massive man, charged at him.

Naruto grit his teeth as he felt his arm begin to tremble. Pressure was building in the sheath of the sword and it was threatening to fire the sword out like a bullet, but Naruto used his strength to hold it in.

The massive warrior closed in, once within range he raised his Halberd above his head and aimed it like a spear and prepared to impale Naruto with it.

Right as he closed in, Naruto let out a held breath. He allowed the tension in his muscles to fade. He felt tranquility pass through him as the sword fired out of it's sheath, carried forward by the built up pressure of the wind style chakra.

A burst of wind accompanied the blade, and with nothing but Naruto's sword arm to guide it, the blade sliced through the air with unparalleled speed.

Naruto didn't even feel any resistance as his Katana sliced through the massive man's torso. The ease of the cut was staggering. The Katana, infused with wind Chakra, and fired forward with pressure, cut through the man like a knife through air. There wasn't even a single drop of blood on the blade. (Think like Jetstream Sam's strike from Metal Gear Reveangeance.)

Turning Naruto started away from the hulking man. He sheathed his sword, as he heard the behemoth fall apart into two halves.

Around him were the bodies of a dozen other bandits. Each one had kunai and shuriken sticking out of their bodies, implying that they had been killed at range.

Naruto quickly made his way over to a man whom was tied to a post. This man, was staring at Naruto wide eyed. What he had just seen was this masked figure ambush a dozen bandits, and kill most of them in under a minute with a hail of ranged weapons. Then he bested this massive hulking giant, with a single slash of his blade. Whoever this guy was… he was no normal swordsman.

In the two years since that fateful battle in the Valley, Naruto had grown a lot. He was now Five foot, five inches, a good height for fifteen, especially considering how short he had been back then. His hair was still red, as he now maintained the henge at all hours of the day. He was dressed in long dark robes with a furry collar. He wore a kitsune mask with three eyes painted on it, and he wore black pants along with long black fingerless gloves with red studded wrapping around his fists. (He's dressed like Menma from Road to ninja, except he's got a Katana strapped to his side, and his hair is red.)

"Thank you. Thank you so much for saving me." The tied up man cried as Naruto cut his binds and stepped back.

"No problem old man." Naruto replied with a shrug as he turned and knelt over a nearby corpse. He spent the next few moments looting all of the corpses of anything valuable before turning to head off.

"Wait… before you go… who are you?" The previously held, man inquired.

"I am simply, The Kitsune. No more. No less." Naruto answered and with that, he Shunshined away.

"You did much better on your slash this time. The blade was perfectly clean." Kurama praised him, as Naruto appeared in a field.

"Thanks. Still.. I'm gonna need another sheath, and I doubt that sword is gonna last much longer." Naruto replied aloud as he held up the sword and sheath. The sheath itself was noticeably cracked, earning a scowl from Naruto, the sword looked fine, but Naruto doubted it could withstand that kind of pressure again.

With another sigh Naruto headed home. Yet another year had gone by. Yet another year of endless training. By now his chakra control was actually good. It wasn't perfect, hell it wasn't even great, but it was good enough that he could use the Clone Jutsu so long as he made about forty images. He could also use Genjutsu now too. But he could only use them on large areas. He couldn't focus them on just one person. Still, with his reserves, illusions that large weren't too troublesome.

His physical training had been pushed to new heights. By now his gravity seals were sitting at ten times Earth gravity. Having worn them for two years now, Naruto was very much used to the cumbersome feeling. His sword skills were descent but he had a lot of room to improve. The fox taught him by using illusions of Naruto's mother and how she fought to help him learn the movements.

Naruto's Shurikennojutsu and trap skills were awesome. Naruto was a master of the art of ambush. He could lure anyone into a properly set up kill zone, and his natural goofiness and joking attitude helped to agitate stronger opponents into making mistakes and stepping into shit they didn't want to step in.

Naruto's skills in the sealing arts had also vastly improved. He utilized many seals in his trap making. He could easily write bomb tag seals, kunai launching seals, and even seals that activated timed traps. Poisons and toxins became a tool of the trade for Naruto. He usually utilized paralyzing agents on his kunai and shuriken, made from poisonous plants and animals that lived in these parts.

Also during the year, Naruto got to finally get back to the art he was best at. Ninjutsu. Now that his chakra control didn't blow ass, he could actually learn things with a bit more ease. The Fox taught him a number of Wind and Water style techniques that it took from Kushina and Minato's memories. Naruto took to them like a sponge. Anything his parents knew, Naruto took to learning with gusto. At this point, he also began work on finishing the Rasengan, his father had never managed to do so, so Naruto made it his mission to surpass his old man in that regard.

During this two year time, Naruto also worked on unlocking his Bloodline. The Uzumaki sealing chains. Using Kushina's memories of her training with Mito, Kurama helped Naruto unlock his own Chakra chains. He sucked with them, much like Kushina did when she first activated them, but like with the Rasengan since his mother knew it, he would learn it too.

Kurama thought it best to wait to start teaching Naruto his father's signature jutsu. His speed and his skills with sealing weren't nearly high enough to replicate the Hiraishin, and besides, they had a lot of other things to worry about so that was put on a back burner for now.

With all of his training and skills, Naruto was quickly growing in power. By now he was at least high Chuunin in skill, maybe even Low Jonin if you gave him time to plan. And with each passing day, his skill, his power, and his name grew. The Kitsune. Naruto's alias. He was quickly becoming a local legend in these parts. Helping the innocent and crushing the murderers and monsters of the world.

It was descent. As long as Naruto got something out of it, like recognition or money, as long as he got something, Kurama didn't care if he helped people. In fact, Kurama also took it upon himself to teach Naruto proper etiquette. He made sure Naruto knew how to act in front of lords and high born, because that kind of thing helped to get you jobs. And whenever Naruto went out on a job, the fox had a new challenge for him.

For each job the fox would issue a challenge and if Naruto succeeded he got something for it. Like a bit more info about his parents or their lives. Or perhaps another technique or jutsu. These challenges ranged from killing absolutely everyone in the enemy camp, that was an enemy, to be seen by absolutely no one, not even the people you are helping.

Sometimes Naruto succeeded other times he failed. But the challenge kept the training going, even on missions. By this point, Naruto was a ghost on the battlefield. Using illusions, deception, traps, and his outright annoying attitude, helped Naruto beast much greater opposition then others would think possible.

Even so… there was still a lot of training left to do, and even then… time was money.

-Three years passed in total-

Naruto watched in silence as three rogue nin escorted a Kumo Chuunin through the woods. The Kumo nin had long red hair, and was dark of skin. She had golden eyes, and looked pretty roughed up.

"Come on you bitch." One of the rogue nin growled as he tugged on a chain holding the Kumo nins wrists together.

The woman let a sneer cross her face, but she remained quiet.

Naruto watched as the three escorted their prisoner for many moments. Finally he made a handsign, and seal marking on his wrist began to glow. He prepared to hop down but noticed movement to the right.

Naruto glanced down and spotted a pair of Kumo Genin watching the three nervously. One he didn't know and the other was Nayumi Hiyoto. Daughter of Daso Hiyoto the Bloody Bore of Kumo. Her father was a hero from the last great war, and he was also the Feudal lord of this province of the Land of Lightning.

Naruto had worked for Daso a few times in the past three years, the old man gave some of the best missions, and Naruto was always eager to hear from him, as it meant a good payday in his future.

Naruto guessed that the two were here looking for the Kumo Chuunin. They were probably part of a four man cell led by a Jonin, they had probably split up to cover more ground.

He noticed the two having a conversation with their eyes, and he knew they were planning some sort of attack. Not wanting them to screw up his own plan, Naruto whipped out a senbon at the two. It flew right in front of Nayumi Hiyoto's face causing her to glance down at it then shoot a look in his direction.

Nayumi Hiyoto could be described as a beautiful young woman. She had dark brown hair, that was in a bob cut. Her bangs covered one of her eyes. She was thin, average height, and muscular. All in all, a plain kind of beauty. Regal but not extravagant.

Her eye's widened when she spotted the Kitsune up in a tree. Naruto made a shushing motion towards the two then turned back to his targets. With complete silence Naruto hopped out of the tree he was in.

Whipping out three shuriken, Naruto launched all three at the leading rogue nin. All three heads snapped in his direction as he made another handsign and the seal on his hand glowed brightly.

The lead rogue ninja ducked down, only to come face to face wit ha seal on the forest floor. The seal flashed and fired a kunai right into his face, killing him instantly.

The other two drew weapons only for other seals on the trees behind them to fire kunai right into their backs. One died almost immediately and the other went down screaming.

Naruto quickly approached him and drew his sword. With a quick slash he silenced the screaming man.

Sheathing his sword Naruto knelt over their corpses meanwhile the two Kumo genin rushed out of the underbrush and approached their comrade.

"Hey… I don't know who you are but thanks." The captive Kumo Chuunin said to him as her comrades removed her binds.

"No need to thank me. Just a good Samaritan doing his civic duty." Naruto replied cheerfully.

"Kitsune… what are you doing here?" Nayumi Hiyoto asked him.

"Um… working. How are you Yumi-Chan?" Naruto asked with a tilt of his masked face.

"Don't call me that!" Nayumi growled at him, with a dark look in her eyes.

"Why not, it's fun." Naruto teased as he finished looting the bodies. He then turned and started to head off.

"Hey Yumi… tell your dad I'm lookin' for work. Been a while since he's contacted me." Naruto called back to her.

"What makes you think he has anything for you, you perverted troll doll!" Nayumi shouted after him, as she followed in his direction.

"Hey… you still hung up on that? So I saw you naked in the bath house, so what? You shot a ball of lightning into my back!" Naruto spun around and fired back at her.

"That's what you get for creeping on young girls you weirdo." Nayumi snapped at him.

"Hey! I think you're actually older then me, short stuff." Naruto countered.

"Hey I'm not short. You're probably just dirty old man, under that mask." Nayumi accused him.

"Old!? Fuck you, I'm not old." Naruto fired back.

"Prove it!" Nayumi demanded with a hind of challenge in her eyes. This girl had been troublesome since he first met him. Always wanting to fight him and see his face. I mean… Naruto knew he was devilishly handsome, but come on. This girl was one day going to be a Feudal lord, surely she must have more dignity then that?

"You know what? I don't have to stand here and take this from you. I'm leaving." Naruto then spun on his heals and Shunshined away.

"Hey! Fuck!" Nayumi growled in annoyance at seeing him run away. Once again, she'd lost the chance to learn his true identify, and kick his ass.

"Do they know each other?" The Chuunin asked Nayumi's Genin squadmate.

"Was it that obvious?" The genin asked with a chuckle.

"Let's go Karui-san. I'm sure the other's are still out looking for us, and there could be more Iwa nin nearby." Nayumi stated after a moment. The Chuunin nodded and collected the dead bodies then the three dashed away.

Meanwhile, Naruto stood in the shadow's watching them leave. His skills in stealth were growing. None of them knew, that the whole time they had been talking to a Shadow Clone.

With a sigh, Naruto dashed off. He was eager to find something more to do, as the opportunities in this area were drying up. It seams the local populace no lived with stories of his actions. The Kitsune had made his mark. And he had many plan to continue too, in the coming years.

-To be Continued-

Alright There's the remake. Let me know what you think, and expect maybe another year of jumps before the main story starts. I introduced Ami a bit earlier but she's still an unknown. I introduced Nayumi in a more unique way. And I focused on more of Naruto's skills. As you can probably guess, Naruto wont need to go to Konoha to steal the fourth's stuff now that Kurama has his memories, so they'll have different reasons to go. This is a remake, and also a retcon. Not everything will be the same. So I hope you enjoy.