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So, in this chapter, we get the first "gameplay" of New Game. I would have done so last chapter, but I wasn't familiar enough with Starcraft II to do so, and really still in the same status, but I played some campaign missions for Wings of Liberty, found one that was interesting, and wrote it all from memory. So, what our main character experience is like is actually my experience (well, his too...he's me)

I have been going back and forth on the plot of the story, as to whether I should stick exclusively with Dva's gaming life, or have her military life come into this. So far, I had decided that if I do the military, which hires professional gamers, I'll do it as a sequel maybe, unless you guys want to mold both sides of into this story. Let me know in the reviews.

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24 hours ago, I was doing what I do best: playing Starcraft II, in front of a quarter of a hundred thousand other gamers like me. I took a bathroom break, went to check on my mail, and behold, my fourth invitation to the GWC came in. I was expecting nothing to change from the norm, and dreamed of finally holding up the golden trophy, while my arch-nemesis of the last three years, current three-time champion Hana "Dva" Song, took home the silver I was familiar with three times. It was my moment to be prideful, to show that girl that I can be number one, even if it was just for one time. I wanted to beat her on the stage, and that was probably going to happen.

Until the world found out this year's competition would be co-op, and my partner, assigned to me, was Hana. In theory, my dream of taking the gold was still reality, but the part of defeating Hana for it was debunked. However, gold is gold, and with that in mind, Hana and I planned to get our synergy on point in the next month and a half before the GWC. Which brings me to 24 hours later.

It's been nearly an hour since I got on the plane for Seoul, South Korea, nearly 3 hours away from my destination, Busan. If the champ was true to her word, she would meet me at the Seoul airport, but luckily, I made plans to catch a bus to Busan from Seoul if necessary. Not to say I don't trust Hana, but I am a cautious person. Never do I ever want to be unprepared.

The last time I considered myself unprepared was three years ago, after I had won my SCII GWC semi-finals match, and would face Hana for the first time ever in the finals. We were 16, upstarts, noobs to the scene, and the youngest people in our division. Hana had beaten her opponent in 25 minutes or so, while I trailed behind by seven minutes. I wasn't unprepared to make it to the finals, or to face a girl there. Call it stereotyping, but facing a Korean in this game frightened me. Making it a girl was worse.

Making it a girl twice in a row, and thinking third time's the charm was even worse.

One year ago, GWC Starcraft II finals match: Hardin25 vs Dva.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the match we've all been waiting for! The Grand Final of the GWC Starcraft II division!"

I am sweating, head to toe. My clothes felt like a straightjacket, restricting me to this nervous breakdown I am currently trying to avoid. No, I'm not nervous...just flat out scared. I did expect to make it to the finals, hell, dominate each round if you asked me. I did do this to win,, and now here I am, on the stage in front of millions, possibly billions, with the gold trophy just a win away. So yeah, I am freaking scared, but somehow, freaking excited.

The last three years I have beaten opponents from all over the world, and surprised myself, but my next opponent is like no other. First, it's a girl, just as young as I am, and to say we beaten people older than us is an accomplishment. Matter of fact, we were the youngest competitors to compete ever in the Starcraft division two years ago, and whoever won at the time would become the youngest champion. My opponent did just that. Second, it's a Korean, and while stereotyping is wrong, I have seen some of the Korean's matches. No joke, that one is good. Third, the Korean is a girl, and a mighty damn fine one at that.

Okay, let's focus on beating her...in Starcraft...and win one for Murica...hopefully this time!

"Representing South Korea, from the city of Busan, she's beaten her opponents in record time, and her opponent is sure to be one with the mouse if they desire a chance at beating her. I give you our two time Starcraft II GWC Champion, Dva!"

Dva, dressed in a casual, glittery tank top and white shorts, walked out on cue, smiling and waving to the crowd cheering for her. Granted, she had home court advantage, but these people, human and Omnic, were from all over the place. Most were just excited to watch the final match...I hope. My beautiful, brown-haired opponent walked up to the host, just grinning as if she had already won the prize again.

"Her opponent, representing the United States, is our youngest male competitor of the event. His matches proved that being calm and collected even in the hottest moments can lead to an astounding victory. But can a man from the land of shooters beat a Korean at their own mastery? I think he can...or three strikes you're out… I give you Hardin25!"

Way to rub it in. I walked out, performing the same moves Dva did just a minute before. Like with her, the crowd yelped and hollered for me as well, and once my arm and cheeks grew tired, I turned towards my opponent and to the host. Once I was by them, Dva and I shook hands, as customary, and departed to our respective seats.

The host faced the crowd as we awaited our games to set up. "Ok, here is the objective: In the game Wings of Liberty, there are several instances in which you, the player, must race against time, represented by another force, to one of the artifacts. Our two competitors, Hardin and Dva, will do the same. There are three lanes, one for each player, and the middle for the enemy force. Your main enemy is, of course, each other, but standing in your way to the artifact is a large protoss presence. Time will be represented by the zerg. First to the artifact or, should time run out, the person to lose the least amount of units wins, and takes home the gold. However, both of you have already made history. One will be our three-time champion, the other will take the title when this ends." We both nodded, and I glanced over to Dva, a smirk on my face.

"May the best human win."

She smirked back. "I play to win."

It's been years since we met on this stage originally, and she still is a cocky bitch. Fine, then. I've been knocking assholes off their pedestals these last two days, I'll do it once more, to a literal diva. "So do I."

The host looked at both of us with the most glorious eyes, and twirled to the crowd. "I think they're ready, so let the finals begin!" The screens booted up, and we were launched into the mission. The map was trident-shaped, with all three lanes converging on what is the artifact's location. Dva was in the left lane, I in the right, and the zerg- huge insectiods units and the most annoying group of the three-lined up in the center. Protoss forces-some zen creatures who used technology as their show of force-barred all three armies' way to the goal. Dva and I had our marine forces to build up, and in double time.

Alright, SCVs, build up those resources. As I'm sure Dva made the same move, I commanded all of my SCVs-the resource gatherers-to farm on the nearby minerals. While they brought in the minerals, I formulated my gameplan: Form up enough units, then make an offensive strike that can at least get me to the artifact for a second team to come up and do what's needed. If this mission is like others in the base game, then the artifact is well guarded.

I command the command center to produce more SCVs while I wait up on the mineral count to get high enough for me to start producing troops. I glance up to the big screens in the arena, where the crowd and livestreamers can see both mine and Dva's progress. She hadn't started her advance either. Good. Eyeing my small band of troops, I ordered over to the exit of the base to guard the ramp in case zerg swarners and the like decide to pay me a visit. With my two barracks, I tell one to produce a reactor that'll make troop production twice as fast, and double the amount of a regular barrack. For the second barrack, I ordered four sets of troops to be produced. With my new set of SCVs, I send three of them to stock up minerals while the fourth and fifth begin building more supply depots, which will allow me to have more units between SCVs and Marines in the field. I issue orders for them to be built near the already placed supply depots.

With my first squad of Marines produced, I send them over to the other forces, and use the barracks to mark rally points to the base's exit for future Marines. Quickly, I spam the A button to queue up six Marines and two heavies while adding a tech lab to the second barrack for medics.

"If you have played the Wings of Liberty campaign, you may remember this mission as one of the first you gain when you board the Hyperion. This match is similar in design, although the difficulty is preset to Brutal, which will definitely make things harder and more interesting. As we can see, Dva and Hardin25 are growing up their forces, a usual tactic for Hardin25, but a new one for Dva. Seems like both are planning on a single assault through the protoss forces, but I doubt it'll be that easy. However, these two have already broken the barriers of oddities before, and I wouldn't count them out yet."

Thank you, host, for now saying the difficulty was on Brutal. Not that I was any less unprepared, but if this mission is similar to the one in the campaign, then I am overwhelmed, as I did it on Hard. No, no doubts. Only focus on the objective. Your plan can still work, but...maybe you'll have to play the waiting game. Risk letting Dva go out first, get a more powerful army, then fight.

With that in mind, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, although whether it would cost me in the long run to victory is unknown. After ordering more SCVs, I commanded all five to build more supply depots, furthering the amount of units I can have by almost 30. Next up was a third barracks, an engineering lab for upgrades to my troops' armor and damage output, and a vesper refinery so I can collect gas resources. As those thing were being built, I looked up at the big screen once again. 12 minutes into the match, and neither side had made a move, while the zerg had made considerable progress. They were nearly, but not exactly, halfway through the protoss force. I wondered if the insects had attacked me or Dva yet, but if they have, I haven't noticed, being so focused on resources. I glanced over to Dva, whose face was either truly calm, or doing a mighty damn good job at hiding worry with calmness. As for me, it is the latter.

With construction complete, I order two of the twelve SCVs still mining minerals to help out the one SCV that built the refinery to bring daddy some green gas. With that, I can begin using the tech lab barracks to get me some medics, and added a reactor to the third barrack. Once the second reactor is done, I begin to amass my (hopeful) final wave of my first group of troops. I command all idle SCVs to help out with mineral gathering, start queuing up the upgrades for my troops, and began to wait on my lovely opponent.

"Seventeen minutes into the match, and still no sign of...wait, Dva is commanding her troops to move out! Hardin25 is still at base, how will he respond? Well, there's only one way…"

No, there's two. I wasn't leaving until all of my units and upgrades had finished being sent out. I had ample time, as the zerg where little over three-fifths of the way to the goal, and Dva will have her mettle tested as her units begin to filter out her base. I can wait.

Two minutes later, I joined the race, but not before queuing up more troops for the second assault. Dva had gained some way, but unfortunately for her, I was still close behind, even with my delay. The first two groups of protoss forces on her end had been defeated, but she had taken some heavy casualties as well. I can't tell how many she began with, but I can gauge the size of the force now is less than half of what she began with. If my medics perform their function, we can get ahead of here before I bring in reinforcements.

"Here comes Hardin25, taking his Marines out to the fight for the artifact on the gold! Dva is still recuperating from troop lost, so can her opponent take advantage?" I looked up at Dva for a moment, who just so happened to look at me. I smiled as I returned my gaze to the computer screen. I opened the chat for a quick jab.

"So, like I was saying, let the best human win."

"Like it'll be you."

"I'm not the sitting duck, baby. I'm a rolling stone." I eliminated the first batch of protoss, with about six or seven fallen Marines, and continued over to the next group on the other side of an energy bridge, and where Dva is currently camped at. As the troops moved forward, I made sure to order more troops at base.

The host, whether it was his job or because he is actually into what he is doing, started to raise the energy in the arena. "Oh boy, Hardin25 is coming up to Dva's position, and engaging the protoss at the bridge. My, my, we got a battle! Can Hardin pass Dva at this point, before her reinforcements arrive?" The crowd went into a frenzy as I engaged the protoss. The aliens threw up a barricade, which initially distracted me for a bit. I trusted in my units to fight on, and left them behind for the growing second force. I queued up one more round of Marines, heavies, and medics before returning to my expected depleting number of fighting units. However, the protoss were falling as well, and within a minute, I was cleared to progress. Wasting no time at all, I ordered both the first and second units to move forward, and as I took a momentary glance to the big screen, Dva's forces had began moving as well. She saw my glance, and smirked. I winked, and continued to look down. It was on, and the crowd was taking it in. "Both competitors are moving their teams to the next set of protoss enemies. I can feel the energy coming off of both of them, the desire to win! It has been 25 minutes, and we got both Dva and Hardin25 engaging the third protoss force! Can Hardin's already weakened force survive until his reinforcements arrive? Could Dva take advantage of the greater damage output?"

I didn't focus too much on what the host was saying, for by the time I have engaged the third protoss force, my second group was crossing the bridge I had fought on earlier, and had begun on the next group of troops. However, I did expect a fresh Dva force to beat the aliens before me. However, as she finished the third force off, and held off moving presumably to prepare a third group of troops, my reinforcements arrived just as the first force was nearly finished off. We took care of the third force, and decided to press forward to the final and largest protoss group. Seconds later, Dva followed.

"They're now engaging the last of the protoss army, but is time on either side? The zerg are closing in as well."

I could see that as well. If the zerg weren't close to our position, they were slightly ahead. Shit. Leaving my troops to their whims for a quick second, I changed the rally points of the three barracks to that of the location near the former location of the third protoss force, while moving up the already deployed units to that location. Back at the ranch, I quickly managed my army to swiftly defeat the final force.

Dva, for once, was behind, but unfortunately, I was once again downsized. Now I was at a conundrum. With Dva and the zerg closing in, I couldn't afford to wait, but with my army size and health, I couldn't face the protectors of the artifact without having casualties... I'll have to take a risk, and either it will give me little time or give Dva the advantage.

"Hardin25 is going in, not waiting on the reinforcements to arrive at their destination, and neither is Dva! They're both going in, and to fight the guardians of the artifact. Whoevers defeats the guardians could win, if the zerg don't do so first." All three armies rushed in, and the large, stone guardians came to life, and began zapping us with laser beams as we shot their health (or whatever the zerg does) down. I managed to take one of the three around me out before my squad was toasted, and immediately called in the standing-by group. With a final glance up at the big screen, I could see Dva' reinforcements coming in automatically to back up her downsizing force, and simultaneously we began taking down the second golem.


For a moment, and just a moment, when the HUD went out, I had truly believed either I or Dva had claimed victory. But it was not that. The zerg had beaten us to the punch by just a little, which now meant that whoever kept more units alive will win.

The host had calmed down for a moment, and addressed the audience. "Well, neither got to the artifact first, but for the level of excitement here, I got to say, this has been the best finals ever. It was truly down to the wire...but now, we must crown a winner. Whoever has the least amount of friendly casualties takes home the gold. Hardin25 and Dva can see their scores, and so can I. May the two competitors come forth, and give them an applause…" We walked up to the host like obedient Omnics, and nervously stood beside the host, while the chorus of colliding hands echoed throughout the arena. He lowered his gaze to both of us, and said, "Now, that was an awesome match. Probably the most nerve-racking half-hour of your lives. You both know your own casualties, but now you, me, and the world will know who had the most, and will take home silver, and who had the least, and will hold the gold. Congratulations to both of you, and now we're at the moment of truth." He held up a holopad in which neither Dva or I could see, and read what was contained. "With a casualty count of, dear me, 46 to 47… your champion is none other than...Dva!"

Of course, by the time I heard her score, I knew she had won once again. Being a good sport, I shook her hand, and under the sounds of cheering, I said, "GG."

"GG," she replied, and we separated hands to take our trophies in hand. It felt good to make it to the finals again, so this silver, for what it's worth, was like a load of icing on a cake. But as I looked to Dva, and her gold trophy, I knew she would be back, aiming to retain her trophy fpr the fourth time, and something deep inside me grew tenfold. Something called desire, and that desire stemmed from the fact that I was just two dead men and a few seconds away from winning the tournament and taking her title

I now had a goal, a three year old one: Return next year, get to the finals, and take home the gold.

Present day, Seoul, South Korea.

Getting off a six hour flight and finally walking on solid ground was now the best thing for me. For a moment, I was on vacation in a foreign land, ready to see the sights South Korea had to offer, then once I had my luggage and went down to where people who catch taxis and other forms of transport, I remembered why I was here, and that Hana was supposedly going to be here to pick me up. I picked up my phone, and hit her up with a quick message asking where she was. It's bad enough I barely made it to luggage claim, however, there were some friendly Omnics who helped us foreigners find the correct one. I can't afford to be lost in the airport, when my ticket home should be here. The only thing worse now could be-


-being found out by fans. I looked up, and saw two people, a younger boy and am an older girl. The boy probably the most awesome and disgusting shirt on. The awesome part was that it had my callsign and a chibi version of me on it, and the disgusting part was it had Hana alongside me. Oh boy, someone made shirts already… Sheesh. At least the girl had the decency to have my own branded shirt. They ran up to me, and held forward their shirts. "Can you sign it?"

The girl shook her shirt as if she was trying to cool off...or something else. "Please do!"

I nodded. "Alright guys, give me a pen." The boy brandished a marker, and I signed my callsign under chibi me, and added a winking emote at the end. I was going to do the same for the girl, but she guided my hand up a bit.

"Right here."

I signed my callsign and emote on the location she wanted it, being very thankful that her breasts were... , and handed the pen back to the boy. "Thank you, Hardin25! Hope you and Dva kick some ass this year!"

"Thank you. Glad you'll be cheering for us." With a handshake, the boy turned around excitedly and left, but the girl stayed with me. I looked at her, confused. "Umm...do you need something else?" I should have never asked that question, for once I said that, there was some...touching...and some...hot breath in my ear. Another had that wasn't...touching...slipped into my pocket.

Knowing I was frozen stiff, the girl spoke suggestively in my ear. "If Dva doesn't put out, come see me. I'll be more than happy to (and she...gripped…) do so. "That's an order."

"O-o-o-o-ok… Yes, ma'am." She let go but didn't fail to slide her tongue from my ear to the corner of my lips before giving me the space I deserved. She turned around and ran away to catch up with her companion, while I stood in place like an idiot. Just be glad she didn't try to take you into an airport bathroom. I wiped away the saliva on my cheek, and hurriedly took out my phone. I believed I heard it vibrate while I was with those nutcases.

"Come outside the red terminal. That's where you should be… Although I doubt you know where you are going anyway."

I looked up at the sign before me, seeing that I was indeed in the red terminal. I smiled as I replied back to her. "Sorry to disappoint you." I walked down the steps leading to the multiple doors, and ventured outside to a circus of parked cars. I turned to my left and to my right, seeking Korea's most famous teenager, and had not I known that she is the only brunette in the country (from my experiences), I wouldn't have recognized her immediately down the sidewalk to my right, leaning against her vehicle, her arms crossed impatiently. I strolled down the walkway down to her, and once she saw me coming, she blew a bubble out of her chewing gum, and sucked it back in. "Sup, partner."

"Hey, partner." Unlike most people, I find it common to see Hana outside of her jumpsuit with her many sponsorships on it, which, except for one, sponsor me as well, although I don't wear my own jumpsuit very much. I did bring it, so the two of us could look like a team when we take the stage. Back to where I was going with this, Dva's attire now is very common to me, at least on our downtimes during the tournaments. Spaghetti strap tank top, jean shorts, and tennis shoes, the true look of a professional female gamer. She didn't even wear her makeup or bring her headset.

Dva popped open the truck to her van, and I put all three suitcases inside with little difficulty. How I managed to carry them all, I don't even know. Once they were settled, I closed the trunk, and made my way to shotgun. Hana looked at me and my clothes with scrutiny, "Polo and jeans. Typical."

You know, maybe I should take my most lustful fan's request. "Whatever, Hana."

"Nothing snarky back? Wow, Joshua, you're finally maturing."

"At least one of us is. Now drive, please." Hana wasted no time shifting the gear into drive, and we veered away from the airport, on a three hour drive to Busan, where the top two players in the world will have to learn to coexist as one, top-tier unit.

Sounds easy, does it?

Maybe Joshua is right. If doesn't put out, shack up with the fangirl. No hacks required.

I wouldn't know how to describe the relationship Hana and Josh currently have, but unlike how they think of each other, they're more of friendly rivals than archenemies. However, you guys are three years into their relationship, and just got a sneak into their recent meet. We got two more years of a true rivalry to cover before we get to why they're friendly rivals...I might have already hinted it last chapter. However, that doesn't mean that they won't clash like red and blue (if you get that, cookies for you).

I'm assuming you guys love Overwatch, cause I know I'm loving it on PC, and are here because you love Overwatch (not just Dva...although that's fine too. She's my favorite) so if you want more Overwatch, I have another story in this fandom, soimply called The Overwatch. If you desire, check it out.