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The crowd cheered as the final opening act for the concert finished their song and left the stage. After a few moments they began chanting the name of the young woman they had all come to see.

"Cosmos!" rang through the air, getting louder with each passing second. Silence suddenly descended upon the arena as all lights on the stage went out. They knew it was starting.

She stood at the top of a long stairway that had been hidden from the audience with a dark screen. A microphone was held loosely in her elegant hand, and the grip she had on it tightened slightly as the first beats of the opening song streamed through the summer night. The screen was lifted as quickly as possible while the lights were down, and she stepped up to the top step, standing in a pose as the lights began to beat with the music.

The audience screamed with all their might as the strobe lights filled the area with a visual to match the pulsing beat. The stage lit up and the singer Cosmos was revealed to her fans. Her silver hair sparkled and her pale skin was a snowy white against her black sleeveless shirt. Over the shirt was another, this one sheer silver with long sleeves that were cut open along the arm so that they draped along her side. The pants she wore were black as well, with sliver-thin silver glitter spirals etched into the fabric. Black boots clicked against the metal stairs as she slowly turned to face the fans, showing beautiful silver eyes outlined in black and full lips that were a light shade of grey.

It was a face known throughout the world.

Her adoring fans thought she called herself Cosmos because of her favor for the colors black and silver, like the cosmos itself, but that was not the case. No, her name was Cosmos because it was who she had become. After the last battle with Chaos, the very battle that had claimed the lives of her friends, fiancée, and daughter, she had ascended to the role of Cosmos, guardian and protector of the universe, a role she did not take lightly. She had spent years, decades living in space, overseeing all the planets and dimensions while struggling to make Fate and Destiny see reason. She guarded the Gates of Time, for its former keeper was now gone, perhaps forever...

She shook the thoughts out of her head. This wasn't the time to think about things like that. She had come back for one reason, and one reason only: to fight Choas.

Not too long ago, only a few years by Earth standards, she had felt that evil's presence in one of the many dimensions. It had taken some time to find the exact one, but when she had she decided to go back. In order to locate where Chaos was, or rather a piece of Chaos that seemed to have escaped her grasp, she had to be on this Earth; to destroy it she had to fight it in it's present form.

The music paused, then the song truly began.

"Night of fire..."

Her voice echoed throughout the building as the fans erupted in an even louder burst of noise.

"Night of fire...


She ran down the stairs, her hair flying out behind her. Reaching the edge of the stage, she towered over the people who had come to see her perform. The turnout was better than everyone had thought, due to recent rumors that this would be her last concert. In fact, it was her last concert, at least for a while. Even though the singer image was created to merely send a message to Chaos and his followers, (the true reason she had used Cosmos as her stage name - so that Chaos would hear of her and know she was coming for him,) she had always loved singing. No one had known of her talent for it, mostly because the opportunity to prove herself at anything was rare, otherwise she would have been in this position long ago. But now she would set those thoughts aside and live in the joy the performance brought her. Real happiness was so hard to come by these days...

As the song ended, she took a few deep breaths before asking the audience to calm down; she had something she needed to say.

"These past few years have been wonderful. You all have supported me from the beginning, and I'm constantly reading mail and hearing from people that my music has helped to change their lives for the better. It's all been a dream come true. But all dreams must end at some point."

The crowd became unsteady as they all prepared themselves for the worst possible news.

"You all have undoubtedly heard the rumors that this was going to be my last concert. It's true, this is my last concert," gasps and cries of dismay could be heard at this point, "but only for a time. I am stepping out of the music business for a while, (though I may pop up from time to time,) in order to help an old friend in need. So I hope you all enjoy this concert, I plan to make it my best yet!"


January 27, 2003