Chapter Four

The first day of classes came all too soon for Ren's liking. She was nervous, afraid of making a fool of herself in front of her students. They knew her as Cosmos, the famous musician. Would they be disappointed with who she really was?

Her first class was a group of fifth year Slytherins and Ravenclaws. Her class was only for fifth years and up, a fact she was extremely grateful for. It would be hard enough with the six classes, she didn't know if she could handle any more.

A handful of students trickled in before the rest came in a swarm. There was confusion on everyone's part as they looked around the room.

'Breathe, Ren. Just remember to breathe.'

Standing at the front of the room, leaning back against the wall, she looked at each student's face, studying them as they in turn studied her.

Her silver-grey robes shone shades darker than her silvery hair that at some point the class would associate with the moon. Her crystalline blue eyes met each of theirs, the light in them warming the hearts of all even as sadness touched their souls.

In a voice calmer than she felt, she said, "Welcome to Mythical Histories. I hope you are ready for a year you will never forget."

That day at lunch the Great Hall was buzzing with the news of Cosmos, the music sensation who had proven to be one of the best teachers in Hogwarts' history. At least, that's what the students who had had her class said.

Tales of their first class with the new "Professor Luna" circulated through the tables. The younger students found themselves wishing they could join the class while the older ones were talking about what sort of lessons she would plan next. Even Slytherins had good things to say about their new professor.

However, the odd thing about the stories was that none of them said what their lesson had actually included. Apparently they had been sworn to secrecy and all were sticking to that oath. They couldn't be more tight-lipped if you used a spell on them!

Of course, Hermione Granger had a few things to say about the situation. "I think it's odd is all. Everyone who's met her seems to like her. Even Slytherins like her! Don't you two think that's strange?"

"Mebbe se's ust a goo eater?"

A look was all it took to convince Ron that his sandwich was absolutely fascinating.

"And just why is it that no one will say what their lesson was? I mean..."

Harry had had enough. Hermione could blow things out of proportion at times, and this seemed to be one of them. "Look, why don't we wait until we have the class to pass judgment? Or, if it'll make you happier, we can always talk to Remus. He seemed to be pretty close to her. Maybe he can provide some answers."

She turned a mild glare on her friend, then reluctantly agreed. "Fine. I'll wait until then, but we're talking with Remus tonight."

Ron rolled his eyes. A look and, "Oh what a lovely sandwich..."


August 21, 2003