Let me introduce myself

Dear readers.
No I'm not the author of this story. I'm only a creation of hers.
Before I say anything else I want to tell you that this is the only time my author will give me a chance to speak directly to you guys. I'm not like deadpool. I'm not supposed to be aware of the reality of my existence. So after this introduction I won't ever speak directly to you again.
I won't have any recollection of this moment and by the time you post a comment I won't be able to read it anymore. Or perhaps I will? Maybe I'll know what you all wrote through my author? I don't know. Anyway I'm getting of track.
I'll introduce myself. My name is Alexis Maria Robbins and I'm 24 years old. Though during the story we hop a bit trough time so more specifically I'm 24 years old during the battle of New York in 2012.
Okay, so you have my name, but you don't know anything about me and maybe you're wondering what I could possibly have to do with the avengers.
Patience, I'll get there.
I'm the youngest child of Martin Robbins and Ella Carter. I know what you're thinking: yes I'm related to Peggy Carter and you will hear all about it during the story.
Moving on.
I have an older brother, Chris, who is a bit overprotective. I'll admit he has good reasons.
Being related to the Carter family pretty much means that you are in one way or another going to be involved with SHIELD. Chris is a pretty good field agent and he wants nothing more than to be my bodyguard/chaperone when I go out to do my thing. He rarely gets his way.
Now let's be clear. I'm not an agent. I don't have the fancy badge and I don't have a gun. I do have some fairly impressive combat skills. With an aunt like my aunt Peggy there is hardly any way around it. Before her body decided to say "Screw this crazy old woman, I quit" she was very agile and fast for her age. And after she was still a pretty darn good instructor. But I'm no Black Widow, Agent May or anything like that, I lack the natural talent (and ridiculously intense training) to reach that level.
Sorry getting of track again. So I'm not a field agent. I'm not a scientist either. Or well a little but not the 'how does this work' or 'how can I make the biggest boom' type of scientist.
I specialize in the workings of the human mind and I work mostly with enhanced people. As you may know SHIELD does have consultants who usually do the whole take in procedure, but that's not enough in my opinion.
They always come after the person has already been hunted down as if he was some sort of animal. And they rarely stay available. They diagnose, give advice and go home. I on the other hand come in early, try to be the first one to talk to them in fact.
I talk them through what's going to happen and why. I try to help them adapt to the new situation and make sure I'm available should they ever need me for anything.
So my job is basically walking up to frightened people with powers they don't understand or control yet and convince them that the people in suits are friendly and trying to help. Can you see why my brother might want to keep an eye on me? Understandable, but still annoying.
We love each other to bits, don't get me wrong. He's only a year older than me so neither of us can remember a time when the other wasn't around. We're pretty tight. Why don't I want him to come? I'm sure you'll find out somewhere during the story. So let's move on.
So back when I just started (now 3 years ago) I heard about the 'avenger initiative'.
Of course I made it clear that I had to be part of that project. Heroes aren't usually normal people with normal lives that just get up one day and think: "you know what? I think I'm going to fight crime!" No they have a reason to fight. They have history and they have grief.
Just take Captain America (or as I called him growing up "uncle Rogers"). He had pretty much all the odds stacked against him. He spend most of his time either sick or getting beaten up by guys twice his size. Honestly he shouldn't have survived to see his 25th birthday. But he fought through every illness and he stood up for himself and others even if he knew that he couldn't win the fight.
And it was this inner strength that made him Captain America more than the serum ever did.
Don't know if you can tell but I'm a bit of a fan, one of the reasons why Coulson and I get along so well, even if I don't always agree with him on professional level.
So… I think that's about all you need to know about me before starting this story.
The next few chapters will guide you through how my first meeting with each of the avengers went and after that you'll learn how things went for me during the battle of New York. From there we'll see how long the story lasts.

An: Hello everyone, just a quick note.
I'll post the first real chapter later today (that is in the next twelve hours or so since my day may have begun as yours came to an end). This chapter will see how Alexis meets Iron man.
I look forward to your comments. I hope you'll like it and if not that you'll let me know so I know how to improve that chapters and all chapters to follow. See you guys in twelve hours!