The Battle for National City

In a level of existence beyond the simple, mundane, physical world of mere description two figures approached one another. They had know each other for eternities, each having a role to play in the grand design.

To those that knew of their existence they were absolutes, powers beyond conception. To each other they were simple necessities. Neither rivals nor allies. They simply were. What they meant was subject to perspective, something all to common in this realm. 'There is a convergence approaching.' The one shrouded in blue announced. A cloak billowing in nonexistent wind and their dead voice empty of all but the shadow of inflection.

The vapour like shape cloaked in green pulled itself tall. Letting it's contempt for the other's observational skills show. 'I am aware.'

If the blue figure was phased he refused to show it. 'Then you know what is at stake?'

'The threads of fate are spun in patterns of destiny. The lives of mortals are but tapestries, woven together by a collection of coincidences, kismet and their eventual doom.' The emerald mist announced. 'This convergence will decide what shape the pattern will take. For good or ill.

'What choices are made, we cannot interfere.' The cobalt shade warned. The faintest hint of emotion, concern, colouring their tone. 'At least directly. The balance must be struck once again by them alone.'

'Agreed. If we are to act then it will be through the champions, as it must always be.'

'To the physical realm then. To watch this game as it plays out.'

Kara took to the air, leaving her civilian clothes behind. She needed a distraction and this was going to be it. The last few weeks had been kind of crazy. Not that it had been exactly normal all year but things were finally slowing down.

The city was still a little shaken from the Myriad brainwashing but it was recovering. Her sister Alex was trying to track down their father, who had been imprisoned in a black ops site known as Cadmus. Technically Cadmus didn't exist but that wasn't going to stop either of them finding it.

Alex's boss at the Department of Extra-normal Operations had promised his full support. Thing was he'd recently revealed the fact he was really an alien himself, from Mars of all places, and his government position was strained. People that used to trust and respect him were no longer returning his calls. Questioning every little thing he did.

Then the was the second ship from Krypton. Well technically third, because there had been both her's and Clark's before that, but that was nitpicking. It had crashed only a few days ago. The pod's pilot was still in hyper-sleep back at the DEO, but they seemed fine. Even if they weren't waking up just yet. The problems were really going to start when they did.

That was something she really didn't want to think about.

So when she heard of a massive car crash on the freeway Kara knew it was just what she needed. A distraction and a chance to do what she was supposed to do. Use her powers as Supergirl to help people.

Tapping her earpiece she called Director Henshaw. Or J'onzz, whatever he was going by right now. That was another mess she didn't know what to do about. 'What's the situation?'

'Four car pile up Miss Danvers. but you already know that.'

'I do?' she asked.

'You've nearly cleared it already…' he told her.

'Not me. I'm no where near it.' Kara told him as she flew closer to the accident. She could see someone was taking care of things. Someone who could lift a car like it was made of cardboard and fly. 'I think I know who though.'

'Your cousin?'

'Looks like. Must be checking up on me.'

'Well tell him we're flattered, but I've got a budget cut and can't afford anymore free lancers.'

It was a bad joke, but you got what you could with his Martian humour 'Will do.' Kara double tapped the earpiece and came to a stop just as the last of the cars were moved safely to the side.

At first she thought Clark was trying a new costume, but he was too stuck in his ways to do that. It wasn't him. It wasn't her cousin.

The suit was bright red, with a yellow lightning bolt in the middle of his chest, but unlike Barry's it was a thick bolt that covers most of his torso. He had gold bands over his forearms and a gold cloth belt. The gold carried on to the lining of his bright white cape caught in the wind. It was thrown over one shoulder and attached to a high collar that just spoke volumes about this guy's ego.

They took off showing that along with super strength who ever they were could also fly. Kara wasn't going to let this stranger get away so easily and sped up to intercept him. 'Hey, you!' she shouted, wondering if she should send burst of heat vision past to get his attention. He must have heard her, because the stranger stopped and hovered. Waiting.

The guy had dark hair, mid-length and it caught the wind like that silly gold cape. What struck her was just how big this guy was, if anything he was taller than Clark! Wider too, but not ridiculously muscle bound. 'Hi. Supergirl right?' His voice was low, but smooth. Deliberately friendly. He offered his hand, but Kara didn't trust him.

Folding her arms Kara kept a distance. 'That's me. Who are you?

'Captain Marvel.' he offered. 'I was just passing through when I saw what happened. Didn't know how long you'd be so I thought I'd do what I could to help.'

'Yeah, well thanks for that.' She had to admit he'd done a good job. The freeway was clear, it didn't look like anyone had been seriously injured and the ambulance was already packing up to leave. 'So Captain, can't say I've ever heard of you.'

'No, I'm not local and I try to keep out of the limelight.' He shrugged. 'Not that there's anything wrong with fame I just don't want to be dodging photographers.'

'What's that supposed to mean?' Kara snapped.

'Nothing.' The so called Captain backed down. 'I have fought side by side with Superman before today. You could always ask him if I'm on the level.'

'Sure.' She did remember Clark teaming up with a few other superheroes, including that scary bat-guy from Gotham. 'I'll do that.'

'It's actually a good thing I ran into you.' He smiled again and Kara got the uneasy feeling he wasn't just trying to be friendly, but her gut didn't trust him. 'You see I was thinking of moving into town. There's a lot more job opportunities for one and seeing National City is your territory I thought…'

'… You'd muscle in and show a little girly girl like me how it's done?'

He actually looked shocked. 'You've obviously never met my little sister. No, but it is a big city and no one person can cover all of it. Even if they are Kryptonian.'

'I've been doing alright so far.' She protested.

'You've been doing better than alright. You're doing fantastic. It's not a sign of weakness to accept help when its offered.'

'I already have help.' Kara told him.

He shrugged. 'Then you shouldn't be too worried with accepting a little more. If you need it. I'll be in touch.' With that the Captain flew off. He was at least as fast as her and was already long gone before she could do anything about it.

Deep in the bayou a rumbling shook the trees. The great Louisiana swampland echoed with the sound of intruders. Monstrous things of steel and smoke carrying concrete and metal.

Fire and chemicals burnt the ground and poisoned the rivers. At first killing the fish and choking the plants. More came and all too soon a temple of metal and glass had been built deep in the swamp. Carving a cancerous hole in the green and leaving nothing but death behind.

Mankind, the architects of this destruction, turned a blind eye once again to their crimes. All too willing to keep reaping the rewards of this bitter harvest. Those with presence of mind to object were kept in the dark. Too busy with their own issues to notice.

One person wasn't too busy. One person called that damp swamp a home. One person watched the poison and the death. They saw history repeating itself and promised no more. No more would these selfish apes pollute and kill the green that gave them life. No more would they crush the plant underfoot. No more would they believe themselves above nature.

They would follow their trucks and their dumpsters to their home. There nature would reclaim what it had lost. A new swamp. A home for a home.

'… I mean why would I need him? Some big stupid guy in a stupid cape.' Kara stabbed at her sticky bun in her favourite coffee shop before looking up at the TV. It had a video of her and the new superhero, Captain Marvel, facing off against each other. The scrolling text underneath read; Frosty reception for new superhero. 'Superhero.' she snarled. 'More like great big walking sexist. Just wanted to help he said. Oh yeah, like I need his kind of help.'

'I think he was flying.' Alex pointed out. She loved her adopted sister, but she could be irrational about the strangest things on occasion. She was, after all, an alien and as recent events had shown, as well as she'd adapted to life here there was always a part you couldn't reach.

'Oh wow. He can fly! Like he's the only one.' Kara continued to grumble.

Alex shook her head. 'Why do I get the feeling this is about something other than this guy rolling into town and stealing your thunder?'

'Well it's not.' Kara rammed the largest slice of bun into her mouth and wolfed it down, looking anywhere but her sister. 'And he didn't steal anything.'

"Okay, now I know it isn't just about him.' Alex took a moment for Kara to look outraged. 'You are the single worse liar I've ever known. You can't even lie to yourself convincingly.'

'You once told me a good liar makes you think they're a bad one.'

'Don't try and change the subject. What's really going on?'

Kara grumbled for a moment under her breath and dropped her fork. 'I… I hurt James.'

'You hurt James?' Alex repeated slowly.

'I didn't mean to. We were just, you know kissing and he flinched.' Kara's voice cracked. 'I didn't think I was holding him too tight. I was just… I was so busy kissing him that…'

'You lost control.' Alex finished. 'How bad?'

'I don't know. James tired to wave it off, but I could see I'd hurt him. I don't think I broke anything but what if it happens again? What if I slip up?'

'Kara calm down.' Alex was worried, she was beginning to draw attention.


'Wait, take a breath.' She thought hard and all sorts of things came to mind. Things she really didn't want to think about. 'Okay, I don't think anyone's had to think of that before. Well aside from your cousin.'

'You're saying I ask him?' Kara's disgust was easy to hear.

'No, but there is your mother' They had the holographic database left in Kara's ship, the interface was based on Kara's biological mother. 'There's also other options. Some techniques I've heard of that might help you keep control, even when. You know.'

'Okay, that's more than I needed to know. A lot more.'

'Tell me about it.' Alex added under her breath. 'So, what have you got planned today?'

'Oh thank Rao.' Kara muttered and finished off her bun. 'Interviews, for Miss Grant's new assistant. The first one's a guy called Batson. Er Billy, I think. It's in about, oh I've got to go.'

Alex hid a smile as at just below super-speed Kara picked up her bags, juggled them with practiced skill and hurried out the door.

She had a long day of research ahead of her and she just knew it was going to be uncomfortable.

As the blonde girl dashed across the street, lost in the crowd and into CatCo Plaza she, and everyone else, missed the two figures stood on top of the building. One shrouded in emerald green and the other cobalt blue, 'The stage is set.'

'The roles are cast.'

'The players find their marks.'

'And the audience await the final curtain call.'

'Let the dance begin.'

End Prelude