It was a cold rainy day today. Fall was officially here. The change in temperature, the leaves changing color right before your eyes. Running from the car into the restaurant, Tony DiNozzo shook his head and whipped his
face, droplets of the ice cold rain water sputtering from his hair. Then the scent hit him and he breathed in deeply. "Aah. Pizza." He said with a sigh, licking his lips. "Hey Tony, what'll you have today?" Dan the head
cashier said, smiling as he and Tony shook hands. DiNozzo chuckled. "A Hot-N-Ready please." He requested.

Dan nodded. "Coming right up. Fast pizza for tonight huh. Got a new girlfriend?" Tony shook his head. "Nah. Just feel like a quick pizza and heading back to my apartment. Gonna have my own movie marathon." Dan
just nodded with a mused look..after a quick moment he glanced sideways and Tony noticed he wanted to talk. Dan leaned down on his elbows as if he was gonna share a secret. DiNozzo leaned in, playing along. Dan glances to the far
corner. "See that brunette over there? She's been here for over an hour. Most who come in here just get pizza and leave, but not her..she said she was waiting for someone." Tony looked over at the young woman...and he couldn't
take his eyes away. He couldn't believe it..after almost 3 years...It was her.

Her hair was beautiful, partial curls but thick and healthy long locks. Smooth olive skin, but her eyes were the most striking as she spots him watching her. Dark brown, almost black, a piercing gaze. Dan pushes Tony's shoulder
roughly. "Hey! What are you-?" He gives a look. Dan just gestures. "Go talk to her." Tony sighs then turns to the brunette. He takes a deep breath then comes over. "Mind if I join you?" The woman looks
up at him then shrugs. "No. I do not mind." Tony nods and smiles, taking a seat, sitting across from her. "So...what is a lovely lady like you doing at a place like this?" He smiles. The woman looks to him knowingly.
"Oh...Waiting for someone. This is his favorite pizza place and I had hoped to meet him here." He gives a smiling look to her. "Oh yeah? And who would that be?" Her expression turned into a smile, leaning in. "You,
Tony." DiNozzo smiled and leaned closer until their lips meet. It was soft but with passion and love. It was the kiss of pure, genuine, true love. I believe in true love...more importantly, what it creates.