A Little Bit of Heaven.

'The sun will come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun.'

Ziva David sat in the nursery rocking chair, gently going back and forth. She smiled warmly at the bundle in her arms. She then proceeded to hum the tune as a small hand curled around one of her fingers. The 3 month oldnewborn had woken up for her
usual feeding and diaper change. After that though the little one had decided to fight sleep. So Ziva was moving around with her, gently swaying back and forth, holding the infant close to her chest as thebaby's sparkling green eyes gazed back
at her. After 14 minutes the baby was starting to quiet down so Ziva had moved to a gentler method and here we are in the rocking chair moment. "Are you falling asleep tateleh?" She asked thebaby as the infants eyes started to droop. Ziva gently
caressed her daughter's cheek with her finger. "My little Hadassah. You are the joy in my life. It's been three months but it feels like yesterday that you were born." Hadassah'smouth twerked a little in the corner before she yawned, making
little baby noises and stretching. "You took your time coming, and that is not counting me having to push for almost 2 and 1/2 hours."

(I know, I know you're thinking-oh God you made her go through that?...yes I did)

Ziva smiled and gazed back at the miracle in her arms. "But despite what I went through I wouldn't have it any other way. That first time I heard you cry and my heart leapt in my chest, bursting with the connection and love Ialready had for you."
She paused and gazed around the nursery a moment then back to her daughter. "I just hope and pray we raise you to grow up into a beautiful young woman who, who never gives up and always stands and fights for what

is right. Who chases her dreams. I want to shelter you and protect you from the dangers of this world. But whatever comes our way in life, we will go through it together. I promise I will never leave you. I will always love you." She seals her promise
with a soft kiss to Hadassah's forehead and she continues humming. Ziva notices that she's just about asleep and slowly rises from her feet, quietly walking to the crib. She gently placed the babyinto her bed and stood there with her hands on
the little rim, gazing down at her daughter.

"You're so beautiful." She heard a voice and a presence come up behind her. She smiled warmly as her husband's hands rested on her shoulders, his chest against her back, his lips kissing her temple. "Mmm. I just got herto go back to sleep. Sorry
it took a while, I am sure my side of the bed is cold." Tony made a face. "Well Zi...I think I can think of something that could warm it back up." Ziva arched an eyebrow and stared a little coyly

at her husband, turning in his arms to face him. "Yeah?" Tony nodded with a smile and Ziva leaned up a little. "Well...does it involve a couple of these?" Her lips made connection with his and they kissed softly 3 times. Ziva

pulled back and Tony looked to her after opening his eyes. He ran a couple fingers through her hair. "It involves a lot of those. And maybe..a little of this." He came near and touched her sides, in turn Ziva breathinga little noticeably, her
eyes closed and her lips just slightly parted. After a moment she looked at him, that glint in her eyes. DiNozzo didn't need to be asked twice before the couple took each other's hands and silently left the nurseryand headed down the hallway
to their bedroom, closing the door behind them.