It was another storming night for the people of Berk but for the unfortunate people of Berk the harsh water is crashing against the shore and if the water wasn't the only problem. The live stock are being taken away not by the dragons that inhabit he world of Vikings but the harsh and cruel water slamming against shore taking any unfortunate poor soul like for example the poor sheep, goats, and yak. While this is going on the fisherman have to go fishing since most if not all of the food will be taken the cruel sea giving no one a break.

"Stay still Ruffnut Tuffnut" said an elderly man trying to get the two infants to sleep.

"My Sheep/ goat, yak, cabbages" yelled various of people from Berk watching as their live stock and vegetables being washed away

"Griffseed Hofferson get your hide back in the house" yelled a blonde large woman wearing a Viking helment with small horns, a brown shirt, fur-like coat, black fur like gloves, brown pants and brown boots. Who's also holding a blonde baby girl.

"But what about the Battle Axe and Shield" said the now confirm Griffseed leader of the Hofferson Clan. Just right when he was going to pick up the battle axe and shield a huge raging wave sweeped up the weapons leaving the large Viking shocked.

"Yes dear" said Griffseed walking back into the house with his family no doubt about to get scolded by his wife and trying to calm down his crying daughter Astrid.

While the people of Berk are having a hard time the fisherman are even having a worst time but luckly depending who you are the fisherman are quite use to the harsh waters of the sea. Lucky for the fisherman of Berk this isn't the worst water they have face but it doesn't make it any easier for the fisherman.

On a large fishing boat a man who wears a helmet with four horns on it. He has a fat golden brown beard which spreads around his face. He has a green shirt with scale mail armor on it. He also has striped tan and red pant. This man is one of the fisherman of Berk he is Mulch he is using his fishnet to capture fish while holding on to the rail for dear life hoping not to get hit over board. On the other side of the boat is his friend Bucket who is a tall Viking with a bucket on his head he has long blonde beard. He wears a tunic with scale mail armor covering it under the belt. He has a small brown vest covering the top of his shoulders. He also has a hook in place of his right hand. "Wh-why do we have to fish now" said a scared Bucket who is terrified of the cruel water.

Mulch sighs at his friend but he can also understand where his dimwitted friend is coming from if there's anyone who understands how cruel and dangerous the sea can be it is him and Bucket. They each knew being a Fisherman is dangerous but it's a job they are willing to do "Because Bucket it's our job to catch food when the livestock has been taken away from the sea. She truly is a cold lady huh" said Mulch as he raises the net getting fish, crabs, clams, sea weed, and jellyfish.

As Bucket raises his own net he's confused at what his friend said "she what she is there a lady around Mulch" said Bucket. Mulch face palms his face with his left hand. He shakes his head at his friend "no there is no woman I'm talking about the sea the sea is a she" explain Mulch. "Whos Sea?" Asked the confuse Bucket Mulch groans at this "Never mind that Bucket raise the fish trap pot!." Said Mulch Bucket nods his head pulling up his catch.

Suddenly they hear laughing not just any laughing but the laughter of a baby Bucket cowers at the would of baby laughter drops to floor in fetal position believing the laughter to be a ghost. Mulch starts looking around wondering where the laughter is coming from. Unlike his friend he doesn't believe in ghost or anything supernatural he quickly walks over to the side of the boat with a net as he searches the sea for the mysterious baby laughter.

When suddenly he stumbles upon a babby carriage as he uses the large net to get the baby out ofcthe dangerous sea he find a baby boy wrapped in red cloth the baby has piercing blue eyes as if they can see into your very soul. The infant has six fox or cat like whisker marks across his cheeks, spiky, gravity defying blonde hair, and has a green crystal which is around his neck. Apon being rescue to the dangerous sea the baby looks up at Mulch the baby then claps his hands laughing at the bearded man.

Bucket then gets up from cowering as be walks over to his bearded friend he sees the baby and is confused as to what a baby is doing drifting at sea "a baby what's a baby doing driftin at sea" said Bucket to which both were thinking until Bucket voice is option. "I'm actually not sure baby he got separated away from his parents" said Mulch giving Bucket his own opinion but both men know whoever the parents are either lost at sea or dead.

"What's the baby's name?" said Bucket deciding to change the subject.

"I don't know!" Groaned Mulch he looks for a name or something that has the name of the baby as he searches for a name he sees a name written in the carage Mulch then smiles down at the baby boy "is your name Naruro little one?" Asked Mulched in a happy tone the now named Naruto claps his hand in excitement and laughing enjoy.

"So his name is Naruto?" said Bucket.

"Yeah it seems so" said Mulch as they both stare at the Infant Naruto they notice something the baby wasn't crying when he was drifting at sea they each find it odd and strange most infants would cryxand wine about the harsh waves but not this one. Their curiosity of the baby strange behavior come to an end when a one of the waves hits the boat Bucket runs to the wheel to steer the ship. Mulch except the baby to cry but the baby laughs harder Mulch then down at little Naruto "do you like the water" said Mulch as if being able to understand Mulch Naruto starts clapping in enjoyment "I take that as a yes" said Mulch.

"Mulch what are we going to do with the little baby" said Bucket.

"Obviously take him back and take in the little hatchling" Mulch smiling at Naruto.

"We're going to be his daddies" said a happy and cheerful Bucket.

"No I'm going to be the father and you can be the uncle" groaned out Mulch massaging his head stopping the upcoming headache.

Naruto then claps his head in enjoyment "Mulch let's head back we have enough fish" said Mulch Bucket nods his head turning around and heading back to the main lands.

Thus starts a beautiful start of a family with two fishermen and a baby who loves the water.

Time Skip 10 years later

Alot has changed since since Mulch and Bucket had adopted the mysterious boy known as Naruto. One that fateful day they learn something interesting about the blonde boy he is fond of fishing or anything that's a type of fishing. No the boy absolutely love the water everything Mulch and Bucket taught Naruto he learned in in no time like sponge. Today is a normal for Berk's fisherman instead a certain blonde is somehow extremely lucky.

On a small brown Viking ship with a blonde boy around the age of 10 years old who's 5'4 he has a lean body fit for a swimmer. He's wearing a black shirt, a chain mail vest over it, white fur-like arm-warmers, a green crystal necklace around his neck, a Viking helmet with horns which resemble the horns of a monstrous nightmare, on his left shoulder he has a steel shoulder blade, brown pants and white fur like boots. The 10 year old sailing his small boot is Naruto son is Mulch also one of Berk's best and youngest fisherman.

As long as Naruto could remember he was extremely lucky always having the most catch like one incident when he was fishing with Mulch and bucket he took out the fish trap pot and he caught lobsters the size of a 3 year old baby he even caught a baby whale somehow nobody actually knew how the hell he caught a baby whale. But it was official Naruto was his own good luck charm it wasn't that be was excellent at fishing but his hunting skills, map reading, navigating, healing, trapping, and sailing were excellent Goober even stated that Naruto is a prodigy fisherman. Mulch even gave Naruto a spear made out the fang of a Leviathorgan the spear has the Leviathorgan's fang for its tip the moulding is made out of metal, the socket is metal with black bandages wrapped around it, the staff is also wrapped in black wrappings, and the end of is a medium size black cub (A/N: imagine Tuffnut weapons but with the blade being a dragon fang not being able to pull the staff apart) Which Naruto found out he's an expert in using a spear.

As young Naruto sails the ocean Naruto can't help to smirk madly he then starts laugh puffing out his chest in pride "ahahahaha wait till everybody see my catch they going to have a yak!" yelled Naruto he then looks down at his catch of the day and his catch his giant catfishes, sharks, and hammer sharks.

Flash back two weeks ago after saving Naruto

Mulch and Bucket arrive at Stoick the vast home telling about their find. As they arrive at the house Bucket Knocks on the door since Mulch is carrying baby Naruto who nibbling on a small fishing net.

Stoick sweatshops at this with his right eyebrow twitching he started massaging his temple feeling a headache going up he motions for the two to enter his house as the two sit down Stoick decides to find out what the hell is going on "Mulch Bucket mind telling me why you've got a baby with you and is he nibbling on that fishing net" said Stoick really wanting to know why they have an infant.

Both Mulch and Bucket rub the back of their head nervously "well you see we found the baby while we were fishing he found Naruto in a carriage in the ocean" said Mulch.

"You found him drifting in the sea?" Asked a shocked Stoick who can't believing a mere infant was just drifting at sea "that little boy must have Odin looking after him.

" Yesh we did Stoick" said Bucket as Naruto finds pulling his beard fun and decides to allow Naruto to play with his beard.

"But that's not the only strange thing we found that day. When I found Naruto he was laughing in joy you would usually think he would be crying but no he was laughing and clapping his hands." Said Mulch.

"Your right that is strange maybe the boy is a gift from Odin" said Stoick as he strokes his large beard.

Mulch nodding his head in agreement that the great Odin could be the reason Naruto didn't die when he was drifting at sea "yeah it's a true miracle he's even alive" said Mulch as he looks at the chief of the island "what about the little ones parents" asked Stoick wondering about the whereabouts of parents both Mulch and Bucket has their head down as a sign their parents are dead or either lost at sea. "I see a true tragic" said Stoick as he thinks of his dead wife Valka he also knows how cruel the sea can be (A/N: no knows that Valka is alive) when suddenly they hear laughing when they see a baby Naruto throwing the fishing net over a baby Hiccup who's staring at the Nw resident of Berk. The three men laugh at the scene "well I say he found his occupation" said Stock.

Both Mulch and Bucket are shocked that Stoick are allowing them to adopt little Naruto Bucket looks at the chieft in hope hoping that this isn't a dream "you really mean it" asked Bucket.

Stock nods his head he can obviously tell Naruto likes both Mulch and Bucket and tearing them apart would be just cruel and also the boy might not bond to everyone "aha yeah I do now's let's gets the fishnet off of Hiccup and get Naruto some clothes and all baby essentials" said a laughing Stoick. And the day continue with buying Naruto all the things he wants and needs.

Flash back end

"I wonder how Slugout likes his gift said (A/N: that's what he calls Snotlout) " a grinning Naruto thinking about his latest prank on Snotlout. "Oh well how cares " said a grinning Naruto as he pedals for more findings.

Back in Berk with snotlout

as Snotlout grabs his baffle axe getting ready for training and puts on his shoes he notice something he can't let go out his hammer and his shoes smell like Yak milk and skunk. As Snotlout struggles to get free he hits his face against the hammer getting his face stuck he grunts in annoyance knowing only one person capable of doing this and not getting caught or seen.

"NARUTO I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS" yelled an angry Snotlout as he forced to walk to the village to get the glue-like substance off of him. As he makes his way to Goober to get rid of the glue-substance he awkwardly knocks on the door. Gobber answers the door seeing Snotlout in awkward position laughs his ass off.

"Ah one of Naruto's classis prank" said Goober who's still cackling Snotlout just grunts. Ever since Naruto started his prank Snotlout has always been his easy target no one was face from his pranks.

"Can you take this sticking stuff off or what" yelledan angry Snotlout.

"I can but you ain't gonna like it" said Goober. Snotlout raises his left eyebrow at this Goober them sighs "the sticky stuff he put on your hammer is jelly. Jelly from a blue horn jellyfish they use the jelly to trap their pray and the only way to get it off is bathing in chicken urine how he got the jelly is a mystery to me." Said a deadpanned Goober.

Snotlous response was pretty obvious "NARUTO".

With Naruto

as Naruto sails the ocean he lands to an islandisland " well this island is Interesting I wonder if there's any thing useful" said Naruto as he grabs his spear getting ready for any hostile animals on the beach. As Naruto searches the island for anything valuable he notices a strange creature laying on the shore it has a long neck the skin of the creature is glossy black, the creature has bright green eyes, it has four heads, it has razor sharp teeth, a pitch-fork like tongue, the creature has four web like-web, it has a 6 foot meter tail.

Naruto notices to the creature has a deep cut on its side it's right front flipper. Naruto slowly walks to it closely to observ the cut but suddenly one of the heads opens it's mouth and it's fork-like tonuge comes out Naruto quickly jumps to the drop as he looks at the creature heads he remembers something important and life changing.

"Your a Doomfang" said Naruto looking at the glaring four headed dragon. The now confirm shots blue fire next to him he See's it was a python the blue flames froze the snake Naruto was shocked but then notice something "your hungry ain't you?" Asked Naruto.

The Doomfang just grunt at this not allowing it's pride not be shot down. Naruto gets up going back to his ship and grab his fish net that has the shark into it he also brings the healing ointment. (A/N: the sharks he caught are tiger and great white shark) As he drags the net full of sharks he notices the very hunger look of the dragon causes Naruto chuckle at the terrifying fear class dragon. Naruto opens his fish net he drags a great white shark with him which is 3 times larger than him, as be sets the giant fish in front of the dragon Naruto quickly backs away the Doomfang with out warning dives into his meal each head savoring and loving the taste of it's meal. While this is going on Naruto moves to the Doomfang right flipper he applies the ointment The Doomfangs feels something strange on its flipper he looks at his right flipper seeing Naruto applying the ointment The Doomfang glares spins around glaring at Naruto ready to make the 10 year old Naruto it's new meal Naruto then raises his hand in a stop motion as this is happening the dragon stops it's glaring gently presses it's many heads against Naruto.

Naruto smiles at this "what you know they were all wrong about you dragons all along you aren't a monster your an animal. So how you feel" asked Naruto the Doomfang looks up at Naruto as knowing what's he talking about the Doomfang started to move it's right flipper no longer feeling pain it makes a growling sound which sounds happy "you wanna eat some more shark" asked Naruto the Doomfang nods his heads. Naruto builds a fire and cooks the sharks Naruto then smirks.

"I can see this as a beautiful friendship don't you think Blackheart" asked Naruto as both man and dragon eat together. Thus starts how Naruto got his first dragon a week later Naruto return later which got everyone worried about the blonde fisherman Naruto told his dad and uncle Bucket he got lost they took the lie but everyone thought it was weird that Naruto to get lost they decided not to think about it too much they were just happy to have Naruto.

But Naruto didn't actually leave Blackheart behind no he has Blackheart on a large island he found when he was five.