To Ruffnut it was clear who won this fight it almost seemed like the sea was challenging Naruto. "I win! I always win. Okay well we got want I wanted." said Naruto who's looking at Ruffnut.

Ruffnut raised an eyebrow at Naruto "but I thought we were supposed to get supplies for Goober. What are you scared!" teased Ruffnut with her face being a sickly green.

Naruto just scoffed at Ruffnut "of course, not Ruffnut! I'm just being lazy ahahaha. He's a grown-up if he wants to get his killing tools then he can get it himself ahaha. I am no ones pack mule besides I never planned to get it in the first place." laughed Naruto with a bright grin placed on his face Ruffnut then laughs with him.

"You lied." chuckled Ruffnut who's holding onto the railing with dear life.

He just nods his head "yep, I never intended to get them ahaha. If he wants his weapons so much then he can get it himself." grinned Naruto.

"Is he going to be mad?" asked Ruffnut.

"Nope, because I've done this before." grinned Naruto, after getting what he needed and getting lectured by Goober he heads home from a tiring day. The next day he and Hiccup are skinning the fish and taking out the feces.

The brunette released a sigh "okay tell why me I'm helping you skin and take out the fish poop?" asked Hiccup.

"Because two people are better than one besides this way I can get it done faster " stated Naruto as he's focused on skinning the fish not even paying attention to the annoying Hiccup.

"Why don't you just get Tuffnut or Ruffnut to help you?" pondered Hiccup.

Naruto glances towards the sleeping Garmr he then turned back to Hiccup "simple my short screeching little friend. Ruffnut is home sleeping off the seasickness and Tuffnut is out hunting with his dad." said Naruto.

Hiccup then looks up at the concentrated Naruto "hey Naruto I've decided." said Hiccup.

Naruto just looks up at Hiccup with a raised eyebrow "decided what you have feelings for Snotlout." joked the blonde fisherman with a half-grin on his face.

Hiccup stares at him with an appalled expression "what! No! Naruto I've decided to ask my dad to sign me up for Gobber's school." said Hiccup Naruto then begins to laugh at Hiccup. The brunette just stares at the laughing blonde with a deadpan look. "Naruto I'm serious," said Hiccup.

He then stop laughing and smirks at him "oh really then let me laugh harder. AHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Naruto he then begins to laugh even harder than before causing Hiccup to roll his eyes at Naruto.

Recap End

Hiccup release another sigh he really should've saw it coming but then again he couldn't really blame the blonde fisherman he isn't really the type to hunt dragons his blonde friend seemed to care more about fishing than anything else and forcing people to help him the young brunette had tried to walk away but Naruto has literally picked him up and taking him with him and not to forget about the fisherman's love for parks.

He honestly has no has no idea how Ruffnut or Tuffnut are able to handle Naruto but then again those two are quite stupid and they generally are drawn to danger so it made sense how the blonde twins would follow Naruto. "I really wished Naruto would stop laughing already it isn't even that funny," thought Hiccup as he watches his blonde friend continue to laugh his a as off.

"You done it?" asked Hiccup who's looking at Naruto with deflated look.

Naruto chuckles lightly he wipes away a tear drop from his face " ! YOU...A D-D-Dragon...H-H-HUNTER AHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Naruto his laughing was so loud it even begun to awake his large Dingo Raptor looks at Naruto in curiosity at Naruto he then turns to Hiccup and wonder if the young skinny boy did something funny.

Garmr then decides to head to the kitchen for water, Naruto then holds his stomach "ahaha, yeah I'm done wait! Ahaahaha! Now I'm done but why the hell you want to hunt dragons you can barely pick up an ax!" said Naruto to him it made zero sense one his friend is skinny and not the strongest working at Gobber's shop or a fisherman made more sense.

Hiccup sighs to himself he then smiles at Garmr and pets the gigantic canine "I-I just want to make my dad proud," says Hiccup Naruto stares at Hiccup with a raised eyebrow " ugh, I just want to do something for the island. And um, I just want to prove I'm not some useless helpless baby. " says Hiccup with a downcast look.

"You're not a helpless baby and you're going to be a deadass baby if you join Goober's class!" said Naruto in a flat tone sure he might have some some crazy things but he at least can defend himself and have backup Hiccup on the other chance doesn't. Naruto then runs his hand through his hair "dude, if you want I can teach you how to fight," said Naruto with his arms crossed.

Hiccup looks at Naruto works deadpan look "I thought you were my friend." said Hiccup.

"I am which is why I'm telling you it's a dumb idea and this is coming from me!" said the blonde.

"Would you at least join me?" asked Hiccup.

Naruto now looks at Hiccup with a deadpan look "he'll no! I'd rather commit suicide!" yells Naruto there's no way in hell Hiccup or anyone is going convince him to join Goober's class.

"Your not even going to at least think about?" asked Hiccup.

Naruto just shook his head negatively " not really what's there's to think about? " asked Naruto in a flat tone.

"You really don't want to join Goober's school, hub?" questioned Hiccup.

"Like I said I'd rather do suicide. Besides the both the same thing." said Naruto who shrugged his shoulders.

"They are definitely not the same." says Hiccup with a deadpan expression he knew shouldn't have hope for a positive response but he was really being a bit optimistic of course being friends with many years he should've known Naruto only cares about fishing and the idea of Naruto joining Goober's class sounds more like a prank.

"They are to me! Besides I'm too busy to be playing dragon hunter." said Naruto which he wasn't a lie he's one of the best fisherman on the island and thanks to his ridiculous luck he always gets the best the catch an the people rely on him to get many fishes and the fact that he still plays pranks with Snotlout and Mildew.

"So, you sure?" asked Hiccup.

"Definitely, I'll take my chance with the water. Now I have fish to to clean and cut and your helping." said Naruto picking up Hiccup and throws him over his shoulder like he was a,sack of potatoes.

Hiccup stares in confusion as he's being covered away he turns to Naruto with a look of confusion "uh, why am I coming?" asked Hiccup he then looks on with a plain look as Garmr licks his face.

Naruto then gains a cheerful her mischievous look "simple my dear Hiccup. You made me listen to your stupid dream of becoming a dragon hunter!" says Naruto Hiccup tries to jump down from Naruto's shoulder but he has him in a tight hold "and I just like Wisconsin to help me!" thought Naruto with a grin.

"You're a lousy friend you know that, right?" groaned Hiccup as he's treated as Naruto's packmole which has been happening for the past years. He still considered Naruto as one of his best friends and he actually has fun when with Naruto when he was going on his prank spree even though he might be the victim of some of Naruto's pranks.

Hiccup then looks at Naruto with a smile he actually admires his blonde friend he wasn't afraid of anyone he actually knew what he wanted. Sometimes he envied Naruto at who free spirited he is he never let anyone bothered him even when the demand for fishes had increased he never faltered.

Sometimes he wondered if there was anything that actually bothered Naruto. As they entered Naruto's workshop he drops Hiccup on the ground he then groans as Garmr starts to lick his face Hiccup wipes the saliva from his face Naruto then drops a pairs gloves on his head. Hiccup grabs the gloves and puts on Naruto then hands him a knife.

The two then begins to cut and gut each of the fishes "Naruto how do you catch so many fishes?" asked Hiccup.

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and tosses a fish to Garmr who eats the fish whole "I don't know? I guess just lucky," lied Naruto well it wasn't really a lie when it came to fishing he's always has extreme luck it also helps that he has a Doomfang to also help him catch food.

"Your luck is insane," states Hiccup as he guts a catfish unfortunately it became a snack for the Dingo Raptor he then glares at the large canine "that wasn't yours," said Hiccup Garmr just goes over to Naruto and lays down and growls lowly as Naruto scratched his large pet behind the ear Hiccup just sighs at the canine " man's best friend, " mumbled Hiccup he then focused back at the large fish as he guts it.

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and begins to cut and gut the many crustaceans "eh, not my fault Garmr stole your fish. I didn't tell him," said the grinning Naruto of course Hiccup didn't believe him that grin wasn't the slightest bit of innocent.

Hiccup just sighs knowing Naruto most likely told his pet to do it after all it ain't like Naruto doesn't have a lot of sea life he does have three freezers. "Naruto is so lucky he does whatever he likes. And at least his father doesn't always get on his a as like his own and honestly I'm not sure if I really want to lead Berk," thought Hiccup as he watches the carefree Naruto gut away the sea creatures.

He looks at Naruto who has a bright smile on his whiskered face he doesn't think he ever actually seen someone so happy. Even the other fishermen didn't look as happy when they had to cut and gut actually he can't remember anytime when Naruto didn't enjoy fishing he seemed like he enjoyed the whole process. "Naruto is there any part of fishing you don't like?" asked Hiccup.

Naruto just shook his head negatively causing Hiccup to look at him with a deadpan look "nope, not really. I like the whole process of fishing to the waiting and to the sailing being at sea always made me feel at peace," said Naruto with a bright smile on his face he always felt at home when he was at sea he knows how dangerous the sea is but so is land.

Later, that day Naruto was eating dinner with his father and uncle Bucket "ya'know I heard that little Hiccup is joining Goober's school." said Mulch as he bites into a fried fish.

" Good for him! " exclaimed Bucket.

"Yeah, I know Hiccup told me that. " said Naruto he then pats Garmr on the head the large canine the goes over to his bowl and begins to eat "I still think Hiccup is a dumbass for going to Goober's class but it's his choice. I'm sure he'll realize he isn't a dragon hunter and I doubt he can actually kill a dragon." thought Naruto.

Mulch smiles at his son "you've shoulda seen Stoick he looked so happy!" says a smiling Mulch he then takes a bite out of bread he then hums in delight at the taste of the garlic been butter.

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders he then grabs a piece of garlic bread "I guess so, Hiccup is trying to impressed his old man. " says Naruto he then watches as his uncle Bucket accidentally bites a bone Bucket grabs the tiny piece of bone and drop it in the table.

Mulch then massages his long beard he then smiles brightly and slamming his hands on the table scaring Bucket, Naruto, and Garmr the three of them he stares at the man with shock "that's it!" exclaim Mulch Naruto and Bucket look at each other with confusion Naruto rubs the back of his hair in confusion.

"Uh, what you talking about?" asked Naruto even Garmr was looking at Mulch with the look of confusion.

"You going to Goober's School!" says Mulch.

" W-W-What? " mumbled Naruto snot sure what he just heard no he had to have heard wrong there's no way his dad would sends him to Goober's School especially not when he's one of the best fisherman both Stoick and Goober had even said so.

"You join Goober's school!" says Mulch.

"B-B-But why?" stuttered Naruto.

"You need to learn how to fight dragons. And just think about it this way you can watch out for Hiccup!" says Mulch.

Naruto then looks like the world just ended then gains a look of disgust "I'd catch the plague." said Naruto.

"Don't you want to go?" asked Bucket.

"No way, uncle! Hiccup and join but I'm not my heart belongs to the sea!" says Naruto crossing his arms.

"Your going, " says Stoick.

"I refuse!" said Naruto stubbornly.

Stoick eyes harder staring at Naruto with a stern look "yes, you are." says Stoick.

" No I'm not, " said Naruto.

"Yes, you are and that's final!" said Mulch Naruto grunts his teeth in frustration he then turns to his Uncle who just smiles and nods his head.

Naruto bites his lip in anger " you guya just hate me don't you! " grumbled Naruto.

"We don't hate you, son." says Mulch.

Bucket nods his head "that's right! We love you!" cheered Bucket.

Naruto then slams his head on the table " you defiantly hate me! " groans Naruto Garmr licks Naruto's hand but it has zero effect for Naruto it was like Ragnarok had just started. The next day Naruto is at Goober's school the blonde has his spear strapped to his back looking miserable.

Hiccup along with Astrid, Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut stare at Naruto in confusion this does not seem like something would choose to do. "You're here! B-But why?" asked Hiccup.

"You lie!" exclaimed Tuffnut.

"Not of my choosing," grumbled Naruto.

they then hear clapping and turns to Goober "okay, that's enough everyone my name is Goo-Cough...Cough...Cough! What that!" exclaimed Goober everyone begins to cough as a self made smoke bomb was thrown.

"Ahhh! My eyes sting!" exclaims Tuffnut he then groans in pain as he accidentally headbutts with his sister.

"Ugh, what is that smell!" groaned Fishlegs yelled the large child as he just smells as if a skunk had sprayed.

"Me eyes starting to burn!" groaned Goober as he runs his eyes.

Astrid groans in annoyance as she knocked over "ugh, what the heck!" groaned Astrid she then squeezed her eyes as she makes out a large figure running by "what the?" mumbled Astrid after a few minutes later the smoke finally vanishes away they noticed Naruto isn't here all there was a note she then picks it up.

Fishlegs turns to Astrid "uh, what does it say?" asked Fishlegs says the boy and looking quite confused.

She then gains a deadpan expression "sorry, everyone but I couldn't stay we're just on two different paths but don't worry I left a little gift!" said Astrid reading the note she along with everyone was confused they each look around suddenly a small bag drops from the ceiling as it hits the ground a green smoke covers them each of them cough "I'm gonna kill him!" screamed Astrid in anger as they were hit by Naruto's infamous smoke bombs.

Snotlout sniffed his arm and nearly throws up at the smell "oh sweet Odin that stinks!" groaned Snotlout each of them sniff themselves and they each nearly three up "hate that guy!" groaned Snotlout who has been the victim of Naruto's multiple pranks.

"Ugh, of course he does this." groans Hiccup.

Goober groans loudly he then noticed another student has also vanished Ruffnut the twin sister of Tuffnut "uh, where's Ruffnut?" wondered Goober looking around in confusion everyone does to but couldn't see the blonde girl.

Naruto grins widely as he rides on Garmr "kukuku, suckers! Best prank yet!" exclaims Naruto with a wide grin.

"Yeah, nice one!" Yelled Ruffnut shocking Naruto he then looks back and sees Ruffnut holding onto Garmr's tail.

Naruto then pulls her up the dimwitted girl holds onto Naruto wrapping her arms around Naruto "what you doing?" asked Naruto in confusion.

Ruffnut just smiles at him she then shrugged her shoulders "I don't know? Seem like fun," said Ruffnut causing Naruto to chuckle this wasn't part of of the plan but he wasn't complaining "so, where to?" asked Ruffnut leaning her head on his shoulder.

Naruto grins at Ruffnut "have you ever been shark fishing?" grins Naruto Ruffnut grins at Naruto everyone in town jumps back as Garmr leaps to rooftop to rooftop with both blondes cheering with glee and scaring many of the sheep in the process.

As the two get to the boat Ruffnut untied the knot keeping it port and just as it leaves Mulch arrives clearly hearing how Naruto had pranked Goober and the students and then ditched class with Ruffnut as the boat sails away Naruto and Ruffnut waves at him "and remember this was the day you almost caught Naruto the Fisherman!" yells Naruto.

"Bye!" says Ruffnut waving away at Mulch who just looks at this with a deadpan look on his face unknown to Ruffnut Naruto's first dragon Blackheart swam under the ship and even swam low enough not to be detected by any of the Vikings.

Mulch sighs as he watches the boat drifts away the viking massages the temple of his forehead she honesty wish he should be surprised but he isn't. He should've known Naruto would pull a prank "ugh, why must he always do that!" groaned Mulch he was definitely going to ground Naruto and find someway to punish the boy he honestly wishes the boy wouldn't make things so difficult.

Mulch then punches his nose as he smells like something died and then was bathed 20 tons rotten fish "oh my, that smells horrible!" exclaimed Mulch.

"That's some boy you got, " says Goober Mulch turns to him and covers his nose and realized the smell coming from Goober is no doubt the handy work of Naruto's stink bombs.

On the boat the two were laughing at the prank Ruffnut then grins "Your dad gonna be so mad!" laughed Ruffnut.

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders "eh, maybe but it's worth it." says Naruto placing both hands behind his head and let's out a yawn he knew as soon as he returned to Berk he was grounded but he was fine as long as he doesn't have to Goober's school he's happy plus why would he even want to be a dragon Hunter he does have two dragon partners and he honestly doesn't care for killing dragons.

He then turns to Ruffnut "ain't your brother gonna be mad?" asked Naruto.

Ruffnut just waves Naruto off in a nonchalant manner "nah, he always sinks. This is normal for him." says Ruffnut causing him to laugh. And with how bad Goober and other children smell Goober's school will be close for a few days it will take a few days to wash the stink out.

And of course this would probably led to Astrid Naruto's rival to challenge him even now the two still spar to see which is stronger and this also leads to Naruto pranking her. Naruto then smiles as he smells the sea he then leans over and see dolphins flying swimming by plus Naruto still needs to head a island he recently heard from Johann supposedly this island is home to some rare sea life the island is called Rainbow Island he also heard the two,has some really good meat like pork meat.

"Yup, definitely more important than Goober's school," thought the blonde he then let's out an oof as Ruffnut stomachs on him landing on his stomach Ruffnut then grabs hold on his cheeks she grins at him as she begin to pull his cheeks "ah, so that's how you wanna play, huh?" grins Naruto he then grabs onto her viking helmet and slams it down.

"Hey, who turn the light off?" wondered Ruffnut Naruto then grabs onto her pigtails and flips her on her back.

Naruto then placed his spear on top of Ruffnut he snickers as Ruffnut struggles to lift it since the weapon is heavy. Naruto stands over Ruffnut he then removes the helmet with a wide grin on face he then taps her on the head "I win!" says Naruto sticking out his tongue.

She in return blows a raspberry at him "no, fair!" exclaims Ruffnut. Naruto picks up the staff and set it on the side Ruffnut grins at him and jumps at him wrapping her self around him. She then begins to miss with his blonde locks and giving him a nuggie "That's cheating!" yells Ruffnut she then starts pinching his cheeks she then grins widely at Naruto both of their blue eyes staring at each other with led to Ruffnut blushing at him over the years she soon began noticing just how cute and hot Naruto is she especially likes feral-like.

"Nah, this is cheating!" says the blushing fisherman he then begins to tickle her sides making laugh hysterically she begins to lose falling back and Naruto along with her both hit the floor with a loud thud both groaning in pain "okay, that wasn't fun." says Naruto.

As the two poem their eyes they are quickly close to one another like nose touching which course turns their whole face red along on the boat Garmr stares at the two in curiosity. As they continue to stare at each they can feel each other's warm breath, Ruffnut's fingers begin to tremble at just how close the are which also lead to Ruffnut headbutting Naruto. Both blondes scream in pain at the headbutt both of them didn't look at each which has caused the boat ride pretty awkward and quiet and Garmr made himself entertain by forcing the more dimwitted blonde to play him.

But as she plays with the large canine she does steal a few glances at the blonde the boat then stops moving causing Ruffnut to look at Naruto in curiosity. She then walks over to him punches his shoulder causing a little chuckle she then looks forward and see shark fins swimming by she then grins at this she then begins to wonder how would this work if the water had piranhas in them. Naruto then hands her a fishing rod but this one looks a little bigger and a stronger thread.

The two then hook a fish to a rod and throws their rods with a few minutes Naruto's rod then begins to run his rod Garmr then begins to bite on Naruto's pants and pulling Naruto back Ruffnut see this and helps to pull Naruto back and with a pull a small shark flies up in the sky Naruto and Ruffnut grins at each other. While the two were busy shark fishing Blackheart the Doomfang is doing her own shark fishing and begins to eat them whole the sea dragon hums in delight at the food.

Time Skip

Naruto groans as he's in Goober's school again he wasn't only grounded but so was his boat he then groans loudly but this was a short hiccup. As everyone practice using weapons Naruto drops a few firecracker he then throws a firecracker at Goober Naruto laughs at him as he hops over Goober and runs out the building he then begins to laugh as he sees Garmr and jumps on the Dingo Raptor who barks immediately the two head to the shore and Naruto smiles at the small boat "Good thing, they forgot I never three it away." said Naruto he then pushes the boat at sea and he's quickly met by his Volcanicsarus, Burstfang he smiles at volcano-type dragon "he buddy, " said the blonde petting the dragon.

"Don't worry bud, we'll fly." said Naruto the giant Dragon roads in response the dragon then takes to the sky.

Naruto grins at the wind hitting his face Blackheart swims by Naruto the blonde he then grins knowing Goober he probably sent other Vikings to hunt him down he did actually throw firecrackers at him. A sweat drop then appears on the side of his head "yeah, he's gonna kill me. Oh well, that's future Naruto's fault." said Naruto in a relaxing tone.

Naruto stares at the sky he narrows his eyes as he sees something fast flies over and unfortunately it was far too fast for him to tell what it was he knew it was a dragon but he's never seen a dragon move so fast it also seemed like it was probably passing by Berk "I wonder what is that?" wondered Naruto he then feels like something hit his boat which nearly caused to fall over "ugh, dammit!" grumbled Naruto he then grabs hold of his spear a Scauldron rises its head from the sea glaring at Naruto with a low growl fortunately for Naruto before the Scauldron could fire scalding water at Naruto.

It is not by a blue fire ball which freezes part of his face causing it roar at Blackheart who roared back it then fires a water blast but Blackheart fires a blue flame with the Scauldron distracted Naruto throws the spear at the Scauldron causing it to roar in pain Naruto quickly jumps on it and tries to pull it out but it swims under pulling Naruto down with in.

Blackheart narrows her eyes and swims under it quickly bites down on the sea dragons Naruto then yank the spear out causing blood to flow out which no doubt will draw in other cavernous sea life Naruto then floats back to Blackheart and grabs on her head and holds right she then fires multiple fire balls which froze various parts of its body.

Blackheart then quickly swims to the top Naruto grins down to Blackheart thankful for the Doomfang, as the dragon drops Naruto off in the boat the blonde pats the beast on the head causing her to purr. "Thanks, Blackheart you are a life saver !" said the blonde he then gains a look of seriousness as the grey clouds begin to Black out the sky.

"Okay, great? Rain! Ugh, boo!" yells Naruto he then begins paddle more until he's in a comfortable fishing spot he then throws fishing rod and waits for him to get a bite. While Naruto is waiting for a bite Blackheart is swimming around being on guard watching out for any Dragon it then spots a car fish and after it is a shark.

Blackheart easily swims stealthy appearing behind the shark and bites on the shark causing it to scream in pain as it is ate by the Doomfang. Naruto smirks at his catch and throws it in the ice bucket. Naruto then narrowed his eyes as he sees a flock of dragons this causes him to look up in wonder "yeah, I'm fine being a fisherman. Dragon hunter sucks! But I wonder where they are going?" wondered Naruto.

A days later, Naruto notices Hiccup has been asking weird he's been seeing him walk away as if he's trying to hide something and he's even seen some of his drawing and they were dragons. And one of the drawings reminded of the dragon he saw a few days ago. Naruto then watches the brunette run off somewhere "danger senses are tingling!" mumbled Naruto Astrid looks at the blonde in confusion.

"What are you talking about? Your walking danger!" exclaimed Astrid.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders at Astrid "at least I'm fun! By the way Snotlout said your a second rate viking. " says Naruto watching as Astrid chase after Snotlout "well, that took care of that." says Naruto he then whistles within a few seconds Garmr comes running down he hope on him and he quickly follows after Hiccup.

"Where the hell are you going?" thought Naruto as he stealthily follows after Hiccup he noticed the further they got the further they were away from village "just what are you doing out here?" wondered Naruto he watches as Hiccup walk out in the clearing.

Hiccup dogs into his bag and pulls out some type of flag suddenly a Night Fury drops down as the dragon tosses to the side but doing this causes him to skid across water and it soon hits the ground "I got you something," says Hiccup with a nervous look on his face the dragon narrowed his eyes before begrudgingly allows Hiccup to put the prostatic tail wing.

Naruto chuckles at Hiccup "well I'll be damn! But so much for being a dragon killer eh, I knew he didn't had it in him," said Naruto he then watches as the two struggle to fly and even when they do the flying was very short live as the two came cashier the ground.

Naruto then glances at Garmr "You know, if I was anyone else I would do the smart thing and tell Stoick and Goober. Then, again nah, he's fine." said Naruto if Hiccup was in danger then he would've came to him already or all ready be dinner for the Night Fury "but a Night Fury? Nice one but how the hell did it loose part of the tail? " thought Naruto.

Naruto then pats Garmr on the head "I guess I'll keep his secret," says Naruto while Hiccup was busy making the Night Fury's prosthetic leg Naruto was also drawing designs for a machine that'll allow him to be under water longer he's also been watching Hiccup too. Hiccup had even begin to ask him about dragons especially the Night Fury the dragon that no one has seen, the following day Hiccup seemed quiet happy that day.t

He always new how curious he is about dragons he honestly seemed more interested about learning them than killing them which is why he called bullshit on Hiccup plus the kid couldn't kill a dragon he's far too nice and curious about dragons plus with how knowledgeable Hiccup seems to be with dragons is pretty suspicious hell everyone else found it weird especially Astrid.

He's been able to distract her by pranking her and sparing with the warrior woman, today he caught Hiccup sneaking off and he watches as the two take flight and practice and he watches with a smile as the stops themselves from falling.

Hiccup with his hair blown back pets the sleeping dragon with a look of realization but before he can even think more about dragons the Night Fury growls and hissed at the air he looks up in the sky and sees a Volcanicsarus and to Hiccup's surprised Naruto is riding on said dragon "N-N-Naruto?" exclaimed a shocked Hiccup he then pats the dragon on the head stopping it from attacking his friend.

He then stood in front of the Night Fury he then glances at the dragon "it's okay. W-Wh-what you doing? How do you have a dragon? What is that?" asked Hiccup with a look of confusion Naruto had literally caught him relaxing with dragons and Naruto is riding into a dragon. And he must admit he's never seen a dragon quite like Burstfang.

"Simple, me and Burstfang had been friends for a while now. I have another dragon." said I'd Naruto no doubt shocking him this most likely the most surprisingly thing he heard he then thinks back along time ago when Naruto left and came back from Garmr.

"Wait you have two?" asked a shocked Hiccup.

Naruto just nods his head "yeah, a Doomfang. She was my first dragon then Burstfang." said Naruto.

"Your not gonna tell my father are you? " asked Hiccup.

Naruto then looks at Hiccup as if he was some type of idiot. Naruto looks at Hiccup with a deadpan expression on his face Naruto then hops off of the Volcanicsarus and drops in front of Hiccup Naruto then chops him on the head who groans in pain "are you some type of idiot! If I tell your dad then he'll find out about my own! What do you think he'll do then!" exclaims Naruto he then keeps playfully chopping Hiccup's head.

hiccup sighs "great, he's right of dad find out if won't be good," thought Hiccup he then looks at Naruto in curiosity " then what are you going to do? " asked Hiccup he then turns to Burstfang and stick his hand out the dragon allows him to pet him which puts a smile on Hiccup's face.

"Simple, I'm going to make sure no one finds out about your friend, here. You're smart but your also an idiot too." said Naruto he knocks on Hiccup's head causing him to call back on his ass "everyone but be oblivious but not Astrid! And exchange for my help you have to help me my very naive friend!" grins Naruto with a sly look on his face and if Hiccup didn't know better he would assume he just made a deal with Surtur or Loki Hiccup just shook his head.

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