Bio-*inaudible voices in background.* "Do I have to?" a lion cub asks as she sits in front of a camera. "Yes." a voice says. "Fine. Hi, I'm Shasta. I like fighting, singing, running, hunting, and pranking. My only friend is Lilly!" Shasta said pulling the other lioness into view of the camera before pushing her back out. "Well, how long do I have to do this?" Shasta asked. "Until we say!" a voice yelled. Shasta rolled her eyes. "Fine. So I'm sister with little miss know-it-all, I'm-so-popular, Jenna." Shasta said. "Be nice!" the same voice said. "You know I don't have to do this!" Shasta growled as she stood up and walked away, the camera following her as she and Lilly walked away.