"You won't touch these girls! Not while we're here!" Ash snarled as he and Ace attacked Marko and Taka. The other cubs moved back to accommodate the fight. The fight got bad fast and Ace and Ash were thrown off the two brothers and slammed into a wall, gasping for breath as Marko and Taka went to finish them off. "Stop it!" Shasta yelled, as she and Lilly attacked Marko and Taka. Marko slammed his paw into Lilly, not realizing who it was. Lilly let out a yowl as she slammed into the ground. Taka slapped Shasta. Shasta also let out a yowl and Ace and Ash tried to help them. Taka and Marko snapped out of it and stared at the two girls. "Lilly!" Marko said as she stood and walked over to Ash, helping him up. "Shasta." Taka said his eyes shocked as she glared at him, blood dripping down her face where he had scratched her. He took a step towards her. "Don't come near me!" Shasta growled as she walked over to Ace, helping him stand as Uru ran over with the other lionesses. "What happened?" She asked as she looked at the cubs. "A fight over those two!" A cub called out. Ace slumped against Shasta as he tried to catch his breath. "Girls?" Uru asked. "We were talking with Ace and Ash and Marko and Taka were trying to order us around and Ace and Ash were trying to defend us." Lilly said. Uru looked at Shasta's face, where blood was still flowing. "Shasta, what happened to your face?" Uru asked. Shasta glared at Taka. "Ask him." she hissed as Taka lowered his head. "Come on girls, let's get you home. Ace, Ash, you're welcome in our home." Uru said as the two males nodded to her. "Thank you." Ace whispered, as they started walking slowly and painfully back towards Pride Rock. When they reached Pride Rock Jenna ran over. "Shasta! You better have-what happened to your face?" Jenna asked, her eyes widening as she looked at the dried blood. Shasta gave her a glare. "Fight." She said as she and Lilly continued to help Ash and Ace up the slope and into the den. Slowly the two girls helped their new friends over to a secluded part of the den. The next morning Shasta walked up to Ahadi with Ash and Ace. "Ahadi, I wish to leave." Shasta said, her voice calm and collected. Ahadi turned to her surprised. "Why do you wish to leave?" he asked. "I wish to train with Ace and Ash's pride." Shasta said. Ahadi slowly nodded. "You are always welcome back home." Uru said looking at the cub. "I shall remember the kindness you have shown me. I ask only one thing more, do not let Lilly or Taka come after me." Shasta said. Ahadi and Uru nodded. The three cubs turned away from them and slowly started for the mountains in the distance. After walking all day and all night they reached the mountain pride. "Ash! Ace! Where have you two been?" A worried lioness asked as she ran up. "We are sorry mother. We had to stay with Ahadi's pride." Ash said. The lioness nodded before turning her attention to Shasta. "And who is this?" she asked. "I am Shasta. I humbly ask to join your pride to train as a warrior." Shasta said, looking into the eyes of the lioness. "You are welcome here, young one." she said smiling. Shasta smiled back. "Thank you." she said as she was welcomed by the rest of the pride.