Sage has wanted to be a Wish-Granter ever since she saw her first shooting star. Being admitted to Starling Academy was like a dream come true.

When it comes to energy manipulations, she can out-glow anyone! It's always easy for her. Even as a baby, Sage could levitate her toys! But because of her natural talents, she sometimes forgets that she has a lot to learn from school. Sage uses her gift for energy manipulation to play blazing guitar solos in the band.

Sage is a bold, positive force, full of charisma, who always looks on the bright side. She's lighthearted and luminous and finds it easy to make new friends. Sage's confident vibe attracts others into her orbit. But Sage is not all twinkles and starlight. She sometimes says things without thinking and then falls over herself apologizing!

Sage's mom, Indirra, is a top wish energy scientist and her dad, Leonard, works in the government. She and her seven-year-old twin brothers, Archer and Helio-who love nothing more than annoying their big sister-grew up in a big rambling house in Starland City, along with their parents and grandmother, Gran.

Bright Day December 1

Hometown Starland City

Favorite colour Lavender

Interests Travel, adventure, telling stories, nature and philosophy

Wish To become the best wish-granter Starland has ever seen

Good points Sage is honest, adventurous, curious, optimistic, friendly, and relaxed.

Bad points Sage has a quick temper! She can also be restless, irresponsible, and too trusting of others' opinions. She may jump to conclusions.

School year First

Power crystal Lavenderite

Wish blossom Boheminella

Wish pendant Necklace

Instrument / Star passion Plays lead guitar like a rock star.

Cassie's star journey has been a bumpy one to say the least. After losing her parents when she was six, Cassie was raised by her uncle, Andreas. A best-selling author who sells mooniums of holo-books a year. Sage's dad is a big fan of his mysteries. Cassie appears as a recurring character in her uncle's series, as a brilliant young sleuth who often assists the main character on cases. Her uncle had to travel Starland a lot for business, extensively on book tours, and often left Cassie to fend for herself. But she did often accompany him on his trips though. If she didn't feel like going, she stayed at home (in a large mansion) with their housekeeper, Marta, a sweet older woman who was as close to Cassie as if she were her grandmother. Because Cassie was often left to fend for herself, she found comfort in charting constellations and reading books. To this day, she reads constantly.

Cassie is supersmart, loyal, and a logical thinker. She's really happy to be at Starling Academy, and more than anything, she wants to have friends, but she's shy and tends to hold back her true feelings. She's more comfortable sharing them in a note than saying them out loud. The truth is she misses her parents a lot. Cassie appears to be guarded and closed off, but what she's really afraid of is that if she gets close to someone, they'll leave her like her parents did.

Cassie's best friend is a glowfur named Bitty. Bitty was Cassie's mom's pet glowfur years ago. It's true that the academy doesn't allow pets in the dorm, but Cassie marches to the signal of her own pulsar. In Leona's letter to her (Leona's) parents in Leona's Unlucky Mission, it was mentioned that Cassie reminds Leona of her sister Duchess because "she (Cassie) has the same thick black lashes and soft rosy eyes." Leona describes her as being similar to "a little doll you just want to pick up and hug!"

Bright Day July 6

Hometown Old Prism

Favorite colour Pinkish-white

Interests Reading, crafting

Wish To be more independent and confident and less fearful.

Good points Cassie is extremely imaginative and artistic. She is very intuitive.

Bad points Cassie can be distrustful, jealous, moody, and brooding.

School year First

Power crystal Lunalite

Wish blossom Silverbella

Wish pendant Star glasses

Instrument / Star passion Curling up with a really good mystery book.

Libby's parents, Erica and Miles, have absolutely astronomical careers and tons of money. As an only child, Libby grew up never wanting for anything. And the kids in her Radiant Hills neighborhood were just as lucky. Libby thought life was that easy for everyone until a few years ago when she met a girl who'd never had her own doll. Libby gave her one, and the girl's radiant joy and gratitude ignited a spirit of giving in Libby.

Libby had started small, donating the toys she didn't play with to a children's hospital. Her parents were amused, calling her "our little philanthropist", but when Libby next gave away every other toy she owned, and then asked for donations to her favorite charity instead of gifts on her Bright Day, they began to object. Her parents were happy about their daughter's spark of generosity-until she started giving almost all her possessions away! Libby's mom and dad went supernova furious when that became a habit for her! They especially did not appreciate it when she questioned their lavish lifestyle, which they felt they deserved, as they had earned it through their hard work. Libby can be a bit impulsive and irresponsible sometimes, but her heart is in the right place.

Now that Libby is at Starling Academy, her parents have stopped giving her spending money. But that's fine with Libby. Helping others is what really strokes her glow. In fact, she stardreams about becoming the student body president so she can help everybody!

Bright Day October 12

Hometown Starland City

Favorite colour Pink


Wish To give everyone what they need—both on Starland and through wish granting on Wishworld

Good points Libby is generous, articulate, gracious, diplomatic, and kind.

Bad points Libby can be indecisive and may try too hard to please everyone.

School year First

Power crystal Charmelite

Wish blossom Blushbelle

Wish pendant Necklace

Instrument / Star passion Plays her top-of-the-line keytar. Finally, the years of piano lessons make sense!

Gemma is popular and hilarious, and she's also super chatty. She pretty much says anything and everything that pops into her head. There's never a moment of silence around Gemma. When she was younger, she even talked to farm animals because they were such great listeners.

Gemma loves her big sister, Tessa, but she wants to get out from under Tessa's glow. Everybody loves Tessa, so Gemma feels she has to be "on" all the time to stand out. She wants everyone to like her, and if she even thinks someone doesn't, she stresses about it for days. The only time she's quiet is when she's drifting across a peaceful lake in a rowboat.

Gemma and Tessa are part of a family that likes to tease; it's how they show affection. But Gemma's starcasm can offend others without her meaning it to. Gemma needs to learn how to rein in her energy.

Bright Day June 2

Hometown Solar Springs

Favorite colour Orange

Interests Sharing her thoughts about almost anything

Wish To be valued for her opinions on everything

Good points Gemma is friendly, easygoing, funny, extroverted, and social. She knows a little bit about everything.

Bad points Gemma talks—a lot—and can be a little too honest sometimes and offend others. She can have a short attention span and can be superficial.

School year First

Power crystal Scatterite

Wish blossom Chatterburst

Wish pendant Earrings

Instrument / Star passion Cracking up her friends

Vega works as hard as any student at Starling Academy- and probably harder than she needs to. But that kind of laser focus is what you need if you want to be the brightest star in school.

Vega grew up with her mom, Virginia, in a small apartment in the center of a dull factory town, and she realized that her ticket to a different kind of life was focusing on school and aiming for the stars; after that, it was pretty much all straight As.

Yep, Vega is something of a perfectionist.

Vega makes lists and checks them twice, sometimes even three times. She's a planner, and it's helped her so far. But when it comes to wish granting, she has to learn to use her instincts and intuition. Even Lady Stella told her she needs to relax a bit and take time out for a glimmer of fun. Vega loves to dance, and playing the bass guitar in the Star Darlings' band really makes her sparkle! She also loves crunching through fallen leaves on a chilly day in the Time of Letting Go.

Bright Day September 1

Hometown Kaleidoscope City

Favorite colour Blue

Interests Exercising, analyzing, cleaning, solving puzzles

Wish To be the top student at Starling Academy

Good points Vega is reliable, observant, organized, and very focused.

Bad points Vega can be opinionated about everything, and she can be fussy, uptight, critical, arrogant, and easily embarrassed.

School year Second

Power crystal Queezle

Wish blossom Bluebubble

Wish pendant Belt

Instrument / Star passion Plays bass guitar with ultra precision

Piper seems to float through life as if she's on her own astral plane. She's ethereal and speaks with a voice that's calming and smooth as silk. But sometimes she gives the other girls the heebie-jeebies. She's psychic and is always telling her friends about visions she's had and looking for spirits.

To Piper's credit, her upbringing was unusual. She lived in a mysterious old house far out in the countryside with her energetic grandmother and an aloof older brother. The house had a reputation for being haunted, and practically no one ever came to visit. But that was fine with Piper. She made friends with the luminous spirits and chattered with them every day!

When Piper doesn't have her head in the cosmos, she's pretty fun. She's also super artistic and writes beautiful poetry. She is currently working on an epic poem about wishes. She expects it to be four hundred thousand lines long. But she's currently only on line thirty! Her connection to the magic all around her makes her a perfect Star Darling

Bright Day March 4

Hometown The Gloom Flats

Favorite colour Seafoam Green

Interests Composing poetry and writing in her dream journal

Wish To become the best version of herself she can possibly be and to share that by writing books

Good points Piper is giving, kind, and sensitive. She is very intuitive and aware.

Bad points Piper can be dreamy, absentminded, and wishy-washy. She can also be moody and easily swayed by the opinions of others.

School year Second

Power crystal Dreamalite

Wish blossom Sleepibelle

Wish pendant Bracelets

Instrument / Star passion Daydreaming and writing poems.

Clover has had a wildly unusual childhood. She's part of the Flying Molensa Family, one of Starland's most illustrious circus acts! Her extended family is made up of acrobats, jugglers, star swallowers-you name it. As you might imagine, Clover has a lot of unique talents, such as doing backflips, making cotton candy, and playing guitar while standing on a galloping galliope!

Though Clover can play almost any instrument, what she really loves to do is write celestial songs and deejay, so she's a perfect addition to the Star Darlings' band.

Clover is a born performer, always cracking jokes and making people laugh. But sometimes she has a hard time turning off the performer in her. Still, she's always super supportive of her friends and helps keep the vibe light. Living in campus is a big adjustment for Clover though. Since she comes from a circus family, she's never stayed in one place for more than a week!

Bright Day January 5

Hometown Everywhere!

Favorite colour Purple

Interests Music, painting, studying

Wish To be the best songwriter and DJ on Starland

Good points Clover has great self-discipline, patience, and willpower. She is creative, responsible, dependable, and extremely loyal.

Bad points Clover can be hard to read and she is reserved with those she doesn't know. She's afraid to to take risks and can be a wisecracker at times.

School year Second

Power crystal Panthera

Wish blossom Purple Piphany

Wish pendant Barette

Instrument / Star passion Being a DJ and writing songs.

Astra reaches for the stars in everything she does. She's strong and unstoppable. Growing up, she earned a galaxy of star trophies for athletics. She's mastered practically every sport, from energy volley to star bases to star ball. She even loves to play sports in the pouring rain! In fact, it was Starling Academy's star ball team that made Astra want to apply to the school in the first place. Now she's the team's most stellar player.

But coming to Starling Academy, where everyone wants to be the best, presented Astra with new challenges. She learned that she had to bring a sizzling new level of energy to her athletics and her studies if she was going to stay on top.

All this focus on winning has its downside. Astra can be brash and act like she's the center of the universe, and that can push friends out of her orbit

Bright Day April 9

Hometown Gleemington

Favorite colour Red

Interests Individual sports

Wish To be the most famous athlete on Starland! And to win... at everything!

Good points Astra is energetic, brave, clever, and confident. She has boundless energy and is always direct and to the point.

Bad points Astra is sometimes cocky, self-centered, condescending, and brash.

School year Second

Power crystal Quarrelite

Wish blossom Florafierce

Wish pendant Wristbands

Instrument / Star passion Competing in sports or just about anything!

Scarlet went from being homeschooled while on tour with her parents to being with girls her own age all day, every day. It hasn't been easy. To her classmates, Scarlet seems to be in a completely different orbit. And that's just fine with her. She's confident, strong, and independent.

Scarlet's parents are super-stellar classical musicians who, for as long as Scarlet can remember, have played in the planet's most star-studded concert halls. They were thrilled when she showed an interest in music. But they wanted her to take up the starflooty, a delicate woodwind instrument. Instead, Scarlet's rebellious nature led her to the drums! As an only child on the road with her family most of the year; Scarlet had to learn how to entertain herself. Scarlet knows she needs to work on opening up to the other girls, but she's been a loner her whole life. She's just not a warm, fuzzy, touchy-feely kind of girl.

Scarlet's wish-granting potential is off the charts. Now if she could only grant her own wish-to find a place where she feels comfortable letting her inner light shine through.

Bright Day November 3

Hometown New Prism

Favorite colour Black

Interests Crystal climbing (and other extreme sports), magic, thrill seeking

Wish To live on Wishworld

Good points Scarlet is confident, intense, passionate, magnetic, curious, and very brave.

Bad points Scarlet is a loner and can alienate others by being secretive, arrogant, stubborn, and jealous.

School year Third

Power crystal Ravenstone

Wish blossom Punkypow

Wish pendant Boots

Instrument / Star passion Skateboarding and playing the drums.

Leona has all the sparkle it takes to become a top Wish-Granter. But ever since her first glow, all she's really wanted to be is a star glittering pop star!

Going to Starling Academy is Leona's way of breaking away from her routine existence in the lifeless town of Flairfield. Her family thinks it's great that Leona has ambition, but they don't get the whole "I have to be in the spotlight" thing. Instead, Leona's parents want her to work as a bookkeeper in her dad's shoe repair shop. But Leona has her head in the stars, and there's no way she's going to let that happen.

Leona doesn't just stand out in a crowd-her super radiance can consume the crowd! But for all her glimmering self-confidence, Leona sometimes forgets that it isn't always about her all the time. Even though she loves being the center of attention, she has to remember she's part of a team and get her star charts back in order! Leona can't stand being cold. She loves lying out in the sun in the Time of Lumiere. She has two brothers. There's Felix, who is the recently promoted assistant manager of the shoe shop (Leona won't tell him that his boss is their father), and Garfield, who claims he has a girlfriend (Leona will believe it when she's sees it). She also has two sisters named Duchess and Francesca. According to the letter she wrote to her parents in her book, Cassie reminds her of Duchess because "she (Cassie) has the same thick black lashes and soft rosy eyes." She also states that Cassie is like "a little doll you just want to pick up and hug!"

Bright Day August 16

Hometown Flairfield

Favorite colour Gold

Interests Acting, performing, dressing up

Wish To be the most famous pop star on Starland

Good points Leona is confident, hardworking, generous, open-minded, optimistic, caring, and a strong leader.

Bad points Leona can be vain, opinionated, selfish, bossy, dramatic, and stubborn and is prone to losing her temper.

School year Third

Power crystal Glisten Paw

Wish blossom Golden Roar

Wish pendant Cuff

Instrument / Star passion Singing and performing. What else?

No detail is too small for Adora. She loves analyzing and examining everything. She's cool and clearheaded; Adora's opinion is that emotion just gets in the way of good decision making.

While Adora spends her days in the lab, she also loves to put on a glimmering dress and go out dancing, too! When she got her first microscope, the very first thing she looked at was a sequin. From that moment on, Adora has been dedicated to the science of fashion and style. Whether she's trying to create a new sparkly fabric or stardust eyeliner; Adora throws herself wholeheartedly into her work. She wants to invent a stretchy fabric that responds to music. If she succeeds your clothes will literally dance with you!

Adora's technical skills are at the genius level, but her personal skills need an upgrade. Some of her friends say that Adora can be cold and detached, as if she's constantly analyzing everything around her-which, she actually is!

Bright Day February 14

Hometown Starland City

Favorite colour Sky blue, with silver specks

Interests Science, anything new and different

Wish To be the top fasion designer in Starland

Good points Adora is clever and popular and cares about the world around her. She's a deep thinker.

Bad points Adora can have her head in the clouds and be thinking about other things

School year Third

Power crystal Azurica

Wish blossom Skywinkle

Wish pendant Watch

Instrument / Star passion Problem solving, especially in math and science!

From the time she began to sparkle, Tessa showed a love of the pleasures in life, like soft luxurious blankets, long naps, and gourmet meals. Lucky for Tessa, her mom is a renowned Starland chef who taught Tessa how to create delicious meals from the fresh and abundant herbs and produce that grew on their family's farm.

Tessa may enjoy creature comforts, but she will still put all her effort into any project she decides to tackle. Her approach to life is "Work hard, play hard!"

Tessa's friends and her sister, Gemma, will tell you she's also super loyal to those she loves- and that includes animals as well as people. She has a deep connection with Starland's magical creatures. Just be careful when trying to win an argument with Tessa. She's always convinced she's right, and she can be incredibly stubborn! Tessa's favorite season is the Time of New Beginnings. She loves rolling down a hill of freshly mowed grass!

Bright Day May 18

Hometown Solar Springs

Favorite colour Emerald Green

Interests Food, flowers, love

Wish To be successful enough so she can enjoy a life of luxury

Good points Tessa is warm, charming, affectionate, trustworthy, and dependable. She has incredible drive and commitment.

Bad points Tessa does not like to be rushed. She can be quite stubborn and often says no. She does not deal well with change and is prone to exaggeration. She can be easily sidetracked.

School year Third

Power crystal Glossamer

Wish blossom Vertessema

Wish pendant Brooch

Instrument / Star passion Cooking for her friends and trying new foods.