Sage's POV:

It was time for the Dragon Games to begin, I was wearing my Dragon Games armor and my friends Apple was beside me. We were going to choose our teammates for the game and Apple decided to let me have the first pick. "Okay Sage, please choose your teammate," Snow White said as I looked around, I looked at Darling who gave a sincere smile. 'I choose Darling as my teammate," I said as Darling walked over and high-five me. As the day goes by Darling, Holly, Poppy, and Lizzie were on my team while Maddie, Melody, Ashlynn, and Briar are on Apple's team. "Attention students, since your dragons are not fledged, today, you will merely walk your dragons through their paces," Headmaster Grimm said as the crowd groan. "Since Nevermore can grow, she'll only stay baby dragon size," he added as I nodded since it does seem fair. Darling, Lizzie, and I were walking our dragons across the field, and Apple, Melody, and Ashlynn did the same with their dragons. The gingerbread referee blew his whistle, and the ball came in, and our dragon started chasing the ball. Well Melody was putting some headphones on Deejay, Lizzie was having a hard time moving Hearts and she felled backward and had to go to the infirmary so Holly has to take her place with her dragon Prince of Scales, and Ashlynn's dragon Lilac was trying to tough a gem which causes the crowd to be awed by its cuteness. Apple and I were chasing the ball with our dragons while Darling was walking her dragon. When the hourglass sand ran out, the first half of the dragon games were over. "That's it for the first half. Dragon riders, please take your steed to the stables for refreshments," Blondie said on the announcer as we took our dragons to the stables. "Well that was fun," I said. "Well I think it would be more fun if the dragons were older," Apple said. "Well I think I have an idea," I said as I got a vial of the growth formula and put it in the dragon food. "Sage, what are you doing?" Briar asked. "Just wait," I said as all the baby dragons grew into adult size dragons. "It was a growth serum, it was supposed to make the baby dragon grow into an adult so it will be ridable," I said. "Sage, you are the best Maddie," said as she hugged me. It was nice that I have my old friend back with me. As it was time for the second half of the dragon games the girls and I got our dragons ready for flight.

As we line up by the gate with Apple riding Braeburn, Melody was riding Deejay, and Ashlynn was riding Lilac. While I was riding Nevermore, Darling was riding Herowing, and Holly was riding Prince of Scales. "Are you ready for more dragon games? Let's begin round...two?!" Snow White said as was surprised by the full-sized dragons. "Coming to you live from the grandstands. Not too hot, not too cold..." Blondie said as Justine and Farrah came to Blondie's report taking a selfie. "Yay! Dragon games!" Justine yelled. "My wish has come true!" Farrah yelled. "And there you have it! This day has turned out to be just right!" Blondie said ending the news. The girls and I were on each of the sides of the dragon field. Apple and I were the wingers, Darling and Melody were the swoopers, and Holly and Ashlynn were the blockers. "So Apple are you ready?" I asked. "Sure am, good luck out there Sage," Apple said. "Thanks, you too," I said as the referee blew his whistle and the real games has just begun. It was fun communicating with my teammates, flying on our dragons, competing against Apple's team. The game was intense, but the game ended up as a tie with each of us scored 250 points. We got off our dragons, and I shook hands with Apple's team. "Great game Apple, it was a close one," I said. "I know, but I don't care who won. We're all winners," Apple said. "I couldn't agree more," I said as I hugged her and I were feeling happy now that Apple and I did something fun together. I haven't felt this feeling in a long time. "Well, Apple wanna do this again next time?" I asked. "You're on Sage," She said as we laughed and high-five each other and got back to the dorm and changed out of the dragon game armor. I was laying down on the bed thinking about how the girls were doing. I realized I need to focus on the mission and I was hoping that I still have time left.

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