"Taka?" Shasta asked as she walked in. "Who is it now?!" Scar growled as he walked around a small incline and stared at Shasta. "I-it's me." Shasta said as she lowered looked at him. Scar's eyes widened. "Shasta? What do you want?" he asked. "Taka, what happened to you?" Shasta asked as she walked up to him and lightly touched the scar over his eye with a soft paw. "That is not my name!" he growled as he glared at her. Shasta pulled her paw back and looked at him, her face filled with sorrow. "You're not the same as you were before, my friend." Shasta said as she sat down. "Shasta, why did you come back?" he growled, his eyes hard. Shasta growled as she bared her fangs at him. "I came back to see you and Lilly!" she snarled at him as she got up and turned her back to him.

Shasta's POV

"I came back, because I wanted to see my friends. I, I wanted to come home and I thought things would still be the same. I guess I was wrong!" I snarled at him before I walked out of the den, running into Lilly. "Sorry." I growled lowly as I moved past her and padded out into the sunlight. "Shasta, come over here." Uru called from her spot in the shade with the other lionesses. I walked over to them and laid down. "Hello, Uru, ladies." I said politely. The older lionesses smiled at me. "I hope you have time to talk with us. We would like to learn about the Thunder Pride." Uru said as she looked at me, smiling brightly. I laughed lightly. "Well, I think I've got some time. What would you like to know?" I asked. That afternoon was spent talking, laughing, and telling Uru and the others all the things that happened while I was in the Thunder Pride. "And then Ace and I jumped out and yelled boo as Ash went to kiss the girl. He pushed her away from him and she landed in the water! She came out looking like a drowned rat!" I said as we all laughed as I told them about the prank Ace and I pulled on Ash. "Well, you certainly haven't changed much!" a lioness named Toru laughed. "So, Shasta, while you were in the Thunder Pride, did you find any male to your liking?" another lioness named Sen asked. I saw Taka and Marko, who had come out and were now laying with some other males nearby, turn to look at us. I laughed lightly. "Well, Sen, yes and no." I said. All the lioness looked at me. "Really? Tell us!" Brooke said. I smiled. "Okay. His name was Attean. He was a handsome lion. He had a bright blond mane and a dark brown body. He was strong, funny, smart, loyal, and protective. Next to Ace and Ash, he was my closest friend when I was in the Thunder Pride. But." I felt my smile falter. "But, what?" Uru asked. "Attean and I went out on a patrol of the Northern border that marked the end of the Thunder Pride's land and the start of the Shadow Pride's land. Everything was going good but we were blindsided by four of the Shadow Pride's best warriors. We fought with them for so long before we finally drove them off. I wasn't hurt very badly but Attean." my voice faltered and they looked at me worriedly. "One of the warriors was named Hookclaw. Named for his sharp, hooked claws. He had caught Attean in the stomach with his claws and cut him open, catching part of his intestines. I finally got Attean back to the pride and our healer, Saki, took him. She worked on him for a week and he finally was able to come outside, but he was so weak. Not long after he got sick and well you know." I couldn't bring myself to say it as I lowered my head. Uru placed a paw on my shoulder. "I'm sorry dear." she said. "It's okay. I know he wouldn't want me to dwell on what happened.