Another A-team fanfiction. This is not the second part of my recent story "We shall see us again". This is just another little gem I found on my computer. Again from 2014. It is more Murdock centric. I hope you like it. Let me know. It's not complete so I'll have to work on it. Be patient. The updates will come.

Chapter 1 – An average day

It was a normal day in the V.A..

Murdock chuckled. Normal. He was sitting in his room and staring out of the window. He was bored. Like really bored. Like extremely very hyper bored. But what did it matter anyway?

For days he has been waiting for Face to pick him up. To get him out of this hellhole. There was no book in the entire V.A. that Murdock hadn't browsed through, no window he hadn't looked out of and no lock he hadn't picked. There was nothing to do. No company. No nothing. It was just plain boring.

Come to think of company... there weren't any new patients. Murdock knew everyone in this V.A... well if watching... no observing them counted. This was getting out of hand. He had to do something.

Murdock walked to the door and looked through the little window. No nurses near his room. Great. He took a lock pick from his pocket and opened the door. He looked to the left and to the right and saw other patients walking around. Murdock turned around and stared at his door. It had not been locked. He was getting crazy in here. For real. He put the lock picks away and walked to the door that led to the garden. Well garden was maybe the wrong word for the little green piece of land behind the V.A.. It was kinda like a little park. He went outside and walked to his favorite tree. Time to do something crazy.

Murdock sat down right in front of the tree and started talking about everything and nothing. He was talking about Face and his plans to buy a car, B.A. and his anger problem, Hannibal and his plans and about how boring it was at the V.A.. Of course he couldn't use their real names so Face was Mr. Prestonhilldowd, B.A. was well the big ugly mud-sucker, Hannibal was Ferdinand Wiggims The Third and the V.A. was the Pink-ranch-road hostel. From time to time there was a nurse walking by but Murdock didn't care. They didn't care either.

After about three and a half hours of talking to Mister Tree Murdock noticed Charleston sitting behind him. Charleston was a former First Lieutenant in Vietnam. A huge guy with short brown hair but he was carrying his heart on his sleeve. He was a little bit damaged by PTSD – a little bit compared to others around – but behind his nightmares and seizures he was a decent fellow. In the V.A. Charleston was the closest thing Murdock had to a friend. He seemed to be concentrating on his book but Murdock knew better. He got up and sat down again facing Charleston.

"How is it going, Charleston?"

"Oh, H.M. I hadn't noticed you were outside too.", Charleston lied. Murdock had noticed him quite some time ago and he hadn't moved since he sat down.

"Don't try to kid me, fella. You've been sitting here staring at the same page of your book for... let's say half an hour. What's up?"

"Not much. I don't know what to do with myself today. It's getting really boring once you've been here for a year." He said, the corners of his mouth slightly turning up.

"You've been reading my mind again. I can't believe it. One day you have to teach me how you do it.", Murdock chuckled. "You've been here a year now?"

"Well. Let's see. Today is the 12th of April 1983. I'd say yes. Today is my one year anniversary with that ugly building."

"That is a reason to celebrate." Murdock said and laid down on the ground. "How could we celebrate this remarkable event?"

"We could be pulling jokes on the staff."

"We could but they are hard to annoy so it would take very much time to plan everything. No... too time consuming."

"Okay. If you say so. I've heard they had a new chessboard in the common room. We could play a little bit of chess."

"Chess? Well, that sounds better than talking to Mister Tree even if I really appreciated his company."

Murdock and Charleston went inside and began their game of chess. Soon one game led to another until they were dragged into their rooms by the staff.