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Through the Looking Glass (and What Meg Found There)

Meg's Return

Now twenty-two year-old Megan Boggs leaned over the side of the ship's railing, dressed in her favorite Chinese-style green dress, and saw the harbor to California just a hundred yards away.

She smiled as she warded a lock of her thick brown hair out of her face, and watched as the harbor got slowly closer.

A brief half hour later, she ran off of the boat, both suitcases clutched in her hands, towards her waiting family.

Her mother and father were standing there with Edward, and they all smiled and ran forward to meet her in a huge hug.

She smiled, and shed small tears of joy as she said into her mother's shoulder, "I'm so glad I'm back!"

On the way back home, she talked about all the interesting people she met in China, and how she almost got sea-sick on the way home.

Edward, her mother, and her father all listened eagerly, considering she had been gone for four years.

They eventually drove up to their perfect home in Suburbia, and helped Meg carry her suitcases into the house while they asked her what she had done in China.

She sat down on one of the couches, and smoothed down her emerald-green skirt as she said, "Well, I fixed the problem in China, and then I expanded it to Japan, Australia, India, and North and South Korea! And after that, the company exploded to Brazil and even London!"

Edward smiled, and said softly, "That's excellent!"

Her mother smiled as well, and hugged her daughter again.

Meg smiled, and said, "I was thinking of putting a branch in California-"

Her father hugged her, and said, "Meg, you're brilliant honey!"

Meg laughed, and hugged both of her parents as she sat on the couch.

Two weeks later, Meg lied in her bed, deep in her sleep, when her dreams changed from strange wisps of blue smoke to Mirana, Alice, and Mally standing at the foot of her bed.

Alice was in tears, and Mirana and Mally were holding her hands and patting her shoulder comfortingly.

She looked up at Meg with pitiful watery blue eyes, and said through her tears, "Please, Megan, you have to come and help Tarrant! He's gone completely mad, he doesn't recognize me, or Mirana, or Mally! He doesn't even recognize our son! Please, Meg, you've got to come back!"

Mirana and Mally nodded, and Meg just looked on them with horror.

But as she tried to speak, they started to fade into the wallpaper of her room.

She reached out to catch them, but they were gone before she could stop them.

But Alice's voice screamed, "WAKE UP!" making her jolt awake in her bed.

The next morning, Meg had all but forgotten her dream, and Edward had asked if she wanted to come over to the castle for the day.

Meg agreed, and left the house.

While she was away, her mother decided to clean her daughter's room.

She found a small journal on Meg's desk, and purely out of curiosity, she decided to read a few pages, just to see what else Meg had done in China.

She opened to a random page, and started reading at the next date.

But instead of some details of her trip and her travels, one certain word stood out from the rest of the page; Wonderland.

She squinted, and read the word again, but it stayed constant.

She shook her head, and started reading the passage;

"So, I have to write down everything about one of my grandmother's old stories, it's just too mad to keep in one head. She told me about a strange land where everything is possible, and cats can disappear, and simple vials of drink can shrink you down to three inches tall! At first, I didn't believe her, but it was all real! The people down there call it Wonderland.

I met Nivens McTwisp, a white rabbit that carries a pocket watch; Thackery Earwicket, the March Hare; Chessur, a disappearing cat; and of course the Hightopps; Tarrant and Alice. They have been married for a long time, but they couldn't have a baby. Then there's the White Queen, Mirana. She's the sweetest person you could ever meet.

The time I visited, Mirana had gotten really sick, and she needed the tea made from a flower called the Nether-flower. I retrieved the flower from the castle of the Red Queen, Iracebeth. I got the flower to Mirana, and she was healed. She told me I could use the flower's power to grant one wish, so I wished that Alice and Tarrant could be able to have a baby."

Her mother stopped reading there.

She closed the journal in her lap, and thought, "My daughter is genuinely crazy, just like her grandmother. I'll hate myself for doing this."

She waited until Meg had come back to the house with Edward for lunch.

Meg walked into the house, and said, "Mom? I've been trimming sculptures with Edward, and I need a drink of water please!"

Her mother stepped forward with a prepared glass of water, bearing a fake smile as she handed it to her.

Meg smiled, and said, "Thanks Mom!" as she swallowed the entire glass in one huge gulp.

Suddenly, the world started swaying around her, and she said in a slurred voice as she held herself up by the doorframe, "M-Mom, what's happening..."

She collapsed to the floor, and saw her world black out as the voices around her blurred together.

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