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Meg followed Time through the tall, carved hallways, and into another room. Unlike the parts of the castle Meg had seen, this room was small and welcoming, with a ornate rug covering most of the floor, and wall-to-wall bookshelves filled with leather-bound tomes.

He sat down in one of the tall leather chairs, and said, "Underling, I will give you one minute to explain yourself."

Meg sat down in one of the other chairs, and started, "Well, you see, my friend Alice has a husband named Tarrant, and we are all close friends, a-"

Time rolled his eyes, and opened the front of his robes, revealing a small golden clock. He spun the tiny minute hand forward exactly one minute, causing Meg's speech to fast-forward at astounding speed.


Met stopped talking and frowned.

She pointed at the tiny clock on his chest, and said, "Hey, that wasn't a minute! You owe me more time!"

Time just smirked, and said, "Underling, you are not very amusing."

Meg opened her mouth to answer, but nothing came out. Instead she crossed her arms to think.

Time just said, "Come with me."

Meg stood up, and followed him out of the room back into the hallway.

He walked through the dimly lit hall to a large opening, almost like a lobby, and walked inside.

The large lobby-like structure looked almost ordinary until you looked up at the wall facing the rest of the hallway.

Mounted up on it was an enormous golden clock, not unlike the one that was set in Time's own chest.

Meg looked up in awe of the beautiful machine, but Time just said, "This is the Grand Clock of All Time. The Chronosphere powers the clock. If you remove it, Time stops. So, to answer your question, no, you may not borrow it. Good day."

The wonder of the clock was swept away as Meg processed those last words.

She frowned, more in disappointment than anger, and watched as Time walked away in a flurry of those gray furs.

She almost ran after him, but the clearer part of her conscience told her to just leave, that she might think of something else on the walk home.

She headed out from in front of the Grand Clock, and walked slowly towards the door to the outside when suddenly a loud booming voice screeched through the silence of the hall, "TICK TOCK! WHERE ARE YOU? TICK TOCK!"

Meg dived behind one of the many columns in the hall and watched from the shadows as the speaker continued calling; "TICK TOCK! WHERE ARE YOU TICK TOCK!"

Meg watched on as Iracebeth herself, whom she recognized from the vegetable kingdom, stepped into her line of vision, flanked by two of her vegetable guards.

The Red Queen walked down a seperate hallway, screeching for 'Tick Tock' to reveal himself, and an odd thought crept into Meg's mind.

"I'm guessing that this Tick Tock fellow is Time, and if she keeps him occupied for long enough, then I can steal the Chronosphere!"

She waited until the Red Queen had disappeared entirely down one of the many cavernous hallways, then snuck back towards the Grand Clock.

She examined the front of the clock for some opening that she could get inside by, and found a small bronze door near the floor.

Meg knelt down to the door's level, and opened it with a little push, peering down the miniature hallway behind it, and confirming that it did indeed lead to the inside of the clock.

She crawled inside on her hands and knees until she emerged from the hallway.

The chamber she came into was large and bronze and filled with machinery and gears and an echoing ticking noise that pounded on Meg's ears.

Her eyes scanned the chamber for a brief second before she saw a bright blue light towards the center.

She squinted her eyes and saw that the blue light was in fact the Chronosphere.

She pumped her fist in a brief moment of victory before deciding how she was going to reach the center of the chamber to retrieve it.

She scanned the room again before noticing she had to jump between each of the large swinging pendalums in front of her.

She backed up a great bit to give herself a running start, then ran with all of her might towards the first pendalum.

At first it felt as if she would lose her grip on the metal stem of the pendalum, but she held on and leapt to the next one.

Before she could fall, she launched herself at the next one, clinging to it with all her might.

She leapt towards the platform, landing hard on her knees.

Suddenly, she heard the Red Queen behind her, "NOOO! GET HER, GET HER!"

Time frantically yelled as Meg scrambled away, "Seconds into minutes! Seconds into minutes!"

Meg ran towards the end of the platform, and was confronted with about ten rows of rotating gears.

She leapt across them, trying not to get flung off of them down into the strange abyss beneath her.

She safely ran onto the next platform, and looked behind her at the approaching threat.

Behind her, the clumsy little Minutes had turned into large, roaring Minutes that followed her with stunning ease.

Meg screamed and shimmied down the thin ladder that led to the next platform.

She ran towards the rotating gears that held the Chronosphere in the center, and grabbed it from its tiny pedastal.

She rolled it to the ground gently, and was surprised to see that it grew into a large circular machine with a space inside just large enough for a driver.

She clamoured inside, and pulled the lever that was conveniently labeled "Pull Me".

The Chronosphere lifted off from the giant gear just as the Minutes reached her, and shakily ascended towards the large window on the other side of the chamber.

The Red Queen screeched, "NOOOOOO!" as Meg and the Chronosphere disappeared through a large fold in time.

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