Hi guys please excuse my horrible writing skills but here is another Jarco fic I thought up while crying over Jarco videos.

It was another day of painful training and today they were doing hand to hand combat training and were told to choose partners for some Cadets that was exciting for others it was terrifying and humiliating. For Jean it

was both. He planned to ask Mickasa to train with him in hopes of getting closer to her before Eron could. He walked towards her casually. "Umm Mickasa do you want to train with me?" He asked nervously. "Sorry horse face she already said she's training with me!" Eron said walking up laughing at Jean embarrassing him in front of everyone. "Oh Ok." He said walking off miserably face red. "Hey Jean I could train with you!" Marco offered walking up to him. "Ok." Jean said smiling lightly at his friends

enthusiasm. Once in there designated training areas they started. "Come on Marco is that all you got?!" Jean playfully taunted dodging Marco's kicks and punches. Marco just smiled slightly then threw a few more kicks moving more swiftly and quickly surprising Jean. The ground's were clearing up as Cadets finished and headed off to dinner but you weren't allowed to stop fighting till one person was down so Jean and Marco kept going. Eventually Jean got more tired and his dodges grew more sloppy. Marco however had plenty of energy and got a few kicks in on Jean. Then finally Marco kicked Jean to the ground. "Aww man I lost!" Jean pouted.

"Hey your a really good fighter Jean you just need to learn how to use your energy properly. I could show you how to and give you some tips." Marco offered. "Thanks Marco!" Jean said smiling. "Here." Marco said offering Jean a hand. "Thanks!" Jean said laughing as he pulled Marco down. "Really Jean?!" Marco asked laughing. Jean just replied by laughing. As soon as the two finished laughing they began to get up bit this time Marco pulled Jean back down to the ground. And this time they landed face to face with each other. "Well this is awkward." Jean said. Marco didn't say anything instead he leaned up slightly and kissed Jean. And much to

Marco's surprise Jean kissed back to. Jean didn't know what caused him to kiss back but he did. Maybe he had liked Marco all along and didn't know it or maybe it was the fact that someone had actually cared about him. When they finally broke apart both of there faces were red. "Wow your a really good kisser." Was all Jean said. "Thanks." Marco said shyly looking away. "I'm sorry I kissed you Jean." Marco said quietly. "Why?" Jean asked. "Because I should've at least asked or something what if that was your

first kiss or something!" Marco said sadly. "It was my first kiss and it was the best first kiss ever." Jean said leaning on Marco's shoulder. "You really feel that way?" Marco asked. "Yes." Jean said. "What if your just saying that so I won't feel bad?" Marco asked sighing. "Oh freckle's you just need to learn to trust me but if I must prove my point then I will." Jean said and then leaned in and kissed Marco. "I love you Jean." Marco murmured

through the kiss. "I know freckle's I know." Jean replied still leaning on Marco. "Do we have to go back?" Marco asked sighing. "No I don't think we do." Jean said and the two stayed like that for awhile just enjoying each others company.

Hi guys I hope you enjoyed! Sorry for any mistakes to! Bye!