Fate Unlimited Heavens Night (I couldn't think of a better title)

It took me awhile but i finally got it done


Instead for summoning the King of Knights Emiya shirou summoned our good old friend Saver(Naruto) now forced to enter a life or death Battle Royal Shirou and his strange servant must work together to end the war and prevent innocents from getting involved... that is if Saver doesn't drive Shirou crazy first "FOR THE LAST TIME SAVER I DIDN'T HAVE A HAREM!" "That's what they all say Master".

New Servents

Shiro Emiya: Saver/Naruto Uzumaki, & Saber/Arthur Pendragon
Rin Tohsaka: Saber (Lily)/Artoria Pendragon
Sakura Matou: Archer/Euryale, & Assassin/Stheno
Illyasviel Von Einzbern: Berserker/Hercules
Bazett Fraga McRemitz: Lancer/Cu Chulainn
Luvia Edelfelt: Caster/Tamamo-no-Mae
Soichiro Kuzuki: Rider/Boudica
Zouken Matou: True Assassin/Hassan-i-Sabbha (Cursed
Ruler: Joan of Arc

Naruto's Harem

Saber Lily (Artoria)
Euryale & Stheno
and Jeanne d'Arc

Shirou's Harem

Sakura Matou
Saber (Original)
Rin Tohsaka
Luvia Edelfelt
and Illyasviel Von Einzbern

Hey just for fun guess what Naruto's Harem has in common. oh and this is for the reviewers who say i missed some class and points in the last challenge so here is the new chart

Naruto Sevant Class Qualifications and why

Saber: Dragon Blade (AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERS THAT GAME!) or Chakra Blade (4th Movie Never gave it to Sara.)
Archer: Rasenshuriken (DO i need to say anything plus aside from ARCHER. CLASS. IS. WEIRD.)
Lancer: Shakujo (Sage of Six Paths Staff) or Chakra Chains (Cut me some slack here)
Rider: Summons either Toads or Foxes (Summons count because they technecally use them for travel)
Caster: Ninjustu
Assassin: Shinobi Training
Berserker: Pre Kyuubi Understanding

Are you happy now he's OP and i would just like to remind you all that the previous stats were for GRAND ORDER NARUTO! you know The Challenge i posted right before the last one THE NOT CANON NARUTO and do not get me wrong i love canon Naruto but he's just too OP so i had to make Grand Order Naruto equal to the servants he's facing just to make it fair for the Fate Characters.

I apoligize if i offend some of you but i just don't like being told that i'm wrong when people don't know the full story yes i know Canon Naruto is too OP for the Fate series but i still want to try and see if someone can create a slightly strong but not to OP Naruto to battle the servants plus this is fanfiction if you want an OP Naruto then go write story of your own.

Oh and about Fate Phantom War... yeah the challenge will be up tomorrow without the Trailer it still needs work but i promise that the trailer for it will be awesome just give me time to have a few people beta it and i'll be set.

so with that see you later.