Hello everyone! Welcome to my first fanfic in a while, and I do hope you enjoy reading it. However, there are a few notes first.

Firstly, the events of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn occurred during Bella's sophomore/junior years in this book… not during her junior/senior years. This is because it's easier to write and I just like it that way.

Secondly, I do appreciate constructive criticism, but if you just want to leave a hate review… please refrain. If you don't like reading what I write, then don't read it. I am writing this fanfic simply for my own enjoyment.

Thirdly, I apologise if the characters that I don't own seem to be a bit out of character… this is my first Twilight fanfic.

Fourthly, this will probably develop into a romance fanfic, but I will keep it neutral so that all readers are comfortable with the material.

And last, but not least, I don't own Twilight… I just own this fanfic and my own characters.


Chapter One

I know I could lie but I'm telling the truth

Wherever I go there's a shadow of you

I know I could try looking for something new

But wherever I go, I'll be looking for you

Adrianna Volturi has been avoiding her brother ever since she lost her abilities as a witch and became a vampire. She discovered she could have mortal children when with her second husband Mikael (her first husband was Francis), but their child died. Centuries later, she met her third husband, David. He didn't want any children, so she respected his decision. Another few centuries later, she met her fourth husband, Elijah. He was a family man, and wanted children, thus came along my siblings and I. All three of us possessed the witch abilities that Adrianna had lost when she became a vampire.

In the past year or so, we have heard rumours of the Olympic Coven who harboured a human and then lead the Volturi to believe that they had created an immortal child. The Olympic Coven prepared themselves to fight against the Volturi, however the Volturi backed down. A month ago, the Romanian Coven discovered of our existence. It wouldn't have been bad if they were normal vampires who didn't hold a grudge against the Volturi – thus the reason they were allies to the Olympic Coven. I can still clearly remember that terrible day.

We were two weeks into the new year of high school. I was a senior, while most of my friends were sophomores – with the exception of Mary, who was a junior. Lunch had been dragging on as usual, Catherine took selfies on Mia's phone, Mary scrolled through Facebook on her phone, and Mia and Lily were debating who was hotter; Draco Malfoy or Percy Weasley. I had to admit, Percy wasn't bad looking, but Draco would always win. However, instead of involving myself in the obviously endless debate – Lily was obsessed with Percy – I was drawing bad sketches in my notebook. We had been quiet the bunch of loners, but we loved the presence of each other.

My phone had buzzed in my pocket, and I had frowned. Who the heck would want to text me? The text had read: 'Bring your family to the storage warehouse, Volturi scum'. I had fought to keep my face neutral, hastily putting away my phone as I grabbed Catherine's arm.

"Mind if I have a word?"

Catherine had nodded, her face falling serious as she had noticed the look in my eyes. Mia, Lily, and Mary had risen their eyebrows, curious, but didn't follow. Catherine had been the only one who knew that my mother was a vampire, and I, a witch. We had stood facing each other outside the cafeteria.

"Everything alright?"

I had nodded, trying to put a smile onto my face. "It should be."

Catherine sighed at that point, "You're not fooling me, Evie. What's up?"

I shook my head, "Everything should be fine, but take care of the others ok?"

Obviously, Catherine hadn't' been happy with that answer, but I had thought her better off not knowing. I had almost wanted to take her with me, but instead just called out as she walked away.

"I'll be back as soon as possible!"

In some ways, I wish I had taken her with me, but leaving her behind had kept her safe. I had walked with my head down, in a glum mood. Mom was waiting in the car, and my brother had hopped out, opening the door for me. Not only had my day been ruined by potentially dying, but I had had to sit in the middle seat of the car; squished between my older siblings – Alex, my brother, and Miranda, my sister.

We had driven in silence. There had been nothing to be said. Elijah – my father – was mixing up some special potion that Miranda had probably made, and dipping the tips of daggers into it. Elijah was the only normal human in our family, so the daggers were his best defence.

I had wondered whether it would be our last time, after all, the Romanian Coven were even older than the Volturi and my mom. But I knew that whatever would happen, my family would protect me first. I was the youngest, and I had hated that they would disregard their own safety for me, but there was nothing I could do.

I sighed as the car stopped, quickly rushing out to grab my staff. I didn't usually need it, but it was useful for more powerful spells.

Mom lead the way to the warehouse, Elijah walked in front of me, while Alex and Miranda walked behind me. The stench of death had almost made me gag, and a shiver worked its way through my spine as I saw the bodies on the ground.

We had stopped, observing the two vampires in front of us. My eyes had darted around the room, trying to identify the bodies. Even now, I wished I hadn't. First I saw Catherine's mother, then her sister, then Mary's father, and Lily's brother. Everybody I could identify as either being part of Catherine's family, Mary's family, or Lily's family. Mia didn't have a family, so she had lived with Lily and her family. Nobody had spoken yet; it was simply a staring contest. I had been angry, and wished I could kill the vampires, but I didn't, because it would've gotten my own family killed. I wish I wasn't so smart, that I had disregarded my family's safety, I wish I had chosen to get revenge, but I didn't, I had stayed silent.

The blonde – Stefan – spoke first. "The elusive Adrianna Volturi and her bastard family."

Miranda and Alex bristled beside me, pride being a huge part of their personality.

Mum smiled and stepped forwards. "I wouldn't say we're elusive, but we're certainly less extravagant than that of my older brother."

The other Romanian, with darker, shorter hair, laughed. "I'm sure Aro would be delighted to hear of your deaths."

He – Vladimir – had been implying that Aro would be upset if we died. I had almost laughed along with the rest of my family, but choked on a sob. The Romanian's were confused, so mom explained.

"Aro does not care for me or my family. He only cares for the gifted vampires. In fact, he would be delighted to have me dead. So if you wish to kill us, you're more than welcome to."

They seemed shocked by that, and I would've been too, if those words were new to me. Vladimir and Stefan grimaced and bowed their heads.

Stefan gestured to the bodies, "Apologies for the mess, we'll be sure to let Aro know that you're enjoying the sights of Australia."

I scowled at their blatant disregard for my friend's family's. Surely it hadn't just been coincidence, even if I had believed in coincidence. They sped past us and I had done nothing to get revenge for my friends. Mom had glanced back at me knowingly, with a pitying smile on her face.

"We'll deal with this, Evelyn. Go home. Or go to your friends."

I nodded silently and stalked out. By dealing with it, my family had hidden the fact that they were killed by vampires. It hurt, knowing that no amount of magic could bring someone back to life. In my rage, I had summoned a thunderstorm.

All four of my friends had been devastated, and Catherine guessed immediately that vampires had caused it. It took a week to convince my family to adopt my friends and tell them the truth. Mary and Lily had been angry, mainly at me, while Catherine and Mia forgave me. It hurt more to be forgiven, than to be the target of someone's rage. Another week passed, and we were all set to move somewhere new; just in case Aro came looking. Where to? Forks, Washington. I thought it was stupid, to be somewhere so populated by the supernatural, but mom knew Aro better, so it was her choice.

Some people try but they can't find the magic

Others get down on their knees and they pray

I come alive when I'm close to the madness

Wherever I Go – One Republic