So this is Revenge Games. It may not be what you thought it would be after reading 'Batty Beat-Up' (Miminfifi called it that) which you should have done if you are reading the COTR series, but they're only really connected by the epilogue anyway. I am considering making a sequel to Batty Beat-Up that isn't a part of the series, which is what I'm doing with this story. (Which was actually the whole reason Miminfifi forced me into making a series. So we wrote this first but it comes in third) Anyway, I suppose that's enough from me.

On with the story.


"I'm bored"

"Not my problem"

"Well since I'm a guest at your house, I'm your problem therefore so is my extreme case of boredom"

"A guest? You come over so often, you might as well help pay the bill, you're rich enough to anyway"

"You come to mine just as often and you should see the bills we get"

"True, but you don't usually have to worry about me being bored, you live in a mansion"

"Most of the time you'll be too busy getting lost to have time being bored" Dick teased.

Wally paused before answering "True"

Dick let out a short laugh and smiled at his idiotic friend from his position on the lounge "So, what can we do?"

"Well since we're the only ones here, we could do anything we want"

"Well then, what do we want to do?"

"Popcorn and a game?"

Dick shrugged "Sounds good to me"

Wally was about to run back into the kitchen when the sound of glass smashing echoed into their ears. Dick looked up at Wally.

"Any idea what that was?" He asked.

"Nope, should we check it out?"

"I guess"

But before either child had time to go anywhere, a man walked into the room.

"Guess we don't need to check it out now" Dick stated.

Wally glanced at him saying "Seriously?"

The man smiled in a creepy, sadistic way. Wally recognized him from somewhere but couldn't think properly.

"You have a friend over" The man chuckled "Too bad"

A knife suddenly landed in Dick's arm, catching both boys off guard and the mysterious man knocked Wally out by throwing a dart into his neck. Dick ripped the knife out of his arm and processed what was going on before acting.

'Some guy just broke in, from the looks of things, he wants Wally. Well, he isn't allowed to have him'

Before the man could get to Wally, Dick charged at him and kicked him away from his friend. The man collided with a table and the lamp on top, fell down.

"I have no idea what you want him for, but you are not going to take him"

"You're a good friend" The man smiled and pulled his gun out.

A dart entered Dick's neck and he fell to the floor, catching himself with his hands, fighting the chemicals off.

"Don't bother resisting" He kicked Dick over.

His last sight was his unconscious friend 'This can't be good' He thought before letting his eyes close.


"Dick, Wally? Where are you boys?" Barry called out.

Feeling a growing amount of worry he entered the lounge room. A lamp had been knocked over and there was a small amount of blood on the floor, along with the knife that would've been used to transport the blood outside the body. Wandering around the house he came across a broken window and all hopes for a safe reason to the boys disappearance was like the glass strewn across the floor, shattered.

He quickly called Bruce, and he knew it would be painful having to explain what had happened.


Bruce came to the house immediately. He did his best to hide his worry and Barry was trying to but it wasn't working out as well for him, at least he hadn't started vibrating yet. He took some of the blood on the floor and ran into the basement, with Bruce following.

"The blood is Dick's" He reluctantly announced.

Bruce's gaze shifted to the ground and he remained silent.

"Well there wasn't much blood so it probably isn't a bad cut"

"But it shows that whoever took them is willing to hurt them"

Barry wasn't sure how to reply to that and two went back up the stairs. Bruce was running different scenarios through his head and failing to find any where something terrible didn't happen while Barry tried to think of what to do and avoiding the dark thoughts appearing in his mind.