Batman waited outside while Flash checked every room inside the lighthouse. A sudden gust of wind and he was standing inside the room that held their children. Batman quickly untied Dick and helped him over to Wally, where Flash was checking for a pulse. He sighed in relief when he found it.

"He's still alive" He warily picked up his nephew and sped out the door.

When Batman and Dick made it to the batmobile, Wally was lying across ways, with Barry seated beside him in the back.


Batman pulled the bullet from his son's arm and bandaged it quickly, before tending to his broken arm. In the next room Black Canary, Flash and Superman were checking over Wally's wounds. Dinah carefully pulled each of the six knives out, wincing slightly at the blood that poured out and the colour of the wound itself. Clark checked all internal damage, nineteen broken ribs, arm bone protruding through the skin and a small tear in his liver. Clark watched incredulously as the liver slowly fixed itself, the hole gone within a minute. The ribs were also starting to move back, the crackling sound heard only by Clark, the grunts of pain from the young boy audible to everyone present.

Barry watched with sad eyes as his nephew groaned in his sleep, while his bones painfully repaired themselves. After finishing cleaning all the blood off, Dinah left the room, Clark soon followed so that Barry could have the room to himself.

"You can see Wally tomorrow, you need to rest" Bruce ordered his son.

"But I'm not tired!" Dick argued childishly "And you know how hard it is to fall asleep with a broken arm, I won't be able to"

"That's what you said when I told you that you needed to learn how to hack"

"Well this is different"

"Just try"

Dick's sapphire eyes met Bruce's pastel blues "Fine" he huffed and laid back down against the bed.

Bruce smiled warmly at his son before walking out to check on Wally and when he returned Dick was fast asleep. He smirked to himself.

Barry sat by his nephew's bed, observing his pale features and praying for him to wake up soon. The physical side of the incident was over for the most part anyway, but it was sure to have some form of mental impact, on both boys. He watched as the arm bone started to go back into the arm and listened to the pained sounds coming from Wally.


Someone said that people only have 12 ribs but I looked it up and there is 24, there's 12 each side 24 in total. Just clearing that up.