Okay so my first Kuroshitsuji fanfiction...I'm finding it kind of intimidating to write but I like a challenge. I have decided to challenge myself and I am hoping that you as viewers will be so kind as to tell me how I am doing. As well the rating suggests there will be more explicit content in later chapters and some harsh language but I promise my OC will not be one of those that basically forms a full sentence of pure vulgarity. Only when she needs to :) And yes this is an OC fic. I actually like incorporating OCs into stories so if you are not into that kind of thing then this is not your kind of story. Don't burn up my fic just because there is an OC. I will douse you before there is even a flicker :) For those more supportive of an OC centric fic I hope you enjoy and I thank you now for taking the time to read!

Romance, Fantasy, Humor, Drama...honestly only having two options just doesn't cover it. Also I will try for updates at least once a week. Likely every Sunday.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji...just my OC and her randomness.

"There!" My pen pressed to the page creating the final period, the period that put an end to my latest creation. Smiling proudly, I ran a hand over the page feeling how it indented with the words from the pressure applied to create each one. With a satisfied sigh I carefully closed the notebook and placed my pen on top. It was late now and I knew it without having to glance at the wall clock.

It was rare to find me without pen, or pencil in hand pressed to paper. Even more so to find me not hidden behind a book engrossed in a tale expertly written, or from a random creative writer on my phone. Something I longed to do myself each time I filled a blank page with my own imaginative works. I absolutely loved to write but I lacked a backbone when it came to letting another view any of my creations. It terrified me to no end each time I filed away a story, that someone may find my secret stash and pry into my private life. Especially the ones I had marked with a large "M" in the lower right corner on the outside cover conveying the type of content within. Those, if the large letter "M" didn't say enough, contained the more naughty material that I wrote in my braver moments as a closet author.

No matter the rating I was proud of my works, even the more explicit ones. But I'd rather burn alive than allow another's eyes to grace a single page. Being far from an expert was just another check to mark off on my list of why nots, not really the most dominant reason but still playing a somewhat vital cause for my hesitancy. To be perfectly honest, I was my biggest critic and I found that even though I loved my work it would never be good enough. I had a simple vocabulary that just never seemed to add the depth I was reaching for, and I tend to rush the plots but I knew what was being portrayed.

My neck ached from hours spent hunched over the small wooden desk and my back was stiff. All part of the sacrifice to get word to paper before a case of writer's block hit, I thought. Raising my arms high I attempted to stretch my back, groaning as some of the muscles relaxed. I stood from my chair, stretching once more before making my way out of the small study and towards the smaller bathroom down the hall.

"I need a nice hot shower." I exhaled loudly rubbing my still aching neck as I bent to reach the nob for the hot water with the other. Not bothering to gather clothes beforehand as I waited for the water to heat up, I adjusted the temperature a bit and stepped over the lip of the tub. I pulled the little nob for the shower up and quickly threw my body against the tiled wall with a loud eek! The water that came out first was always ice cold. The shower spat and sputtered a few times before the water came out in a steady stream. A long weary sigh slipped through my lips as I stepped into the now steaming water, goosebumps flared as the hot water made contact with my skin. "Mmm…perfect." I couldn't help but purr in complete satisfaction as I relaxed completely.

With my very relaxing shower complete, I now found myself reclined on my bed with book in hand. The thick soft blanket pulled up to my hips staved off the faint chill that lingered in the air before the small heater was turned on. Wind beat against the window and shook the shutters as it tormented everything outside. Swirls of snow occasionally swept up the glass before falling as the wind ceased momentarily only to start up again with more force. Everything outside was frozen covered completely in the white powdery substance but inside was comfy and warm.

My eyelids grew heavier with each page turned and before I knew it the book began slipping from my grasp. Startled from my half sleep state when the book landed on my lap, I rubbed my eyes and then picked the book up. Marking the page I hoped I was on, I'd figure it out in the morning, and I closed it and set in on the nightstand before reaching for the lamp turning it off. The room fell into darkness, only the sound of the wind outside filled the quiet space inside. Sleep found me quick enough afterwards.

I had spent the majority of the following day being completely and utterly lazy, sitting curled up on the couch wrapped in the thick comforter from my bed. The noises of the television filled the small room as I indulged in another of my favorite activities, watching anime. I enjoyed manga too, but I found being able to hear the voices of the characters just as appealing. Watching anime in Japanese with English subtitles was my favorite. I actually found I liked it more than switching it over to full English and to me it seemed like hearing it in Japanese just added more depth to it. Though I could only make it through bits and pieces in Japanese without the help, I was still in the early learning stages.

Currently a favorite was playing and I always found myself swallowed up in it, Kuroshitsuji. This one always tugged at several emotional strings in my heart and I found myself routing for most of the characters in the story for different reasons. Except for Angela, I just wish she was real so I could wrap my hands around her throat, or just throttle her. Oh, and the Jack the Ripper bit. I have always found the real murders captivating, in a horribly torturous and bloody way. I am a strange one I know but the fact that it was done so brutally and no one was ever found just intrigued me. So, naturally the fact that it was incorporated in this animated show completely surprised me and at the same time excited me to see just where it would go.

"Ugh, the Viscount." I grimaced as I watched the main characters enter the home of the Viscount Druitt, "Disgusting man. He would be another I would love to get my hands on violently." I watched as the blonde haired nobleman walked the crowd and as little Lady Elizabeth in all her enthusiasm ran up to greet the man. She was absolutely adorable and I scowled at the television as I watched the two interact for a moment.

I paused at a knocking on my front door. Looking from the television towards the door, it was near a blizzard outside at the moment, who on earth would be insane enough to be out in this mess? Throwing the blanket from me quickly I hurried to the door unlocking it and jerking it open. A freezing gust of wind immediately invaded the warmth inside and bit harshly at any exposed skin it could reach. I stood shivering in the open doorway to find no one outside, perhaps I was mistaken? Not questioning it further as I began to shiver uncontrollably, I slammed the door and rushed back to the couch wrapping the still warm blanket around my body. I still shook horribly but I was warming back up slowly and I let myself wander back to the show quickly forgetting about my mistake.

About five or so minutes back into the show there came another knock. I wanted to ignore it but I was absolutely sure that it was someone knocking and guilt settled in the pit of my stomach at the thought of just leaving them standing out in that cold. Hesitating momentarily I looked to the door with furrowed brows, another loud knock echoed on the wooden door and I sprang from the couch. Running towards the door I opened it swiftly to find once again that no one stood on the other side. I was becoming increasingly annoyed at this point as the biting cold wind wrapped around me again and sent my body into a fit of shivers. I slammed the door hard enough to shake the walls around it before running back to the couch and diving onto it to once again wrapping myself in the warm blanket.

"Ridiculous." I rubbed my chilled hands together for some warming friction and blew into them as I cupped them over my mouth. Once again I focused back on the television and settled back into the comfortable cushions of the couch. My body was just beginning to heat back up when there was another loud, this time more insistent knock on the door. "Oh, what the hell? No, no! You, whoever you are, can freeze your ass off for all I care!" Pointing an accusatory finger at the door I scowled as I thought about what would happen. I would leave the relative warmth and comfort of my couch again only to find out that just like before no one would be standing on the other side of the door. And why? Oh, just because I have a weak conscious that wants to hound me about what is right and moral in this world. "Nope." I folded my arms over my chest stubbornly keeping my eyes from trailing back to the door.

It had fallen silent again and I felt my body slowly relaxing into the comfort and warmth. All too soon I might add. The front door suddenly burst open with enough force to send the door crashing into the wall before coming back around to slam shut. The glass rattled in the windows as my heart hammered loudly in my chest from the shock. My entire body was tense from the excitement as I slowly rose onto wobbly legs. I shuffled towards the door pausing to grab the umbrella by the handle sticking out of the wicker stand and held it in front of me with trembling hands. This time I peeked through the little peep hole on the door, the limited field of view shown clear of any possible occupants so I slowly reached for the knob. With a quick twist and one last deep breath I flung the door open wide and held my umbrella up ready to batter whoever or whatever. But once again there was no sign of life outside, just the cold winter air swarmed about to greet me as I stood dumbfounded in my doorway.

My arms dropped to my sides, still holding the umbrella in one as I looked around. Even sticking my head out of the safety of the doorway to look around but still found nothing. I was starting to lose my temper, what could have done that? And unless I am going crazy I know that what I was hearing was knocking. I looked around a little longer ignoring my body's reaction to the freezing temperature. Nothing sat close enough to the door to accidentally bang against it. The little shrubs were bare of any leaves and their twisted little branches barely moved in the forceful winds. I also noted that there were no footprints in the snow, which was kind of creepy. I looked to my right and found something that caught my attention against the gold plated mail box bolted to the side of the house. A letter stuck out from under the lip of the lid and I pulled it gently out to inspect the face to see that there was nothing written on it but my name. "Odd."

I flipped the letter over in my hand several times before shrugging and opening it. Might as well find out now. Opening the letter reveal a single sheet of paper with an elegant print. A single sentence was scrawled on the pure white surface and I furrowed my brows reading it aloud. "Have a nice trip?" I looked around the empty area once again before turning back to the letter. There was no name just the four words printed cryptically. I backed into my house closing the door softly and locking it before placing the umbrella back in its stand and walked back to the couch. All the while my eyes stayed trained on the message. I took my place on the couch once more not bothering to wrap the blanket around me this time. This was just strange. If it were one of my friends playing a trick surely they could do better than this.

"Hmm." I placed the little sheet of paper on the surface of the coffee table and looked back to the television. My mind more focused on the simple message rather than one of my favorite anime show now. "It's probably nothing, just some nut trying to rile me up or something." In conclusion I settled for just ignoring whatever was meant by it and tried to focus back on the show but I found that a small fragment of my mind settled for worrying about this random message instead.

Some time had passed since the incidents from earlier in the day had occurred and the sheet of paper remained lying on the coffee table untouched since it was placed. I had found that as the time dragged on my mind was becoming weary. A feeling that I could not shake settled in my stomach and I suddenly had the urge to get up and make sure the house was secure before the evening grew later. As before, the house was completely locked up, even the windows and I trudged back into the living room. The bend of my legs had just barely brushed the upholstery of the couch when the lights suddenly flickered. I paused taking a chance to look to the window to see that the little winter storm had dissipated in its intensity entirely, a clear sky shown now with the colors of the late evening. I bent my knees to take my seat when the lights flickered again. This time I stood upright and walked to the window peering out to see that in fact the storm had all together cleared up and calm was all I could see outside now. "Weird."

As I turned to walk back to the couch the lights flickered for a third time. I was becoming increasingly agitated at all this nonsense, "What the hell is going on today?!"

The screen of the television blacked out and all frustration surfaced as I stomped towards it. "This is getting stupid." I pressed the power button and the familiar ring from the television as it came to life reached my ears making me wince. "Ugh, I hate that." Unmoving, I stood and watched as the screen came to life again before making to move back to my seat. Frustrated and tired I flopped down onto the couch only to groan loudly as the motion on the screen froze. Throwing my head back in exasperation I rubbed my temples feeling the ache of a migraine starting, "Can't I just have five minutes?" Rolling my head forward I fixed the screen with a harsh glare. The images frozen in mid movement.

Reaching for the remote I turned the television off and then back on. Usually that would work, however to my frustration the images remained frozen in place just as before. I tried it a few more times in hopes that maybe it would work but to no avail. Finally having had enough I tossed the remote onto the coffee table and stood. I walked to the TV and smacked the top a few times even though I knew before my hand had even made contact that this would not work. In all honesty I was just mad and wanted to hit it, it kind of made me feel better but still I had a problem, it looked as though my TV time was over. With a sigh I pressed the power button to kill the defiant thing but it remained on. "Oh, so now you're going to fight me even more?" I pressed the button roughly a few more times but the stilled images remained showing brightly on the screen. "Damnit!"

Stomping back towards the coffee table I snatched up the remote and hit the power button on it. Still the television refused to obey. I squeezed the remote in my hand and shut my eyes tight pinching the bridge of my nose. Today was just not the day. Opening my eyes I stared at the screen again. Only this time I noticed something…off. Not the TV itself, no it was still on but the images, no, the screen. It warped, rippled like water even, distorting the images. "What the?" Whispering my thoughts aloud I walked slowly towards it. My eyes scanned over it, studying it as it continued to roll and twist the images until finally it was swirling. Finding myself in one of my more curious moments rather than a bright one that would suggest that something was thoroughly wrong here I raised a hand towards the screen. My fingertip should have grazed the hard surface of the screen; instead it dipped into the swirling vortex. It felt like nothing at first, almost as if it had just been air but following the contact came something that had a yelp of surprise bursting from my throat.

I gasped loudly as the heels of my feet dug into the carpeted floor. It was pulling me in, how was this possible? Staring horrified at the screen as the swirling began picking up speed I let out one final squeal of surprise when I was suddenly jerked off of my feet and through my TV. Being thankful in that split second that I had purchased the larger TV rather than the smaller one I had been considering.

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