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With the early morning hours came a revision of what I had done. Still tangled in Sebastian's bed sheets, the warmth brought no comfort as I lay there staring off into nothing, my face as blank as a fresh canvas, and then, I felt my heart sink. The abruptness of my heart plunging to my feet sent a small jolt racing up my spine.


The fear of what had transpired transformed into a surge of nearly overwhelming excitement, the thought of danger lurking in the corners of my mind only enhanced this sudden feeling of euphoria. Everything went numb and the feeling of my rebellion against my own rules felt…good. Allowing a wicked smile to cross my face, I buried myself deeper into the soft bed and curled further beneath the sheets letting my eyes flutter shut.

Finally waking after what I guessed to have been several very nonproductive hours, I took note of the lack of sunlight in the room and the almost eerie quiet. No sounds of destruction rang from any corner of the mansion. With only a half a second to think it over, as if on cue there came a deep rumbling boom from the opposite end of the mansion. I didn't even want to imagine what those three were up to now, so I rolled over pulling the pillow along and over my head. Sleep crossed my mind but at the same time, I had slept plenty.

Resigned to getting up, I soon noticed a little flaw in my plan…"Where are my clothes?"

My eyes scanned the dark room and then it hit me, "Shit." I groaned as I last remembered my clothes torn and tossed aside. Being seen walking down the halls with a sheet wrapped around me could raise some brows. The thought of borrowing some of Sebastian's clothing crosses my mind, for less than a second. Having his clothes on and being seen could really raise some hell, and even as funny as that could be, I'm not about it today.

So what did I do? I wrapped the sheet around me tightly and hauled ass back to my room, being careful not to run into anyone on the way. Oddly enough, I made it all the way back without seeing a soul. Having that kind of luck made me nervous as to when it would run out.

Once I was decent, I smoothed out my apron and checked my hair again in the mirror before taking my leave to find the others. As I rounded the corner heading in the direction of the boom I had heard earlier, I came face to face with Madam Red.

Her brows rose in surprise, "Oh! There you are…feeling better?" She stepped forward before I could reply and placed a hand to my forehead. "Hmm…no fever." When her hand dropped her eyes met mine and her painted lips spread into a smile. "The rest must have helped."

Now I was even more confused.

"Perhaps you should return to your room, you don't look well enough." Madam Red looked me over and shook her head, her hands rose to rest on her hips. "I had insisted on coming to check on you first thing this morning but our dear Sebastian had assured me you only needed your rest." She then began ushering me back to my room all the while mumbling insults towards the demon butler.

Hours had passed since I was forced back into my room with a stern warning from Madam Red to rest or else. With nothing else to do but sit on the bed and read, I finally get my fill and jump from the bed. There was only so much daylight left and this room could use some, I threw open the curtains and drank in the warm rays of the sun. The warmth felt amazing on my skin, falling into the spell I let out a long sigh of content and let a smile pull at my lips.

"A pretty little thing." My smile fell with my heart at the sound of the smooth deep voice.

"Lucifer." A cold sweet broke out on my neck as I whispered his name. I turned slowly to face him, his handsome face donning a mischievous smirk.

His hands went to his pockets as he stepped closer. "You my dear, have just made things very interesting."

Clenching my fists into my skirt, I met his eyes and swallowed my nerves. "Interesting…how?"

He only smiled before flickering out of existence. The heavy air around me dissipated and I sucked in a deep ragged breath. Not even realizing that I had been holding my breath, I choked a few times catching it again.

Turning to stare back out the window, I sighed thinking about how good a vacation would be. I needed to get away from the constant threat of drama that has loomed over my head since I arrived. But, then again if there were no drama I would become very bored and no one wanted that. Things happen when I get bored and there was already enough mayhem around to fill my need for it starting it.

After several days of menial work, I found myself in Ciel's office staring down the young master of the house. His eye had yet to meet me as he continued to fiddle with the papers laid across the large desk and only a few weary sighs and groans came from his lips.

When his voice did finally break the heavy silence I couldn't help jerking to attention. "I have been entirely too busy as of late to bother you with an explanation for your disappearance." His eye finally turned to me, a curious furrow above demanding that explanation…and now.

"Honestly, I don't remember much of my time away."

His eye narrowed and he leaned forward in that familiar manner, interlacing his fingers and resting his elbows on the large desk's surface. "You were missing for over a month, Amelia."

In other words, he wasn't buying a bit of what I selling. But truth be told, I didn't have much to sell. I honestly had no memory of my time away, only the short interaction with Lucifer and then I was back at the mansion. Not a scratch on me.

This lack of memory mess was beginning to scare me, what had happened to me during that time? Maybe I really don't want to remember considering the horror stories that circulate when a disappearance is involved.

With the most truth giving expression I could manage through my stress, I looked Ciel right in his one visible eye. "I only have one memory of my absence…my 'kidnapper' came to speak to me briefly about events that have come to play. I didn't even get a full explanation myself for his sudden need to take me away, only that I now have a bad feeling about my life expectancy."

Ciel's eye closed as he sighed his frustration. "Sebastian has filled me in on your 'kidnapper', Amelia, and as I know you are not an idiot…tell me his name."

I looked at him a little stunned. "L-Lucifer."

He nodded, his eye still closed and leaned forward to rest his chin on his interlocked fingers. "And I am sure you are aware that I am no idiot." Then his eye was open and on me, piercing through me and pinning me to the spot where I stood. "You would have to be extremely blind to not have come to some conclusion of what is going on around me due to certain events."

Gulping down my nerves, I nodded and kept silent as he continued to study my reaction. "Yes, I have."


"Then you will understand why I now find it necessary to keep a closer eye on you…" He paused to let me take in what he was beginning to explain. "And you will understand more of why I have chosen to bring you with me to the city to carry on an investigation. For reasons unknown to me, you have caught the attention of a league that would have any other mere human dead."

I nodded slowly. "Right."

There was another long pause and silence reigned again.

But when Ciel spoke again, he hit me with a question I was not ready for. "What was your profession before becoming one of my servants?"

Not wanting to lie, I only gave a short brief answer. "Nothing special."

He fixed me with a very skeptical gaze and made a sound of disapproval. "I've seen small pieces of what you are capable of, I may only have one eye but I am not blind, Amelia. You are not one of the unskilled, now explain."

This isn't a topic I like to discuss, it only brings back memories I've worked hard to suppress. But if he feels like he cannot trust me then I may find myself without more than a place to stay. So I swallowed my fear and told him truthfully. "Assassin."

His eye widened and I felt my tongue swell in my mouth. Though I told him the truth, I hoped he didn't think I had been sent to kill him. But from a professional killer's point of view, I had had plenty of opportunities to carry out a hit on him. I never gave any hints that I was here for any other reason than by chance, and as suspicious as that sounds too I have shown no killing intent towards the young master.

"All the more reason to keep a close eye on you." He gestured towards the door. "You need to pack, we will be leaving for the city within the hour."

I could tell his curiosity was not sated but I complied, bowing and excusing myself to pack as I was instructed. The hall was dead quiet when I stepped out and before I could turn to close the door behind me I heard Ciel's voice clear as crystal.

"Understand the cost of an attempt on my life, I will not hesitate to have you disposed of."

Shutting the door on that last warning, I spun around walking quickly down the hall in the direction of my room. After that encounter with Ciel, my mind was buzzing. All I wanted to do was go back in that office and spill my guts about my past and assure him that I was no danger to anyone that lived under this roof. But like he said, he is no idiot and I reassured myself that if he felt threatened I would have already been taken care of.

I packed the belongings I had acquired here and met Ciel, Sebastian and Madam Red at the front door. The carriage sat just outside ready to go once my luggage was loaded with the others. Sebastian made quick work of my two bags and then the four of us were off, Sebastian driving while Ciel, Madam Red and myself sat inside. No one spoke the entirety of the ride and once at Ciel's city home, we went our separate ways. Me going straight to the room I had been using the last time I found myself here to put away my belongings.

The sun had sunk low by the time I found myself rummaging around the kitchen. Everyone had already had their dinner while I opted to stay in my room. I had finally given in to my stomach's need for nourishment and downed an apple before finding something more filling. By the time I was done, I had put together a small meal for myself to enjoy in the company of me. The warm steaming bowl of soup did well with quenching my hunger and I returned to my room fuller and happier.

Sleep was hounding me with every step back to my room and I could practically hear the bed calling me.

Last night was without a doubt one of the best nights I had had since I arrived. I slept soundly, so soundly that it took Madam Red shaking me like a ragdoll to wake me the next afternoon. After informing me of her precious nephew's plan to walk a certain part of the city in the later hours, which I was to accompany him on with Sebastian, she left the room in a flurry of red and smirks.

That woman has too much energy sometimes…

Doing as she said, I dressed for the cooler temperatures and found both Ciel and Sebastian waiting for me at the front entrance. Neither one spoke, only a nod from Sebastian to ensure he recognized my presence was given before the three of us stepped out into the cold.

We wandered the city streets for hours, occasionally making a stop at a shop or two to browse before we ended up on a street that only spelled trouble. I already knew where this was about to go, so I stuck close to Sebastian, wedged between him and Ciel as we walked the darkening streets.

It didn't take long for the residents to take notice of us and that's when the madness ensued.