It was a beautiful night. Sans and Toriel couldn't sleep, so they went out to look at the stars. Sans turned the goat and smiled.

"hey tori?" he said, blushing slightly. Toriel looked back at the skeleton, also with a smile on her face.

"Yes, Sans?" she answered. "What is it?" Sans placed his bony hand on top of her's. He looked back up into the sky with a relaxed expression.

"you wanna know something about these stars?" Sans said starting to blush a little more.

Her smile widened a little bit. She loved learning new things (especially about snails). "Sure." said the goat with her soft, gental voice.

"they remind me of you." said the skeleton, now blushing madly. He turned back to Toriel, who was blushing a little bit herself.

"Oh, is that so? How do they remind you of me?" she asked, still facing Sans.

Sans removed his hand from Toriel's and placed it on her cheek. "because they're beautiful..." Sans said. Toriel started blushing a deeper red. "O-oh," she said as her and Sans both sat up, still facing each other. They both moved closer to each other until their faces were almost touching.

"Um... Sans..." Toriel said, placing her hand on Sans's cheek like he did with his own hand. He wasn't sure what she was going to say, but Sans could see it in her eyes that she wanted to tell him "I love you." He closed his eyes and leaned in until his lips(?) touching her's. Toriel's eyes widened in surprise. Then she slowly closed her eyes as well, melting into the kiss. After a few seconds, they broke off, both blushing madly. "i knew you wanted to tell me you loved me," Sans said, " i just wanted to say i loved you too. without words, of course..."

Toriel giggled, and then said with a yawn, "I'm feeling kinda tired. Shall we go back inside?"

"hehe... sure, tori. can i sleep in your bed with you?" Sans said, kinda wishing he hadn't said that last part.

"Whatever makes you happy, Sans." said Toriel. She smiled and got up, then helped the skeleton get up as well. They both went to the house and went back to sleep.

A/N: That surprisingly took a long time to write! Was that enough fluff for you? Haha! XD Well, anyway, I hope you enjoyed and be expecting more one-shots from me soon!