This is the end my powers are fading

i can't win I can't win it's hopeless I can't save them I can't save anyone not even my self.

the almighty is too strong and now he has my powers . Am I truly this useless

Ha kingy it's not over yet let me take over once more this one time I have better control of our power the old man is fighting back stopping the bastard from taking everything but we need to hurry.

What's the point anything we do he can counter there is nothing he won't see!

Stop being a pussy ass bitch king and nut the fuck up.

Ichigo i know juha is trying to break you resolve but now is not the time to lose hope there is still hope remember when we fused to use the final getsuga tenshou well we must do it again.


Enough Ichigo I know what you were going to bring yes me and the hollow will be reabsorbed into your soul but this is the only way to save you and your friends. But it will be different then before last time you didn't know yourself or your powers you hated your hollow which drove us apart and made you lose your powers . If you go forward with this you will forever be a being beyond people's comprehension you will gain all our memories my memories. Is this what you wish for to be feared by all no shinigami will understand you would have to fake losing your powers again.

Are you sure this is what you want you won't exist any more!

Kingy shut your mouth for once we exist becauseyour power yes we are different but in the end we are you we could never truly live the Quincy and my purpose is to protect you and you alone... Just live your life to the fullest for do what we can't... Oh and kingy make me proud by having a massive harem of girls haaahahajaaahaaja.

whaaaaa what the hell you perverted sword that's not gonna happen

ichigo good bye I truly am sorry for holding you back I'd like for you to travel that is my wish for you to see the world in all it's majesty to see nature

What his powers I can't take them his power it's rising I can no longer see his future impossible could he have surpassed me impossible what I can feel his power trying to absorb mine a child dares to try and steal from me!ponders a confused juha

You can't win not any more calmly says Ichigo as his black power flows out of him his hair slowly growing and flowing from Orange to black eyes a piercing red glare

The old emperor tries to step back looking down in shock as the sword blacker then the darkest night pierces his heart he can feel his power flowing away.

How everything was going so well how can this happen everything was going as I foresaw my dream of a utopia has it all been for nothing asks the tyrant.