there is a reference to another series or two in this chapter just allude to some of the shit that went down it wasn't much just meeting new people that may or may not show up to ask ichigo for help or just call to see how he's doing. now i am thinking of original arcs to have the crew possibly kaspers as well find out about the supernatural world and have some trials for ichigo. thou this might not happen i could make them eccentric humans and its mainly filler conversation to replace the original conversation in jormungand that doesn't fit here

and now their back stupid line things


"so how was your first mission did you have fun". Koko cheerily asked. "i hope you did and are getting used to guns".

"chuckling yes i did have some amusement it reminds of the time i met a pair of brothers in America that hunted dangerous beings". comments ichigo. "they had such a nice car". "the guns I'll deal with it".

"um what do you mean beings wouldn't they be bad guys or something like mob heads". Koko questions.

"oh yes of coarse but can people who commit such monstrosities truly be called humans or have they lost that privilege". ichigo retorts.

"were there any other interesting people you met". Koko inquires

"only a few there were two men that wore red trench coats but that's here nor there. one of them even tried to kill me said his master sent him he thought i was a vampire as if those really exist". scoffed Ichigo well ignorance is bliss no need to open that can of worms. he thought. as they walked into the building they were staying at Lehm and Velmet close behind listening in.

surprisingly it's Lehm that speaks up. "so what was the other guy like". every one paying attention as they walked through the corridor.

"oh him he wasn't to bad i stayed with him for awhile in America. friendly enough really likes his pizza and ice cream sundaes though".

"but now that i think about it why are you in the arms trade what made you think damn you know what i am gonna be in the arms trade". the black haired man asks

walking faster to get ahead of the group before turning around Koko replies. "for world piece of coarse" .

Koko shifts in her sleep jerking a little

Ichigo sleeping in a corner back to the wall before being shaken or at least the guy tried next thing he knew he was in a painful hold unable to do much of anything.

"ah sorry about that reflexes and all"ichigo comments sheepishly letting go

"gahhhh not a problem wasn't expecting it and all your stronger then you look".r says."your on watch with old man Lehm were you actually sleeping it will be cold so dress warm". "ah gotta crash".

ichigo walks down the white hallway and stands next to Lehm as he checks his watch.

"good morning" Lehm states

"yes same to you good morning" ichigo calmly replies

"ehhh"Lehm sounds out

Koko jerks herself into sitting position very sleepily

"this is the second time I"ve heard you ask a question lets see if i got this right you wanna know why a majorly badass mercenary whose been on the winning side of a hundred battles would want to take a job as a body guard for a chick arms dealer". Lehm sums up

"not in so many words but that is the gist of it"ichigo remarks walking in step with Lehm.

"you've only been with the crew for a few days so i get it you'll see soon enough"

Koko gets up and stumbles forwards to the couch before falling on Velmet waking her up.

in the back ground Velmet can be heard saying "geeeez Koko wake up

"but why did i take this jig cause its fun that's my reason for being here though each member of the unit has there own give it some time you'll figure out your reason is too you'll see what it means to be one of us and you'll see what means to be one of us and you'll see Koko is actually very ahhh". Lehm says while lighting a cigarette. while Koko walks out the door in front of them slightly hunched over with her arms t-rexxing before she looks around.

"shes very special" Lehm finishes "Koko bathrooms back that way" Lehm states while pointing. as they stand there ichigo with his face in the palm of his hand.

on a quieter street with trees to each side

"we have an emergency three hours ago a transport team crossed the northern border."koko screamed. "if the Intel i got is correct their carrying fifteen mi24d attack helicopters also known as hinds. they've been dismantled and stuffed in with spare parts for concealment. judging by the timing somebody got wind of our recent success and decided they want a piece of the action.

so now their trying their hand at it i know stuff like this happens all the time. unfortunately urghhhh the info on this convoy came directly from headquarters." koko explains slumping to the table. "if we screw this up its gonna cost us big." koko upset starts rolling back and forth on the table wining big.

ichigo looks on only slightly disturbed at the current happenings.

"you see the way shes rolling around like that it means this is serious" Wiley states calmly.

"we need to deal with this tot-sweet first we intercept their goods. but if they try to play hard ball we may have some obstacles to eliminate so take a moment to prepare." koko gives the run down.

her answers are a chorus of ks and an indifferent red eyed man.

"right you guys are pros you know what your doing." koko admits

"Tojo Velmet you'll negotiate with national defense. Lehm Ugo Lutz Mao you'll be my back up. Wiley R stay here and handle communication with the brass. Ichigo your with me". Koko orders as she turns to leave the room lets go.

"Yeah Koko Hekmatyar here we've got a code orange here i repeat code orange