After tending to the injuries, Iggy helps Harvey with his shirt. Leaving the crisp white shirt unbuttoned, Harvey sinks back into the deep velvet couch. Iggy picks up her bag and drops it near the kitchen as she retrieves the bottle from the counter. She returns to Harvey to top off his glass and pours another splash into her own depositing the bottle on the coffee table. Harvey taps the couch for Iggy to take a seat next to him. He recalls how many times he has sought comfort from Iggy since they were kids. Broken hearts in high school, troubles, trials and tribulations of life have often had the blows soften with time spent with Iggy. Hell, for a long time, Iggy was the only friend he had in New York. What he enjoys is that silence is not awkward with her. She knows him well enough to know when to engage and when to be still. This is a moment to be still.

Harvey puts his head back into the vast ocean of pillows that decorate the couch. The pillows cradle his head and shoulders easing the dull ache within them. Iggy takes a sip from her glass assuming a similar position on the couch propping her feet up on the coffee table. Harvey sits contemplating what has happened today. They were freeā€¦ all Mike had to do was wait for the answer. He chose to try to be a hero when patience was all he had to be. Patience is the folly of young men and in this case the fall. Harvey tries to quiet his mind without success. Iggy can see the wheels turning in Harvey's mind. The subtle changes in his expression are his tell. In a sweet and equally subtle move she reaches down and takes Harvey's hand into her own. "It will be okay, Harvey."

The warmth of Iggy's hand flows into his own. Her touch is familiar and comfortable. The comfort that Iggy provides is different than Donna. Iggy is like a sister. She is family. He tightens his grip on her palm interlacing his fingers through hers. Peace sets in like a wave as Harvey drifts off to sleep. Iggy gently removes the glass from Harvey's hand before she covers him with a warm and soft blanket. She gently kisses his forehead and strokes his hair before departing to her bedroom.

Morning brings the smell of coffee and a gentle kiss on his cheek from Iggy to wake Harvey. Harvey wakes wrapped in the warmth of the blankets that Iggy had laid over him. His head aches more from the blows than from the Scotch. He feels better until he attempts to shift and move his torso. The pain rushes through him like a rocket. Iggy appears by his side with a pill in one hand and a glass of water in the other. "You are going to take this, get up and go do what you have to do, Harvey." Harvey attempt to protest is met with Iggy's finger on his lips. "Trust me, I'm a doctor. Ray will be here in 15 minutes." Iggy tosses his phone into his lap with Ray's number still lit up upon the screen.

Harvey doesn't know whether to be pissed or grateful that Iggy is making decisions for him. He takes the pill and the water from Iggy before pulling himself together to leave in Iggy's bathroom so he can get home without it looking like a typical walk of shame. Iggy hands Harvey a travel mug of coffee and his jacket. Harvey leans in to kiss Iggy on the cheek as he walks out the door to meet Ray downstairs. There is no need for a thank you, Harvey knows that she knows.

Harvey enters his apartment with the evidence from the conversation with Mike still scattered about. He stops and looks down at the broken glass and the blood on the floor. His housekeeper has not yet been there and in an uncharacteristic move, Harvey decides to clean up the mess himself. Harvey stands in the shower with the water raining down on his head. He expected for the shower to resemble an ancient torture but the magic pill that Iggy made him take is working its magic even his side is starting to allow for movement. Perhaps, he should have asked her what the hell it was.

His thoughts are beginning to form in a more coherent pattern in his head. Harvey runs through Mike's last day of freedom in his mind. Mike wants to marry Rachel. In a sudden burst of clarity, Harvey turns off the water and rushes to get dressed. Ray meets him out front as they head to the church. Harvey waits. He knows. He just knows he needs to be here... right here. He takes up a position next to the car and waits. Mike appears as if called by God himself. Harvey knows this is going to be hard. There are no words to say that will change this outcome. Mike choose this path. This is not a moment that Harvey needs to prove that he was right. Harvey honors Iggy's advice. He does what he has to do. He just didn't expect it to be so hard. He watches Mike walk through the gates and into the abyss of the prison.

Harvey stands there long after Mike has disappeared from view. He finally brings himself to leave, to know this is done and now they just need to get through the next two years in one piece. He opens the door with a quick look back and heads back towards Manhattan. The guilt comes in ebbs and waves along with the ache in his side and the stiffness in his jaw. He tries to get passed the it should have been him thoughts flowing through his brainwaves during the long ride back to the city. He decides to stop and see Rachel out of a sense of duty to make sure she is okay. This is only the beginning of a very long night.