The next morning Harvey wakes with a thump in his head that would compliment Iggy's back beats from the night before. He realizes that sometime during the night he must have stripped himself down to since his pants are somewhere else and the rest of his clothes are hanging up neatly near by. Iggy walks in and dramatically plops down on the bed to make sure Harvey is awake. "How ya doing, Handsome."

The rocking emotion is enough to turn the room into a tilt-a-whirl as Harvey grabs his head and dropping a leg to the floor to stop the spinning. "Damn it, Ig. I am dying over here."

Iggy laughs as she rubs Harvey's leg. "Well let me grab a pen to sign the death certificate." She picks up Harvey's wrist. "Want me to call it now?"

Harvey does not appreciate the gallows humor in his current state as Iggy places a glass of hangover cure on the table next to him. Iggy's traditional hangover cure is V8 juice mixed w/ Red Bull and aspirin awaits his grasp. As much has he hates to choke this down, Harvey is aware that for some reason and previous use that this cure actually works.

As a joke, Iggy tosses her sunglasses at Harvey who puts them on since the morning light is a bit more than he can bear at the moment. Iggy bursts out laughing at the thought that he looks a hell of lot like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Sliding across her living room floor would make the transformation complete.

"Ig have you seen my pants?" Harvey props himself up on the side of the bed rubbing his forehead as the hangover cure begins to take effect by knocking the cobwebs from his mind. He slowly settles himself towards vertical positioning.

"If I had a nickel for every man that said that to me." Iggy walks out of her bathroom with Harvey's pants dangling from her fingertip. She tosses his pants at him.

"You would have a nickel?" Harvey catches his pants and puts them on as Iggy shoots him a glare for the acknowledgement of her current and complete lack of a love life.

Harvey gets himself to an appropriate level of dress to wander into the living room of Iggy's apartment. He takes a seat on Iggy's couch as she heads to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Harvey is enjoying the quiet that engulfs her apartment and the pillow that engulf the couch.

Iggy does not own a TV and rarely has noise about her space. She always told him that is was the sanctity of the space that brings her serenity and there are moments when he completely understands it.

Harvey wanders into the dining area as Iggy serves up breakfast. As they dine, Iggy decides to revisit the topic that sent Harvey into this state. "Harvey, you okay?"

Harvey knows Iggy's tone is sincere. Over a couple of mouthfuls of breakfast Harvey admits that he is not completely okay. He is not quite sure how to articulate what he means since some of his brain cells are still currently offline. The best part of Iggy is that she knows him well enough to know what he means without the normal eloquence. She is experienced enough to fill in the blanks on her own.

"Harvey, it is just a thing. Things can be replaced." Iggy's words are delivered as tough love that Harvey would expect from Iggy.

Harvey gets a little pissed at the commentary from Iggy and cannot mask the edge in his voice. "Ig, that was more than a thing and you know it... it was all I had left."

Iggy glances up at him over her coffee. "Harvey, you act like she is dead. Your mother is alive and well. Hell, she would probably paint the picture again if you asked." The poke is intentional and the look on Harvey's face is all the acknowledgement that Iggy needs.

Iggy knows that her statement is a completely loaded statement. Harvey has not spoken to his mother since his father's funeral. She remembers all too well the disaster that day was for everyone but she is not going to press the issue in his current condition.

Iggy asks about the firm to which Harvey tells her more about the chaos that is wrapping itself around his world from partners demanding their buy-ins back to the current state of the ever present Mike Ross prison drama. Iggy thinks to herself. "Who the hell needs a TV, she has a streaming drama sitting across the table from her.

She holds her tongue as Harvey discusses the issues about Gallo. She remembers the case when Harvey was at the DA's office. He means enough to her that she will not tell him what she is thinking and that some of his tactics as of late reminder her of the same things that Harvey bitched about with Cameron Dennis. She has enough exposure to the prison system and from her job to realize what people are capable of and shares Harvey's concern for Rachel's safety.

Harvey goes on to tell her about Gallo striking a deal as an informant which is not a real surprise. Harvey starts to open up about Jessica and how hard they are working to keep the firm afloat. She realizes that Harvey is all in to save the firm as he talks about how they are negotiating the finances. Harvey appreciates Iggy a great deal at this moment. His problems are totally first world problems. They are a rich man's problems. He knows that he can talk to Iggy without jealousy or judgement about these particular problems and that is a true comfort especially since he is not entirely sure all of the words coming out of his mouth are in English.

Iggy knows how far that Harvey has come and that he is not equipped to deal with a fall from that height. On the way to become Harvey Specter, Harvey became Icarus. Right now Harvey needs a safety net, though she has no ability to help him financially, she can step up and be a friend to help him deal with what he needs to do.

Harvey has walked around the edges of what truly scares Iggy at this point in time. The firm, he will figure that out. Iggy is truly worried that Harvey is going to hatch a scheme to try to save Mike. She can see it building in him, this unrelenting focus on Mike. Instead of just allowing something to run its course, Harvey is going to try to pull the white knight card and Iggy simply does not understand why.

She remembers back to when Marcus came to him for help and the white knight was no where to be seen. She knows part of the way that Harvey handled Marcus over the restaurant was tough love but... and she stops at the but because she doesn't want to be cross with Harvey right now.

At first Iggy thought Harvey was doing what he needed to do for his own survival. She is quickly realizing this is something more and she cannot put her finger on it. She wonders if Harvey simply replaced the family he had with one he made... or one he could control.