To Iggy's surprise, Harvey takes a shower and settles in for a while. Harvey's presence is really taking Iggy back in time. She begins to wonder what happened between them that it has been years since they have been this close. She is a bit curious as to why Harvey suddenly sought her out after so long. They talked once and a while but there was a distinct disconnect. There was not a fight or an event that triggered it. It was more of a slow drift apart like an iceberg in the ocean. She knows that the drift was not just away from her. He drifted away from all of them. She just never understood why.

A lazy Saturday spent together happened every couple of weekends even after Harvey came back from law school. Iggy is half tempted to see if Harvey wants to join her next weekend on a trip home but hindsight has made her cautious. Harvey appeared back into her world so suddenly that she does not want to jinx the good fortune. The prodigal brother has returned to her life.

The week begins with another round of chaos. Harvey felt the burn of Charles Forstman time and time again and Jessica is now asking him to court William Sutter to the firm. Harvey actually shutters at the thought. Sutter is just another version of Forstman. He knows a guilty man when he sees one. An attorney is supposed to believe their client in order to defend him. He knows Sutter comes with more baggage than an international flight and Sutter puts him back in the arena with Sean Cahill, again. His tangles with the SEC led to all of his current troubles. It may not have been the direct trigger but is functioned as the catalyst. The last thing he needs is a pledge of loyalty by Williams Sutter. A pledge of loyalty from him is basically like Al Capone offering to take you out for Valentine's Day.

Harvey knows that Jessica needs them to land an whale but there is more than one whale in the ocean. He understands the reputation of the firm is at stake. His name is on the door too. This is his firm and he is vested in its success. The options for the whale are bad and worse but he is willing to risk bad over worse. Bad is just a pain in the ass. Worse is another round with the SEC right out of the gate. What happened to corporate law just being about contracts?

Cahill is already in and out of the office enough that Harvey jokes that they should rent an office to him to save the commute. Harvey cannot believe that Louis went willingly into the relationship with these traders. It is almost comical, Louis could not have picked someone more his polar opposite than the leader of this group of hooligans if he was trying. Harvey kind of admits that he might just enjoy the show and he has front row seats.

Harvey admits, they practice corporate law, sometimes it is an advantage to have a bull pen full of traders. Business is business and business is about money and the manipulation of it. You never know when you might need to manipulate Wall Street in the name of a client and walking down the hallway is a hell of a lot more discrete than making a phone call.

Maybe it will end up more a happy accident over a typical Louis Litt debacle. Stu has already helped him land the whale. Harvey is enjoying what is essentially a victory drink with Jessica in his office after landing their whale without having to take on William Sutter as a client. He understands why Jessica wants both Sutter and Nathan but Harvey is going with his gut on this. He wants to stay as far away from Sutter as possible. The sting of Forstman is still fresh. All in all it is kind of a perfect night, he finally has good news for Jessica, he and Donna are getting along and Iggy is on her way up to meet him for a late night dinner. He is definitely in the mood to celebrate.

Donna spied Sean Cahill on his way to Harvey's office while she was in the hall. Sean is quite obviously here on business. Donna knows that Iggy is on her way up so she heads to the elevators to tell Iggy that Harvey had a last minute meeting. With Harvey otherwise occupied, Iggy tells Donna that she is going to get a cup of coffee in the partner's lounge while she waits for Harvey to spring free.

As Iggy pours a cup of coffee, she is joined by the head of the traders who have rented the space within the firm. Harvey had mentioned the newcomers to the office and Iggy assumes that this gentleman is one of them. By the look of him, he is certainly not a high end lawyer. The flashy Tom Ford suit and suspenders scream investment banker to Iggy on the approach. The trader exchanges pleasantries as Iggy offers to top off his coffee from the pot in her hand. She cannot help but notice his stare but with her look, she is used to it.

"I never forget a face. Have we met before?" Stu takes in the woman before him, purple hair is a memorable feature but he knows her face. Iggy gives him a smile. "Perhaps, it is a big city but a small world. I am Dallas Friday." Iggy extends her hand in greeting. "Stu, Stu Buzzini."

Her comment about the small world triggers Stu's memory. In a sudden flashback to a rather lost weekend, Stu remembers Iggy. "Now I know where we have met. You were a DJ in Ibiza about two years ago." Stu lingers sipping some of his coffee with the memories of that particular trip. Iggy is rather shocked that someone in New York would recognize her from one of her gigs in Ibiza. She wasn't a headliner. Actually, she was no where near the headliner, she was one of the transitional DJs before the headliners but she does have purple hair and some pretty distinctive tattoos. She has been recognized for less. Iggy's expression is a giveaway that Stu is right about where he knows this woman from as he gazes at her wrist. He remembers the tattoos. Stu continues with the story of recognition. "My investment firm works with the company that owns Ushuaia. I saw a couple of your shows. You were quite good."

Iggy is now quite flattered to be remembered for that gig and an investment banker flirting is not a bad way to end a day. Iggy was scared to death to take that job in Ibiza. The gig came by shear happenstance, the company that owns the club she DJs owns the club in Ibiza. She got the offer because she was available on short notice. That gig was a huge leap of faith since she had never done a gig quite that big with a full light show and some seriously famous international DJs. The run in Ibiza had cost her half of her vacation time that year and a hell of a lot of money but it has lead to some really unique experiences and irreplaceable connections. "Thank you, I guess it really is a small world." Iggy can't help but smile over sips of her coffee.

Another trader comes into the room seeking Stu's attention, as he turns to leave. "Well until next time Dallas Friday. It was my pleasure." Stu takes her hand and gives it a kiss before he exits. Donna is lurking in the doorway having heard the exchange. Stu gives Donna a wink before his departure. "Hey Red." Stu tips his mug in Donna's direction.

"You played Ibiza and didn't tell me?" Donna takes her by the arm as Iggy regales the story of that adventure on the way back to Harvey's office. Donna is a little surprised that Harvey did not mention something like that to her. That kind of news, Iggy would have shared with Harvey. Iggy laughs that she will have to remember to tell Donna if Ibiza comes calling again. She would make a hell of a wing woman.

Iggy kind of missed talking to Donna as of the last few years. There was a time when coffee and conversation between the two of them was a rather common event. The two of them were always a lot alike. Iggy knows how fond Harvey is of Donna and she was glad when Donna returned to Harvey. Iggy knows that Harvey has gone through a period of darkness and she hoping that the darkness has passed with Mike in prison and the truth being out.

Donna always liked Iggy. Donna had actually met Iggy even before she met Harvey. Iggy was new at the ME's office when she started working for the DA. They ended up encountering each other for work. Donna loved her name from the moment she heard it the first time. Dallas Friday sounded like something straight out of a film noir and the persona matched every rebel fantasy she had growing up.

As Donna arrives back at Harvey's office arm in arm with Iggy, Harvey offers for Jessica and Donna to join him and Iggy for dinner. He is in the mood to celebrate the sudden influx of good news even it if has a dark side has been a long time coming and what better way than with all of the women that he adores. Dinner ends up being a delightful experience with this rather unique mix of women. Each of his companions has had a unique impact on his life in so many ways. They are each so different yet under the circumstances, they are blending seamlessly. The diverse backgrounds keep the conversation engaging and interesting and the conversation only took one pit stop to discuss purses and shoes.

The highlight of the evening was finding out that his pristine partner has a tattoo as Jessica admired some of Iggy's artwork and talked about her own. Jessica and Iggy exchanged some stories about the meaning of their ink. Harvey still can't get over the fact that Jessica has a tattoo and wonders where the hell it is located.

The evening winds down and Harvey is alone in the car with Iggy. Iggy asks the reason for his exceptional mood this evening. Harvey tells her the story behind Cahill's visit. Iggy's heart falls to the pit of her stomach though her outward smile hides the horror she feels. Cahill dangled the carrot in front of Harvey. All Iggy can think of is what price will have to be paid to again dance with the devil.