Making a Friend!

Lord Sykox Charr...

Dedicated to my once someone who was my Friend in memory of echos of our friendship.

Finally Harry found a friend! He couldn't believe it himself.

So long had he gotten adjusted to life devoid of them that this new addition messed up up his life quite spectacularly. After the failed attempts in his earliest childhood, he had given up. Slowly as the time passed away, and he fell in the comfortable routine and this shaped him and made him what he became today.

During later years none dared to approach him and he didn't made any overtures, perhaps he didn't knew how to or maybe he just didn't care. His one disastrous attempt shook his self-confidence quite literally, so he never tried ever again and blissfully grew up without them..

He did grew jealous when he saw other people enjoying with their friends but being in control, he crushed those emotions quite viciously. Being living shielded he didn't had much chances and those trying times of teens where one nudge could have changed his time quite literally. He was loner throughout the Hogwarts.

There were two who dared to approach him, one had malice in his heart, and Draco Malfoy and other had greed in his heart, Weasel. Both were rebuffed violently and were made examples. Officially nobody knew what happened with solid alibis and implacable witnesses but school knew better. School had shook with their cries of mercy and pure unadulterated terror. If it meant anything both were changed. Their haunted looks and sudden winces and nerve jerking reactions were anything to go by... Hogwarts learned to leave him alone, which suited him just fine.—

He recklessly threw himself into dark arts... Unforgivables became a second nature to him.

Ever since Sixth Year started, though the Wizarding public was blissfully unaware, Wizarding authorities were quite concerned. Not a single night passed without killings. No human or wizard was even touched but none others were spared. It started with werewolves, then vampires, then goblins then any dangerous creature that could fight back. Centures, Acromentulas, Trolls, Hyprogriffs, Merpeoples, Threserals, Unicorns, Dragons. Daily Prophet was not interested in death of these things so they all went unreported and authorities were quite thankful for that. They were already at their wits end. No measure they took helped.

Once proud vampires came begging to them to save their lives and threw themselves under Ministry's Protection but Ministry couldn't even protect them. They were all protected in a unplottable secure safe house with cordon of experienced Hit Wizards and Aurors guarding them... In spite all these they were massacred.

Surprisingly none of the wizards were killed but they weren't even stunned. A soft reducto from close quarter direct to head and it would be surprising if the poor aurors would even remember anything. Signs on the walls showed that one or two hit wizards tired to fight... their fate was much worse... they were alive and unharmed but violently oblivated. Any single grain or iota of knowledge they possessed was violently wiped away. They had become new born babies who can only cry when hungry... they forgot everything even the ability to speak. But who were they to complain. They were alive...

Same couldn't be said about the Vampires. The look of terror left on the corpse of vampire leader Barahir made even the most battle hardened Auror throw up. Simply nothing was left behind except area reeking of extreme dark magic and unimaginable wanton destruction left behind...

We have no idea what all this had to do with Harry... but coincidentally Harry was absent each night in Hogwarts though no one knew of this. Hogwarts Night life learned important lesson when Peeves was violently exorcised and Sir Codgen found that being inside a painting did not protect you from dark magic. Both ghosts and paintings learned that informing Headmaster everything was not in their best interest, after all Headmaster did not protect you personally. So important things always went unmentioned...

All that is fine, but what has it got to do with Harry finding a friend? By the Way who was this mystery friend?

Harry swore remembering the day he made a friend.

An crying Auror? Harry was intrigued. She was all alone in the middle of Knockturn Alley past midnight. And she had not noticed him even though he was obvious and made no attempts at stealth. He had to test her. He looked around but there was no he could use except a hag. Till today he had never killed a Hag, they were left alone as they were even beneath his contempt, but today it would do nicely.

A vicious purple curse left his wand and Hag was violently split in two and harry kept looking at the Auror, but she didn't even look up. Harry was baffled, so abandoning all pretence he curiously approached her. He stood in front of her and after a few seconds she looked up with puffy red eyes. She didn't raise wand to fight or even looked frightened. She simply said...

"Kill me, at least my Mother will know that I died doing something I liked".

"Wha-What?" Harry was caught off guard.

He gawked at her idiotically and then did most surprising thing.. He put away his wand and sat down beside her staring far away in the space... For some time both sat like that aware of each other's presence but too lost in their own world to do anything. Finally Harry spoke

"I never had a Mum".

Girl looked at him sharply anger etching over face. "I'd call u lucky, Bitch. at least you don't have too.." Then she stopped realizing that she was talking to a complete stranger.

"Who are you?" She asked guardedly after a few minutes of silence.


She laughed, "Just plain old Harry? No elaborate fancy egoistical long names?"

He laughed too... "Well I did thought of a lord worthy name, but finally I didn't care so I'm just Harry"

This broke the ice between them and they both became light hearted.

He whined "But we are unequal, you know my name but I don't know yours..."


"Just Tonks?"

"Yes" She replied quite forcefully.

"Aha..." He mused... "Black!"

"What?" Tonks looked at him incredulously and in confusion.

"The only Tonks I know is Andromeda Tonks nee Black and I remember reading your name on the tapestry tree but i don't honestly remember it. You are her daughter aren't you?"

Perhaps this was the longest conversation harry must have spoken to a living person in very long time.

"You are black?" She accused.

"No! I am not" He shook his head.

"Then you can't read the Tapestry..."

With magic you can do anything... all a person has too do is strip down the magic that prevents a non black to see it. Besides nothing is impossible with magic, you can even brake fedalius" He said smugly.

"What?" She stammered looking at him with wide saucer eyes.

"Oh I found the Black Manor, broke the fedalius around it and defeated the so called legendary defences of Blacks and Destroyed it."

"Destroyed?" she echoed.

"Well I stripped anything of value and then cast a Fiendfyre and concealed it under my own fedalius... by now nothing must have left.

"Good Riddance" she muttered.

He snorted, "I take they weren't your favourite folks..."

She nodded and muttered under her breath "That would be an understatement"

They both became silent for a while. They both waited for each other to speak first. Harry waited but it looked that girl was in no hurry so he spoke first...

"Any reason you are alone in this dangerous place all alone and planning suicide" He asked in light tone.

"My mother..." She muttered

"Surely you jest" He was surprised.

"No bitch, you have no idea.. She is most evil person... she hates me... she wishes to torture me... she would be glad if i died" Tonks spat angrily.

"Whoa-Whoa calm down clam down..."

She didn't calm down instead looked more miserable. Harry had no idea what must have been going on but he tried to comfort her...

"Hey look, you hate your mum... Great! No big deal! I too hate many people but thats not the reason to kill yourself is it?

She looked at him crossly... "Do you have any idea what it has to be a metamorphogus"...

"No..." Blacks he thought

She wailed suddenly... "Nobody likes me, they all think I am stupid clumsy Huppelpuff who can't even walk straight without stumbling. They all make fun of me and bully me... No one wants to be my friend... girls just feel threatened by me and all boys want is to get inside my pants and then too they want me to morph in either their crush or some stupid fucking celebrity... even my own mum hates me..."

"Whoa!" Harry was flabbergasted "Hey no one is prefect but why do u let them torture you..."

But she had already tuned him out so lost was she in self-pity and self-loathing...

Time for something drastic...

Pointing his hand towards her, wand appeared in his hand, calmly he intoned


and lifted it in split second with no real intent behind the spell, and he got the desired effect immediately.

She jolted as if electricity had passed through her every nerve and cell.. her hair stood at their ends...

She looked at him outraged and beyond furious...

He looked at her calmly as nothing had happened.

"I'll be your friend"

"What?" She got thrown off guard and momentarily forget her anger...

He didn't reply, instead just extended his hand and waited patiently...

She looked at him as if willing him to burst out laughing and say April fool... but he didn't do that and instead waited patiently...

She hesitantly took his had shook it lightly and then vigorously more to convince herself that this was real and not a dream...

"Hi! I'm Harry, a dark wizard."

"Hi! I am Tonks, an Auror"

Such a two unlikely persons to be friends... They both laughed.

"So tell me Tonks.. Why did you became an Auror?"

"I dunno... I hated every one laughing at me, telling me i am useless and being cast aside... I tried to get their love and friendship but didn't get that so I thought people will befriend me if i became Auror... people will respect me then."

Harry asked sceptically "So did they respect you?"

"No" she said morosely "I ruined my life even more... I was a joke at Auror Academy, I struggled and lagged behind in every course and everyone laughed at me and my misfortune... Not to mention the mental torture I had to go through from my mum since it was against her wishes... Other recruits started bullying me and they were all teachers favourite so our instructors either kept mum or helped them..."

Harry's eyes were growing noticeably more and more red but he didn't say anything.

"I too never had a friend before but shall i tell you where it all went wrong?"

She nodded.

"Why do you yearn their friendship or love? They are not worthy of you. If they can't see the person behind this stupid stumbling Tonks... they don't deserve you... They are not even humans. They are bugs to be crushed... You certainly shouldn't lose any sleep over it. Think of it as it was their loss not yours and even if those shallow bigots had befriended you then all they would have caused you would be more pain... trust me bitch you are much better this way..."

She just looked at him funnily...

Both of them lost themselves in thoughts...

"Tell me about your Mother..."

"She is Hitler. She hates me...she never wishes any happiness for me... I hate her a BIG time..." Tonks went off in a rant...

Two Aurors were seen approaching from distance...

"I've Gotta Go Tonks... But I'll always be your friend and trust me we both will rock the world...

Harry disillusioned himself and cast a weak cheering charm on Tonks and silently apparated...

"Nice weather... isn't it?" Tonks asked her partners who looked at her as if she had grown another head.

~~~ Chapter 1 Over ~~~