I don't own Passions or any of the characters, I don't make any money so please don't sue. This story takes place after Theresa loses custody of Jane to Ethan and Gwen. Alistair finds out that he has a son in a surprising person and makes plans to change the face of Crane. A plan that will involve Theresa and nobody will get in his way.


Alistair Crane sat in his study at the Crane mansion, stunned. On his desk was paternity test results. For years Alistair had an inkling that this person was his but no proof. Now he had his proof. A plan had formed in his mind and a smirk crossed his face. Now he had a way to get back at his useless son and twit of a daughter, not to mention the whore who was now his daughter-in-law. Now just to start my plan, he thought as he picked up the phone and placed two phone calls.

Chapter 1

Sam was waiting at Alistair's office wondering what the old man had in store for him now. Out of a job as police chief and worried for his daughter, Jessica, Sam had just learned that Ivy plotted to breakup his marriage to Grace. He learned that she hired David to pretend to be Grace's long-lost husband. Kay revealed all and now he wanted nothing to do with Ivy.

He also wasn't too happy with his eldest son Ethan. Sam felt that taking Jane away from Theresa was incredibly heartless. Ethan seemed only concerned with how he looked to everyone else and how things effected Gwen. Sam saw bad thing in the offing. He was shaken out of his thoughts by the arrival of a newcomer. Sam looked up and saw Theresa walk in and take a seat.

"Hey Theresa, what are you doing here" asks Sam, knowing Luis wouldn't be too happy that Theresa was here to see Alistair. "Alistair called and said he had a proposal that could give me my daughter back" Theresa replies back. "I bet Luis wasn't too happy to hear that you were coming to see Alistair" responds Sam. "He wasn't, but I would make a deal with the devil himself for my kids, it seems that I just might" says a cynical Theresa.

They lapse into silence and sit with their thoughts on why Alistair would want to see them both. After a few minutes Alistair's assistant comes out and tells them to go on into Alistair's office. They head in.

They are apprehensive as they enter the office. Alistair greets them and invites them to sit down. In a booming voice he starts, "I won't bother you both with needless words or platitudes, I will get straight to business. Mr. Bennett, years ago I was in love with a woman who I hope would become my wife. I was going to leave Katherine and marry her, but she left me for another. But not before giving birth to a child who she gave up for adoption. I have tracked down the child and found him. That child is you, Sam." These revelations stunned Sam.

This is the first that he hears that he was adopted and that his father is Alistair. "I want to see your proof" states a stunned Sam. Alistair hands over everything including the DNA test he had done. It was all there in black and white. His parents weren't his parents and his father was Alistair. "What do you want Alistair" asks a resigned Sam

During all this Theresa wonders why Alistair wanted her there. "Alistair, no offense, why am I here" she asks. She had been sitting there taking this all in. What could Alistair want from her, she thought. "Well my dear I will answer both your questions with one simple statement. I want the two of to get married and for Sam to start work at Crane Industries" states Alistair leaning back in his chair taking in the two stunned faces before him as he finished his statement. Continuing on he says, "In return I will give you, Theresa, back your daughter and promise you will never lose either child again. Sam I will help you with Jessica. I will get her rehab and consoling, anything else she needs."

Theresa and Sam contemplated the offer Alistair laid before them. Could they really do this? I get my children and no one will take them again, thought Theresa. Jessica gets the help she needs and away from all the bad influences, thought Sam. As the two of them thought over the proposal, Alistair looked at them. He could see the wheels turning in their heads. It wasn't long before Alistair saw that they had made their decision. Sam and Theresa told Alistair their decision.


There was a party held at the Crane Mansion. Alistair was throwing it to celebrate the new expansions of Crane Industries and some changes to the Crane family. It will all be revealed tonight. The whole town was gathered as well as the press.

Ivy looked around, already bored. She had been living at the mansion, Rebecca graciously taking her in. Sam had thrown her out of his house after Kay revealed that she broke up his and Grace's marriage by paying David to pretend to be Grace's first husband. She hadn't seen Sam since that night. Ivy has heard that Jessica went to rehab and a local club was raided and the owner thrown into jail. Maybe Sam will be here and I can get a chance to talk to him, thought Ivy as she gazed lazily around the room.

Rebecca was having a high time. Flirting with a good-looking waiter, she thought back on the past three weeks. She and her daughter, Gwen, finally won against that taco slut, Theresa. Gwen had Ethan and Jane. They all three were living here at the mansion. She was married to Julian and had all that delicious Crane money. Also thanks to that deal her Pookie signed she will always have that money.

Ethan stood in the ballroom at the Crane mansion with his wife at his side. He wondered why Alistair was hosting a party instead of holding a press conference to announce the new expansions. Nothing good came of Alistair Crane. Except maybe Sheridan. Ethan was also puzzled by the absence of Theresa these last three weeks. She hadn't tried to come see Jane. HE missed Theresa's presence and desperately wanted to see her, but he dared not let Gwen get any inkling of this. It would cause her to go berserk. Ethan had also not seen his father, Sam, at all either. He knows that Sam blames his mother for the whole David thing but hopes they could mend fences for Jane's sake. He doesn't want his daughter's grandparents at odds with each other.

Gwen was enjoying herself. She had the best time the past three weeks. No Theresa to insert herself into Gwen's family's life. She had Jane and Ethan all to herself. Just as Gwen was thinking this a shiver ran down her spine. Like someone walking over her grave. This cause Ethan to look at her and ask if she was all right. She told him she was fine and ask him to dance. The couple went out to the dance floor.

As the rest of the waiting public wined and dined, the time for the big announcement came. Alistair calmly walked from the shadows toward the stage. The crowd on the dance floor parted as he made his way through. He walked up the stairs and took the microphone. "Well it seems that everyone has gathered at my humble abode," he begins, "I know that you are gathered here to hear the announcements about the changes coming to Crane in the very near future. Well, I won't waste a lot of your time on useless pleasantries. First change, I am opening a new branch of Crane. A fashion house. I will introduce the head at the board meeting tomorrow. Second, I am happy to announce that I have found out that I have another child. A son. I track him down and he has agreed to take the reins of my empire."

At this you could hear a pin drop. Julian is stunned. Passed over again, for a son his father didn't even know. Rebecca was stunned, Julian did everything Alistair told him to do. Why wasn't he heir? Did this mean that Julian was out of money? Just the thought panicked Rebecca. Ethan was surprised, though he thought she shouldn't. Alistair used women just like Julian. Gwen wasn't surprised as much as the others were. To her this was just like Alistair to pull something like this. What next Alistair was going to marry Theresa?

"The identity of my long-lost son is Samuel Bennett Crane" Alistair's voice breaks through their thoughts as he goes on to say. Sam walks on the stage. Ivy greedily watches Sam on the stage. She realizes she had given birth to Sam's heir. Ethan would one day rule the Crane Empire. Gwen's eyes also lit up. This means that one day her husband will run Crane. Gwen also realizes that this means Ethan can take back the Crane name and they can change Crane for the better. As long as it doesn't cut into profits of course.

"I also would like to introduce his lovely new bride, Theresa," states a smirking Alistair as he waves his arm towards the shadows of the stage where Sam emerged. From there emerged a confident Theresa. She joined Alistair and Sam on the stage. There was applause at this. But from the five in a corner of the ballroom there was stunned silence.

Ivy was aghast. Rebecca was going into a rage. Julian was beginning to rage as well. Ethan was just stunned and furious at Theresa for this latest stunt. Gwen just thought this proved her point about Theresa. She knew Theresa chased after deep pockets despite saying she loved Ethan.

"Oh, one final announcement is that there will a custody hearing for one Jane Winthrop in two days. Goodnight everyone" stated a triumphant Alistair. Theresa and Sam smiled at the cameras and the people and with Alistair retired to the rooms that were prepared for them in the mansion. The others attending the party took that as a signal the party was over and began to leave. Those staying at the mansion went to their rooms.


It was the next day at Crane Industries and it was time for the biggest board meeting in the history of the company. Everyone was a buzzed with the news of the newest Crane and how he will be trained to take over the company. Not only that there was a new branch opening up and everyone was trying to guess who was the new head. Julian and Ethan arrived just in the nick of time. Alistair, Sam and Theresa walked in not fifteen minutes after them.

"Alright let's get this meeting started," said Alistair as he sat down. He started with status reports from all his division heads and executives. But, everyone was wondering why the other two were there. They knew why Sam was there. He had to learn the business. But why was Alistair new daughter-in-law there. After hearing all the reports Alistair calmly stated, "I know everyone is wondering why the lovely Theresa is here. Well I have decided to start a fashion department and Theresa has graciously accepted to head the new department."

This is meet with surprised faces. Ethan and Julian are stunned. They didn't expect this. Ethan feared this could mean Theresa could get custody of Jane back. To Julian this was just another blow. It showed just how low he sunk in his father's eyes.

"Now without any new business, I think this meeting is concluded," with that Alistair dismisses everyone with a smirk on his face. He turns to Theresa and Sam, telling Theresa that he and Sam will escort her to her new office. Ignoring the looks on Ethan and Julian faces that clearly said they wanted to talk to the three, Sam, Theresa, and Alistair left to go to Theresa's office.

Julian turned to Ethan after everyone left the boardroom and asked, "Is there anything we can do to stop this? Surely Father has gone mad." Ethan heaved a big sigh and looked at the older man, he said, "There is nothing we can do. Alistair has all the cards, going up against him is futile." The two men gather their things, alone in their thoughts. They leave and go to their respective offices. They dread going back to the mansion later. Both were expected back at lunchtime. Just wait until the ladies hear this.


The day at Crane past and as Ethan and Julian guessed the ladies went off the wall angry. They also found out at dinner that night that Sam and Theresa were staying at the mansion. This both pleased and angered Ivy. She didn't know how that Sam and Theresa could be married. If Grace and David weren't really married, then weren't she and Sam married both in the church and legally? Rebecca was worried that Theresa was going to try to hurt her daughter somehow. She knew the next day was the custody hearing. Gwen was fearful. All Theresa did was smile at Gwen at dinner that night as she kept up conversation with Sam and Alistair.

All too soon it was time for the custody hearing. A new judge was appointed after it was found out that the other judge was bribed to give custody to Ethan and Gwen. Theresa entered court that day with her mother, Sam and Alistair by her side. Ethan and Gwen had Ivy, Rebecca and Julian. Rebecca was angry that the previous judge was removed. This new judge, Jordan Nichols, wasn't one she could bribe. Not that she could, Alistair was keeping a close eye on where the Crane money was going.

The bailiff called the courtroom to order and announced the judge, everyone stood as the judge entered the courtroom and took her seat. Nichols told everyone to be seated after taking her seat and the clerk called the case.

"I have a few rules. First there will be no outbursts from anyone. You have an attorney, they will object. Second is my decision is final. Got it" says the judge. She has Theresa's attorney go first.

Theresa's attorney, Jared Casey, starts by showing his client is now married and has a steady employment as well as her own housing. That she lives with her husband. He shows how she can provide for Jane and has childcare for when she is working. Casey also shows how Ethan and Gwen, though able to provide for the child, have tried to keep Theresa from seeing Jane. HE then rested.

Ethan tried to object, but when questioned by the judge he had to admit to keeping Jane away from Theresa and preventing her from seeing the child. After Jared rested his case Ethan began his. Ethan stated that he and his wife, Gwen provided a loving and caring home for Jane. That his wife was a stay-at-home mom and they lived in a large house. Ethan pointed out he made plenty of money and could provide for all of Jane's needs. He then rested.

Before the judge came to her decision she had a few questions. She asked Theresa a few question about her new marriage and her children. Then she asked Gwen some questions about her marriage and her relationship with Jane and the children she lost. Gwen was stone-faced at the mention of Sarah and Nathan but quickly answered Nichols's questions. The judge calls a brief recess to consider her decision.

As the judge makes her decision, both sides takes time to take stock of the situation. Ethan, Gwen and Ivy were confident that things would go their way. Rebecca wasn't so sure. She was sure that this judge might just rule against them or at least for joint custody. A shudder went through the red-head at that thought.

On the other side of the courtroom, Theresa was confident that she would win. With Alistair on her side, Theresa knew that Ethan and Gwen didn't stand a chance. Theresa looked over at Gwen and saw the confidence in her face. Smirking she met Gwen's eyes. Gwen quickly looked away. Theresa smiled triumphantly at this. It was all too soon that the judge came to her decision.

Coming back into the courtroom the Judge quickly called them to order. Gwen was confident despite the look Theresa gave her earlier. Whereas Theresa's confidence never wavered. "I have thought long and hard on this and have come to the only logical conclusion. I feel that it is in the best interest of the child for her to be in the sole custody of the mother, Theresa Crane" states Nichols without a preamble. Forestalling any objections from Ethan and Gwen's group, Nichols goes on to say, "Mrs. Crane you have demonstrated that you have the best interest of your daughter at heart, Court adjourned." With that she banged her gavel and left the courtroom. Then the room erupted in shouts.

Ethan and Ivy had to hold Gwen back from attacking Theresa. Gwen screamed that Theresa wasn't going to get her daughter. Ivy just glared angrily at Irish-Latina. Ethan couldn't believe that he lost. Rebecca was furious. Her daughter was hurt and had lost to the trollop.

Theresa and Pilar were escorted out amidst the chaos by Alistair and Sam. Theresa was ecstatic. Alistair had kept his word. She got her daughter back. Now she had both children and wouldn't lose them again. It seemed that this time she had the cards.

Sam felt the same way. Alistair kept his word with regards to Jessica. Now Jessica was doing great in Rehab and would soon come home. It seems the devil has kept his end of the bargain, so he and Theresa had discussed it. They decided to keep theirs.