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How to mend a Valkyrie's heart: 4 years later

It was a morning like any other as Hiccup and Astrid were cuddled up under the furs of their beds. Both were sleeping soundly as the door to their room was nudged open by a black scaled paw. The dragon tiptoed into the room with a bucket of water in his maw and a little auburn-haired girl following closely behind.

"Shhhh" She made a shushing gestured and then raised her hands.

The Nightfury crouched down in an attacking stance and dumped the water on Hiccup and Astrid when the girl gave the signal.

"AAAAAAHHHH" Both adults shouted, having been roused from their very pleasant dreams. They were soaking wet and Astrid glared at Toothless who hightailed it out of the room.

"TOOTHLESS YOU USELESS REPTILE!" Hiccup shouted as he rubbed his eyes. Meanwhile, Astrid set her sights on their daughter who couldn't stop giggling.

"Zephyr Haddock you are in so much trouble young lady!" She shouted while trying to get out from under the wet fur blanket.

"Uh Oh….." The girl said before she too hightailed it out of there.

Astrid huffed as she and Hiccup finally made it out from under the wet covers. "When I get my hands on her!"

"I think we should probably change out of our wet clothes first." Hiccup suggested and Astrid shot him a smug look.

"Why Hiccup, if I didn't know any better I'd think this was all a ploy to get me out of my clothes." Astrid laughed as Hiccup's cheeks turned red.

"Uhmm… eh…. Uhmmmm" Hiccup sputtered for a moment as Astrid shrugged off the wet tunic and let it fall to the floor. Her husband gulped as she grabbed some linen to use as a towel. She wrapped it slowly around herself before raising a brow. "I'm going for a bath. Why don't you join me, dear husband?" She suggested as Hiccup scrambled up.

The pair had soon made their way to the bathing area in the cave and were about to get cozy when they stopped in their tracks at the sight. Astrid's eyes had widened in shock while Hiccup shouted "TUFFUNT!"

His voice carried through the cavern corridors as an echo and soon Tuffnut came running. Both Hiccup and Astrid still had horrified looks on their faces as the blond reached them.

"Yo mah man." Tuffnut greeted. "I was just helping Ruff make breakfast."

"Tuffnut why are there several turkeys in the bath?" Hiccup asked tersely.

"Oh, those are Chicken's new friends," Tuffnut explained. "You wouldn't believe the drama it caused with the other chickens when she befriended these guys."

"But why are they in THE BATH?!" Astrid nearly shrieked.

"Well we can't have dirty turkeys roaming around," Tuffnut cocked his head to the left in confusion.

"I thought I said no more birds in the bath," Hiccup muttered.

"Well, you said no more chickens in the bath. Nothing about turkeys." Tuffnut stated.

"Tuffnut… I am seriously contemplating having Toothless or Stormfly eat these birds." Hiccup muttered.

"No need to get grumpy mister. You aren't the only one that wants to get laid." Tufnut rolled his eyes before whistling. The turkeys lined up and followed Tuffnut out of the room leaving both Hiccup and Astrid sputtering.

"Oh, Thor. Tuff got worse after all these years." Astrid groaned.

"Well, he and Snot do spend time together." Hiccup tried to suppress the blush as he looked anywhere but at his wife.

When the two got out of the bath, having to clean it first of any stray feathers, they managed to track down their daughter who was using Toothless as a shield.

"Zephyr Haddock you have some explaining to do!" Astrid had her hands on her hips as she glared at the auburn-haired girl. The girl's pigtails swished as blue eyes looked at her parents.

"Iona and Vari dared me to!" the girl spilled as she dragged Toothless' wing in front of her.

Toothless for his part seemed to be used to this as the dragon merely sat on his haunches and let the girl tug his wing. Hiccup could have sworn that the Nightfury hid a snigger as said mentioned twins popped out of a nearby barrel while exclaiming "You snitch!"

The two blond twins were definitely taking after their mother and uncle. Only four years old and they had pulled more mischief across the mountain than Hiccup was willing to admit to his wife.

"Iona, Vari," Astrid raised a brow. "Just what were you two thinking?"

"But mommy uses this method to wake up daddy all the time!" The twins gave as their excuse.

"And why would you want to wake us so early?" Astrid now asked as she crossed her arms in front of her.

"Cause sis is coming back!" The twins exclaimed in unison.

Hiccup groaned. He had forgotten. Eret and Camicazi had taken Brigid and Taavi on a fishing trip to learn the ropes. The two kids would be back on dragonback today and Iona and Vari idolized Brigid and her Tripplestrike.

"Why don't we all just get some breakfast while we wait for your sister to return?" Hiccup suggested.

"Eeeuuuuw. Mommy's cooking." Iona made a gagging sound.

"Would you rather Astrid cooked for you?" Hiccup raised a brow.

"Nooo!" Both twins and even Zephyr yelled as they scurried out of the room with their short limbs. Astrid proceeded to elbow Hiccup in the stomach.

"Really?!" She asked.


"I wish you would stop using my cooking as a threat," Astrid grumbled.

"Honey… your cooking is a threat." Hiccup laughed as Astrid glowered at him.

"Is not!" She insisted as the pair made their way towards the kitchen.

"Who's cooking was it that sank a Byzantine fleet?" Hiccup raised his brow. During the four years, not everything had been quiet. Several incursions had been made into Viking territory, one of which resulting in Astrid getting captured. It may not have been wise for their enemies to willingly put his wife in the kitchen. By the time the riders found the fleet most of the men were puking overboard.

"They were moored at an island. I would hardly call it sinking." Astrid retorted.

"Alright…. Then who's cooking incapacitated an entire Byzantine fleet?" Hiccup corrected. "They were even willing to pay me gold to just take you back."

"Oh hush you!" Astrid elbowed him again.

"I'm just saying. Snotlout even advised me to play along so we could milk them of all their treasure."

"And Snotlout paid for that comment," Astrid smirked fondly as Hiccup shuddered.

The pair had finally reached the kitchen to see Ruffnut bent over a large pot and the twins hugging both sides of Fishlegs who was looking white as a sheet. Tuffnut was nowhere to be seen at this time and Zephyr was bringing several bowls to the table.

"Honey….. Really….. Can't you test it out on…. Something less alive?" Fishlegs asked.

"What is going on?" Hiccup muttered.

"Ruff wanted to try a new recipe that she got from Heather," Fishlegs explained. "Fish soup"

"That doesn't sound too bad," Hiccup mumbled. "At least it wasn't like the mushroom soup last time."

"See hubby!" Ruffnut exclaimed.

Fishlegs still looked skeptical before muttering "You only put fish heads in it. Not even the whole fish!"

"It's called improvisation!" Rufnut retorted.

"Wait, what happened to all the fish?" Hiccup asked perplexed. He was sure he had a stockpile.

"Well….." This time it was Fishlegs who was hesitant.

"What my darling hubby is trying to say is that he fed most of it to some very hungry Terrors last night," Ruffnut explained with an eye-roll. "So now he and everybody else is stuck with fish heads."

"I'm sorry!" Fishlegs exclaimed. "They were all just so cute and cuddly and hungry. And then they brought their flock!"

Ruffnut opened the pot to show them the soup and indeed, several fishheads were floating on the surface. Hiccup grimaced but Astrid looked like she was salivating. "Ruff hand me a bowl!" She said. Soon his wife scooped up the soup along with a very large head and set about eating it.

"At least someone here appreciates my cooking!" Ruffnut smirked.

"You know…." Fishlegs pondered. "Didn't Astrid have a craving for seafood when she was pregnant?"

"Fish you aren't suggesting that Astrid is….." Hiccup gulped as he glanced at his wife. Astrid seemed oblivious to all as she chowed down. "Can't be,"

"When have you ever seen Astrid like fish?" Fishlegs reasoned. "She's usually eating chicken or lamb."

"Well…" Hiccup frowned as he thought for a moment.

"Oh, Thor this hits the spot!" Astrid exclaimed as she scooped up some more stew. "Honey, are you eating or what?"

"Just….. Thinking." Hiccup mumbled.

"You know," Astrid suddenly said as she held the wooden spoon aloft. "I could really go for some cooked clams."

"Cooked clams?" Hiccup gulped.

"You know….. The once you and Toothless found on that island." Astrid smiled.

"You mean Screaming Death island," Hiccup managed to croak out.

"Yeah, that's the one!" Astrid said.

Hiccup turned back to Fishlegs and muttered: "I think you might be onto something."

"Onto what honey?" Astrid now asked as she glanced up from her food.

"They're discussing if you are gonna pop out another little Haddock," Ruffnut bluntly stated. "You really haven't told him yet?"

"Ruff shush!" Astrid warned.

"OH, MY THOR! YOU ARE!" Hiccup exclaimed before falling into the chair with a heavy thud.

"So about those clams Hiccup," Astrid winked.

"Yeah…. Uh…. yeah…. I'll just grab Toothless…" Hiccup looked back only to see the Nightfury run out of the kitchen with his tail between his legs.

"TOOTHLESS COME BACK HERE YOU USELESS REPTILE! THERE IS NO WAY IM SUFFERING ALONE!" Hiccup shouted as he sprinted after the offspring of lightning and death.

-The End-