I'd never given much thought to how I would die-regardless of the reason I'd had these past few months. But if I had…well, I never would've imagined it like this.

Not like this.

But it was too late now-I was staring, barely breathing, into the brilliant eyes of the hunter grinning at me far too casually from across the room, and I knew far too well that even if I ran, it wouldn't do any good.

I ran anyway, of course-but cold arms caught me within seconds, hurling me back again.

At least it was a noble way to die-me, instead of someone I loved.

Fair trade.

The wall shattered around me, and I could feel everything inside me shattering along with it, blood spurting from my lips, burning down my chin. The hunter would be there faster than I could think, of course-I wondered if he would have the restraint to finish this cat-and-mouse game, or if he would end it quickly.

Funny-if I hadn't gone to Forks in the first place, I wouldn't be here, having to choose which way to hope that I die, but I still can't bring myself to regret any of it. I just wish it could've lasted longer.

Just a little longer.

I tilted my head up to watch death coming-

The hunter was smiling as he stalked forward to kill me.

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