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Thought/Dream/Prisoner's POV


~ The Desperate Escape ~

~The Mighty Patronus~

Harry and the others were sitting in the Hufflepuff stands cheering for Susan when the weather began to change. It wasn't noticeable at first, but it grew steadily darker by each passing minute. Harry felt himself as the cold began to descend upon the spectators.

"What's going on?" Someone sitting behind Harry asked.

Another person answered back, "I don't know. Weird isn't it?"

This can't be a good sign, Harry thought to himself.

"Shouldn't they be calling the game off?" A worried Dora asked. "Someone could get seriously hurt out there."

Suddenly, one of the spectators pointed at the sky. "What's that over there?!"


"Someone get the Aurors!"

"What do we do?! There's so many of them!"

Panic began to spread amongst the spectators as they saw the dreaded beings approach. What do I do? Harry thought to himself. Suddenly, he remembered one of the lessons his Uncle Remus had been teaching him and his friends.

Flashback begins

"Now, Harry," Remus began explaining, "this charm requires you to find your happiest memories and to channel it into the charm. It is also one of the most difficult, some witches and wizards a corporeal Patronus. A guardian that takes the form of an animal he or she has an affinity with. The happier the memory, the more powerful the charm becomes. Now give it a go."

Harry brought up his wand and searched his memories. Deciding to try one, Harry said, "Expecto Patronum!"

Remus was impressed when a small wisp appeared at the tip of Harry's wand. "Excellent, Harry! Now...try for something stronger..."

Harry did as Remus suggested and the wisp became larger, forming into something like a shield.

"Come on, Harry," urged Remus. "Let's see if you can keep it up."

Finally, Harry found one that he hoped would do the trick. Harry smiled as a feeling of happiness and joy went through his body and seemed to fuel his magic.

Flashback ends

Harry shouted, "EXPECTO PATRONUM!"

What burst forth from Harry's wand surprised everyone around him and those who saw it would remember it even many years later.

The magnificent creature spread its huge wings and a mighty roar screamed out from it's three heads, stunning the crowd into silence. The magical beast began to flap its wings and it lifted into the air.

Over at the teacher's stands, Prof. McGonagall looked at the sight in awe and said, "Is that possible, Albus?!"

Prof. Dumbledore glanced at his companion and said, "It appears that our young Mister Potter is more powerful then it seems."

"What do we do, Albus?" One of the other Professors asked.

"What do we do? What do we do?" Albus' eyes hardened as he saw the Dementors and he stood to his full height, drawing his own wand. "We protect our students. We act. Expecto Patronum!" Albus' own Patronus; a phoenix, burst forth from his wand. "BEGONE, FOUL CREATURES! BACK TO THE DARKNESS WHERE YOU BELONG! YOU SHALL NOT HARM THESE CHILDREN!"

Prof. McGonagall's own Patronus leapt out of her own wand and ran towards Hogsmaede.

Every professor who was able, performed their own Patroni and tried to assist the dragon in any way they could. Those that were able to fly attacked as many Dementors as they could. The smaller Patroni provided a calming presence amongst the terrified spectators. Some of the Patroni were also sent to call for assistance from the patrolling Aurors in Hogsmaede.

Meanwhile, the magical dragon's multiple heads opened their mouths and breathed fire, decimating the Dementor ranks. Looking up, it saw the two falling girls and sped towards them. Gently catching Susan in one massive arm and then it headed towards Hermione. The mighty dragon gently grabbed her and then flew towards the ground. It set the two girls down as gently as possible and waited for its master to arrive.

The dragon warily watched the staff and the oher students approach, letting out another roar which froze them in their tracks. Harry broke through the crowd and approached the massive Patronus.

"It's okay," Harry said. "We'll take care of them now. You were brilliant." The massive dragon lowered one of it's heads and licked Susan, before turning towards Harry and lowering its head in his direction. Harry stroked its muzzle and he motioned for his two fiancées to do the same. The dragon made a purring sound before it lifted its head and made a final roar, before disappearing.

"Okay, now that that's over," Harry collapsed to the ground.

"Harry!" "'Arry!" The two girls screamed.

~What Happened? ~

Susan's world was black when she began to hear voices nearby. Slowly, she began to open her eyes and begin to stir. As her vision became clearer, Susan saw the worried face of her aunt looking down at her.

Amelia breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her niece's eyes slowly open. Amelia quickly got up and called out for Madame Pomfrey. She then sat back down next to her niece's bed. "How are you feeling?" Amelia asked the young girl.

"Like I've been hit by a dozen bludgers," the tired red head said. Suddenly, Susan began to look around in fear. "Auntie, Dementors! They - they - "

Amelia pulled her niece to her and gave her a reassuring hug. "It's okay, Susie, it's okay. They're gone. Harry took care of them."

"What?! How?!"

"It was amazing ," Amelia said. "One of the biggest Patronus I've ever seen."

"What was it?" Susan asked with interest.

"A huge three-headed dragon. It actually rescued you and Hermione and brought you two down," Amelia replied.

"Is such a thing even possible, Auntie?" Susan asked.

"Well, if it wasn't, it certainly is. Everyone saw it," Amelia said.

Madame Pomfrey then came in carrying a tray of potions. "Ah, you're awake, young lady. Here, drink these." She sat the tray down on the table next to the bed. "Your young man also just woke up and should be just fine. Just a case of exhaustion. He should be up and about soon. I should put Nameplates next to these beds. You are becoming regular visitors."

"Sorry," Susan said sheepishly. "Ugh," Susan grimaced as she drank one the nasty-tasting liquids and she looked over towards Harry's bed and smiled when she saw him talking to Bella.

Bella sat next to Harry's bed and brushed the hair out of the young boy's eyes. No, young man, she corrected herself. She smiled when she saw him beginning to stir and watched his eyes open. "You gave us quite a scare, Harry-Bear," Bella said.

Harry's eyes widened and he began to look around, "Susan, Hermione - "

"They're fine," Bella said reassuringly. 'Mione was released a little while ago and Susan just woke up."

"The dragon -" Harry began to ask...

"Yes, Harry, we all saw it," Bella said.

"Woah," Was all that Harry could say as he laid back down on the bed.

Bella smiled and said, "Indeed. Poppy left these for you. Come on, drink up."

Harry grimaced as he took a potion and sniffed it, drank it and shuddered at the nastiness of the liquid. "Do these always have to taste so bad?"

"I make them that way so that you youngsters don't keep coming back," Madame Pomfrey said. "Finish those up and you can leave."

As Harry gulped down his last potion with a grimace, he placed the empty phial on the tray. "There. Finally done. Happy now, Madame Pomfrey?"

Madame Pomfrey looked at Harry with a smile and ruffled his hair. "Only if you can stay out of my hospital wing and out of trouble."

"But; Madame Pomfrey...trouble finds me!" Harry said with his lopsided grin. He laughed when both Bella and Madame Pomfrey rolled their eyes. Harry got up from his bed and headed over to where Amelia and Susan were He kissed Amelia on the cheek and kissed Susan's forehead. "I'm so glad you're alright, Sue."

"We all saw that Patronus, Harry. Where did you get the idea for that?" Amelia asked her raven-haired fiancée.

Harry shrugged as he sat down next to Amelia. "I think it was from one of Uncle Dan's movies," he replied. "I was also surprised by it."

"You have got to teach me that, Harry," Susan said as she playfully punched his arm.

"Madame Pomfrey! I'm being assaulted! Help!" Harry shouted with a laugh.

"What's going on?" Madame Pomfrey asked as she stuck her head out of her office.

Amelia smiled and replied, "They're just being kids, Poppy."

Madame Pomfrey left her office and shooed Harry out of the Hospital Wing. "Alright, Harry. Let my patient get some rest. She'll be out soon."

"Okay, okay," Harry said with a pout. He kissed both his fiancées and left them alone. Harry and Bella left the Hospital Wing in search of the others to let them know of Susan's condition.

Harry and Bella made their way to the Great Hall and headed towards the Hufflepuff table. Some of the other students also greeted Bella and asked her when she was coming back. She spoke a little more with the students bedore following Harry. The pair were greeted by Dora and Fleur who motioned for them to sit at their usual spot.

"So, how's Sue, Harry?" Dora asked.

Harry turned and replied, "She'll be fine. Madame Pomfrey just wanted to keep her for a while for observation. Amy's with her right now. Oh, I'm so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff!" Everyone laughed as Harry began piling food on his food.

"Your patronus was something to see, Harry," Cedric said as he sat across from them, Hermione in tow. "Where did you get the inspiration for that dragon?"

Hermione smacked her forehead and said, "Oh; my God, you've been watching Dad's Godzilla movies again, haven't you?"

Harry looked a little sheepish as he replied to his sister, "What? They're great movies!"

"Godzilla?" Cedric looked at his girlfriend. "What's that?"

Harry replied, "It's a series of monster movies from Japan about a giant fire-breathing monster."

"Maybe we can watch it, sometime?" Cedric asked. Harry nodded enthusiastically as the girls groaned as they realized Harry found someone new to share his latest obsession with.

They were all surprised when Luna plopped down next to Hermione.

"Hello, Luna! How was your day?" Hermione asked.

Luna turned and smiled, "Great; so far. I haven't been bothered by any Nargles, so far. Are you sure those Muggle monsters aren't real? Those little people that follow that big moth remind me of Faeries."

"They're just Muggle movies, Luna," Hermione said. Hermione sighed in exasperation as Luna kept on asking questions about the giant monsters. Hermione glared at Harry when Cedric also started asking questions and mouthed, "I'm going to get you later, little brother." Harry just gave his sister an impish grin.


In an abandoned building known as The Shrieking Shack, Regulus Black paced back and forth trying to determine his next course of action.

So why are the Potter boy and Amelia together? Why is she so overprotective of the boy? Regulus thought to himself. Something must be going on between the two - no, that's ridiculous. He's just a boy. The Potter boy MUST be involved with Amelia's niece. That's the reason. Perhaps there's a marriage contract between the two? No matter, I will convince Amelia of my innocence.

Regulus sat heavily on the bed and thought more about his situation. He grinned when he realized what he needed to do. The Potter Boy. I will take the boy and make him listen to me. If I can convince him, it will be easier to convince Amelia and my brother of my innocence. Then Amelia and I shall be together again!

Regulus grabbed his invisibility cloak and dashed out of the Shrieking Shack, laughing as he shifted into his panther form as soon as he left the Shrieking Shack.

I will be FREE!

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