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"Ummmm Lisa are you sure this is safe?" Lincoln said hesitantly

"Relax elder Brother Unit this procedure is Untested and Highly Dangerous there for it is perfectly safe"

Lisa told him With a Straight face and blank eyes making him even more uneasy.

"So what's this for anyway?" he asked with a gulp.

"Simple I'm using you to test my Latest invention a Bio-Molecular Shrink ray with this I can increase the Particles in food to end world hunger"

She declared proudly

"Well okay if you say so" He said unsurely While Lisa placed a Helmet on his head and pulled a Lever, causing the power to go out briefly And the helmet to glow brightly and explode, blinding her For a bit as the Light died done and smoke filled the house.

"LISA!" Everyone exclaimed

As they stormed her room, visibly angry.

"Lisa what's with the smoke!"

Lori exclaimed with a growled as the smoke seemed to linger.

"Hmmmm Maybe I added to many spark plugs"

She said sheepishly.

As the smoke cleared.

"Ugh my Head" Lincoln groaned.

"Lincoln are you hurt?" Lucy asked in a concerned tone.

"No Lucy I'm fine Although I might need a comb" he chuckled as he noticed that they were all staring at him and for some reason all his sisters were drooling excessively except for Lucy and Luan who were drooling and had liquid running down their legs.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" He asked as Lisa handed him a Mirror as he saw he was now...Made of milk Chocolate.

'What the heck?!' He exclaimed as he dropped the mirror and noticed that his sister's drooling was intensifying.

"This can't be good." Rita sighed as She slapped Lori across her head who then did the same to Leni who then did the same to Luna who then did the same to Luan who then did the same to Lynn who then did the same to Lucy who then did the same to Lana who then did the same to Lola who quickly wiped her mouth embarrassed by her behavior.

"Lisa, what the heck did you do to your brother?!"

Lynn Sr Scolded.

"I assure you this wasn't intentional!"


"OUCH!" Lincoln exclaimed as he saw that Lucy had bitten off his Left Hand...Which then slowly regenerated.

"Mmmmmm His hand tastes Like Salted Caramel with a hint of Pineapple~"

"LUCY!" Rita exclaimed as she shrunk down with embarrassment and self disgust.

"S...sorry Lincoln" she said with a Blush very quietly and visibly upset from being yelled at.

"So...Lisa can you reverse this?" Leni asked the Intelligent child.

"Naturally Lincoln may I have a Finger of yours?" she asked him.

"Wait what!?"

"We've seen that it can grow back so giving me a finger won't hurt that much. Plus i need to study it so I can make sure your cells don't mutate." She said bluntly Lincoln shrugged and Broke his finger in half, gently wincing as it felt like he was just pricked with a thumbtack.

"Thank you now. It'll take a while for me to analyze this so Get comfortable for the time being, and I'd recommend turning the temperature in the house very low."

"Why the heck would we literally want to freeze ourselves?!" Lori snapped with her arms crossed.

"Gee, it's almost like chocolate melts, you moron." Lisa said to Lori with a glare As Lori and Lisa began to Bicker Lucy snuck up behind Lincoln and began to rub his crotch area without anyone *Minus Luan but we'll get to her later* Noticing.

"W-What're yo-"

"Shhhhh My Big Sweet Bar of Hershey's delight~" she purred before licking his ear very slowly Making him Shiver as Lucy could use her fingers and trace out the words Hershey.

"L-Lucy, y-you shouldn't."

He stammered quietly as the bickering turned to arguing.

"I want you big brother~" She whispered directly into his ear As his dick began to ooze precum in his pants. As she retracted her hand.

"ENOUGH YOU TWO!" Rita yelled while stomping her foot Angrily , shutting them up.

"Lisa can you or can you not fix him?" The matriarch asked with a frown.

"Possibly…maybe I need to get the ingredients so I can make a cure. Luckily we can get them at a few supermarkets." She spoke while avoiding eye contact.


"I-I-It's so c-c-c-cold!" Lori exclaimed as she tried to keep herself warm.

"Would you rather have your brother be a puddle, Lori?" Rita said sternly With her arms crossed as she now wore several sweaters, two pairs of sweatpants and three layers of socks As she looked at her shivering daughter,who refused to change from her usual outfit.

"N-N-No I guess not so when's Lisa gonna fix this?" Lori asked through chattering teeth.

"Your Father and I are taking her to the store but we'll be gone for a few hours do NOT try and do anything to your brother, or else you are grounded till you graduate!" Rita threatened, making Lori gulp as she had failed her final year of high school due to her obvious addiction to her phone and got caught cheating on her final exams.

"Y...Yes Mom" She muttered. "Good girl" Rita said sternly and with a smile. "Leni's in charge." She added before leaving for the store with her husband and second youngest.


"Lynn, it isn't that cold." Lucy said used to the cold having been outside in the dead of night numerous times.

"Easy...f...for you t...t...to say you're used to this!" Lynn exclaimed bitterly As she shivered beneath 10 wool blankets As She heard Lucy's stomach Growl.

"I forgot to eat breakfast…and lunch." She said simply while rubbing her flat stomach As she left out the room and headed on to Lincoln's room, which was now the coldest room in the building.

"Lincoln?" She said while gently knocking on it.

"Come in!" He said Happily as she entered The freezing cold room and softly moaned from the sharp, frozen air, making her shudder as she closed the door behind her.

"Ummmm Lincoln...I...was wondering..." She began before trailing off.

"What's wrong?" Lincoln said As he looked at her obliviously And sat on his bed as the camera zoomed out, revealing him to be in nothing but black boxer briefs and reading an Ace Saavy comic. As her face began to heat up very slightly. "I-I…uh…I…"

She stammered with her milky face going red As she once again saw the outline of his '5 pound Hershey bar'.

"Lucy?" He said while gently tilting his head to the side And looking at her with his big, chocolatey eyes Making her stomach growl.

"Oh you're hungry!" He said with a frown As he noticed Lucy's face full of shame and regret.

"...Lucy if you want you can...Eat my hand again if you want" He sighed reluctantly As she frowned from his tone.

"I...I...I'll leave if you want me too" She said sadly as she began to turn. "Wait!" He stuttered As he held out his hand. "Here Bite it" he offered.

"Wait really?" Lucy said honestly shocked he's letting her do this.

"Yeah Go ahead Lucy Eat me..." He said before he started blushing as she hesitantly looked at the hand and started shaking as her head slowly lifted up towards his head.

"...Lucy?" Without warning Lucy tackled him to the ground and turned the door lock with her foot As she began to lick up his neck desperately, making him moan.

"You taste so good"

She purred as he felt her hard budding nips poke at his chest.

"So good...so much Chocolate~" she hummed as she bit down on Lincoln's neck causing him to moan loudly while wincing from the sharp pain which made a whimper come out after said moan, getting her attention.

"Shhhhh my Love it'll be all right"

She said softly as his whimper of pain left a small ache in her chest. But it went away when she saw he was getting aroused below the waist. "I'm sorry I hurt you. Let me make it up to you~"

She purred while gently removing his boxer briefs, revealing a 6 inch, dark chocolate hard on Which sure enough had the word Hershey imprinted on it due to her tracing.

"So big it's not even Halloween yet and already I have a full size Candy bar~" Lucy purred while licking her lips And gently touching the cock before pulling back due to it being so cold she thought its temperature was in the negatives.

"Oh my~" She winced as her hand stung from the freezing touch.

"You ok?" Lincoln asked As she gently nodded And Hesitantly stuck her tongue out And licked the tip, shuddering as it didn't even melt in her mouth as her tongue swirled around it, taking in all of its bitter cocoa taste.

"Mmmmmmmmm" she purred before she started bobbing her head. Slowly, moaning as her saliva coated the chocolate dong.

"...L...Lucy!" He moaned as she began to suck harder.

"H-How do you even know how to do this?!" He said as she pulled off momentarily. "Our sisters are terrible at hiding things, especially their adult items." She said simply before resuming her oral massage As Lincoln's moans got louder as the odd taste of white chocolate gently leaked into her mouth.

"It feels so...fucking good" he gasped, surprising his sister with his language As she sucked harder, growing accustomed to the bitter taste.

"Lucy I...I...!"

'Let it out.' She thought as her crotch quivered under her dress As she slid a hand under her panties and gently rubbed herself And waited until he filled her mouth with a creamy substance. 'Is that white chocolate?!'

She thought in pure utter joy with wide eyes As she pulled off, only for the thick cream to shoot out on her face Lincoln moaned and lightly thrusted his hips since she had a hand on it, his white cream also coating it.

"Mmmmmmmmm White chocolate" Lucy purred As she licked her hand clean And smirked as she kept sucking the tip Softly, making her brother moan As he unknowingly put a hand on the back of her head As she swallowed the last bit. and slid off with a pop.


He panted as she wiped her face off and lied on the floor next to him.

"I love you"

She told him As he stiffened up a bit from her words and hoped she didn't mean it. And opened his mouth to say something when they heard his doorknob shake, unable to open due to the lock.

"Lincy are you okay? I heard you yell and I thought were in pain," Leni said. making them both get up.

"I-I'm alright, I just fell is all." he told her with a nervous cough.

"Ok just be careful next time" She said unsurely Leaving the door as Lincoln saw Lucy taking off her panties and giving them to him.

"A present for my sweet brother~" She said with a hint of perversion As his face went red.


All the sisters, minus Lily and Lisa, were in the living room together, freezing and Starving, unable to eat since their dad had used up all of the house's food for his restaurant just yesterday.

"Lori I'm hungry!" Lana said as her stomach growled loudly.

"I know Lana we all are" She barked with chattering teeth.

"There's gotta be some food in the house" Luna spoke trying to warm her hands.

"Well there is-"

"NO Lori we aren't eating Our brother!" Leni exclaimed angrily As her stomach growled and she gripped it in pain.

"Lucy ate a piece of him earlier-"

"Without his knowledge!"

"Indeed although he tasted so good...the sweetest of Chocolate he had the sweetness of Swiss and the strong aroma of Dark the Rich and smoothness of Milk Chocolate the salty bitterness of Coffee chocolate and the thickness of Fudge" she spoke as Lucy kept describing her sisters grew more and more hungry and all too eager as Lucy realized her mistake several seconds too late. 'Ooh, I just made it worse, didn't I?'


"Lisa better hurry back with her stuff." Lincoln said to himself As he heard the Power in the house get shut off.

"Crap, circuits must've blown." He said.

"Hey Lana the powers out!" He called out as he got up and went into the hall, only to find it pitch black.

"Hello?" He said nervously As the cold air of his room seeped into the hallway

"Lincy~" He heard from downstairs.

"Leni?" He hesitantly said while poking his head around the wall And walking downstairs only a few steps when a flash of lightning from outside lit up the house, showing several shadows on the other side of the stairs. "NOPE!" He exclaimed like a sensible person before running back upstairs and making a beeline for his room, or at least he tried too when he tripped over a ball, resulting in him hearing multiple footsteps move up the stairs as he got back onto his feet. Until he was tackled by Lynn who tried to bite into his shoulder. But failed due to Lori pulling her away, prompting him to sigh…before Lori did it herself.

Lincoln immediately screamed in pain, making them instantly cover their now ringing ears, giving him just enough time to punch Lori in the nose and slam his door shut, locking it and blocking off the vent. "That's not gonna hold them for long!"

He said in a frantic tone as he looked around and saw the window. "It's my only chance!"

He muttered until he remembered it was a Hot Summer day and the sun, though it was setting, was still in the sky.

"Damn it Either I melt, or I get eaten alive…well, I know what I choose." He said before pushing his bed against the door And he went for the window only to see Lana barricading it shut. What she didn't take into account, however, was her brother's determination as he dove through the glass and boards, sending her crashing down as he landed in a thorn bush with the glass and wood raining down on it.

"You okay, Lana?"

"Yeah I'm Good!"

She said with a weak groan As he army-crawled out of the thorny plant when he heard his bedroom door break. "Where is that twerp?!"

Lori growled as he saw Lana pop out he silently shook his head no as she simply shook her head yes and was about to yell when he tackled her into the bush clamped his hand over her jaw, pushing it closed before dragging her into the backyard shed, hog tying her with several rather tight knots that even she had no experience with, and finishing it off with several rags wrapped around her mouth. "Phew, that's one sister down."

He sighed as he heard Lana try and say something through her gag as he left the shed. very slowly when he saw shadows moving down the stairs inside, prompting him to run back in the shed. 'I gotta get to Lisa's bunker, it's my only safe spot…need to get her spare keys from the basement..' He thought while rubbing where Lori had bitten him and, upon moving it into the light, saw that it hadn't healed.

"Crap." He muttered as he saw Lana still trying to speak. "If you scream, I am getting duct tape and covering both your mouth AND your nose." He threatened Making her flinch as he pulled the makeshift gag down.

"Just one bite bro, please! I'm starving!" She begged with watery eyes.

"...Fine but Only one bite!"

He muttered while breaking off his pinkie, only to fall down in absolute pain as his hand was now filled with the sensation of being torn apart by piranha and leeches.

"Lincoln are you okay?" She whimpered while seeing the look of pure agony on his face

"Kinda in pain here!"

He muttered before looking at his hand and holding it tightly soon after Before quickly running off outside, leaving the pinkie on the floor in front of her, showing that it was now oozing a see through red sap that was getting thicker with each second, making Lana whimper at the sight of it


"I can't find him!" Luna cried out as she came out of the basement while Luan was going through the kitchen

As she saw him outside heading for the cellar and, being Luan, instantly followed him as quietly as humanly possible.

'found you' She thought As She watched him go down and shut the wooden doors closed. When she simply went to the basement. "He's in here, girls!" She shouted loudly, but…got no response. "Hmm? I know Luna converted the basement into a place to practice music, but I could've sworn that door was open." She said to herself As she looked up the staircase, only to instantly fall on her back. As she looked back up with blurred vision and could barely make out Lincoln with a boxing glove, standing in front of the locked and barricaded kitchen door.


"This is crazy!" Lincoln exclaimed as Luan got back up with a grin And started making her way up to him

With a sway in her hips whilst licking her lips. *Rhyme points 1!*

"Gotta hide!"

He muttered while readying his fist again in case she got too close.

"Don't be scared~" He heard her purr As she moved up the first few steps Slowly, her juices glistening in the moonlight. Making him Gulp and afraid of what she would do to him.

"Stay back Luan, I have a weapon!" He warned while pulling his gloved fist back As she tackled him, resulting in them both rolling down the stairs.

"...Ow" Lincoln groaned while rubbing his head in pain. "Ow, what the hell, Luan?!" He groaned with an angry glare as he felt her hand rubbing his boxers, freaking him out

'not Again!' He whimpered with a gulp As she pulled his underwear off. In one tug , allowing his bar to stand at full mast. Licking her lips in the Process as her hand slowly moved up to it

"My My~" she purred before nibbling on his neck , making him whimper in pain As she left a barely visible mark that stung a bit.

"Mmmmmmm Tasty~"

She whispered, making him gulp and shudder violently. "P-P-Please, Luan. Don't kill me!" He begged with salty tears in his eyes

"I won't kill you...but I will take a Bite~"

She said, making him whimper

As she took off her panties

and straddled his still cold body. "Luan, this is wrong!"

"Not to me Sweet Cheeks~"

"What would mom and dad say?! What would MAGGIE say?!" He exclaimed hoping to get through to her.

"Hehehe Jokes on you, she's into this shit!" She laughed.

"Wait what?!" He exclaimed with a look of shock As she rubbed his dick. "Luan...Please stop." he pleaded before he started to cry and whimper with more tears running down his face

"It'll be okay Lincoln we're gonna have a good time won't that be fun~?" She purred in a cold tone while giving him a Rather Terrifying smile, making him whimper in fear as she turned her body around and started sucking on his cocoa woody crazily, making him whimpers mix in with his moans as her lower juices dripped down on his face. "Mmmmm you taste so good" She told him With a purr while sucking on the sides Lincoln tried not to moan from her oral massage

"...Ugh...Luan...why!" He whimpered Sadly as his tears continued flowing.

"Don't be scared just let your big sister take care of you!~" she whispered as she turned her body around, bit down and ate his ear, making him cry out in pain as Luan rubbed her bare cunt against his dick "Please stop!" He begged while still crying as Luan ignored him and positioned herself over his dick. when he suddenly and violently pushed her off of him, backing up quickly into the light as she hit her head. "Ow, what the heck?!"

She grumbled as Lincoln tried to run away while she got up, only to slip on something wet. "Ew, what is…this…" She said, trailing off as she saw her shirt was stained red, and that the floor was covered in the same red substance, which led directly to where she had torn the ear off of her brother, who was curled up in a ball with the most heartbroken and terrified look she had ever seen, making her heart shatter.

"Ummmmm Luan? Lisa's on the Phone" Lucy said while poking her head out of a vent as she gave her phone to Luan.



"...a Little why?" Luan asked, afraid of the answer.

"Oh dear this is not good!" They heard her muttering over and over.

"Uhhhhhh Lisa what's wrong?" Luan asked again this time she began to sweat.

"The Finger that Lincoln gave me to study is undergoing a Mutation the chocolate Cells within his Body are Becoming his Regular Human skin cells. In short, if Lincoln Gets eaten not only will he not regenerate but he'll also feel immense pain and worse if he melts before being completely consumed, he WILL die! Also, I've had to keep the finger in a container as it shall not stop producing blood.

"...Ummmm Lisa could you repeat that?"

"Yes, I said the finger is eternally bleeding and our brother is turning human, whatever parts he loses WILL NOT GROW BACK!."

She said as the two of them heard a Loud scream of pain.

"Lincoln?!" Lucy stammered as she noticed the House was getting hotter and the lights were flickering, revealing the basement door completely broken with a chocolate trail going up the stairs.



Lincoln yelled as he tried and failed to push Lori away who bit off his semi-melted hand. Lincoln tried to scramble away but his legs were grabbed by lynn who ripped off his ankle while Luna and Leni each bit into his torso all while lola began to eat his shoulder but lincoln managed to throw her off as Lori and the others kept crawling back towards him and began to converge.

"Please...I...I don't feel so good...please...stop" he begged weakly as he fell back into a corner as his Body nearly splattered on the wall as Lincoln felt his heart beating slowly and his vision blurred up as his sisters dog-piled on him.

*Hours Later*

Lincoln let out a Loud gasp as he woke up in bed with his skin back to normal.

"...A Dream! It was all a Dream I wasn't made of chocolate and my sisters didn't almost kill me!" He sighed in relief until he heard a Buzzer noise coming from Luan.

"Wrong not a Dream you did turn into chocolate and we did almost kill you" she spoke nursing a Black eye.

"What happened to you?"

"Lily knows how to throw a Punch." She said while rubbing her face as Lucy walked in with an ice pack up to her eye and a limp in her steps as Rita walked inside with Lily in her arms.

"Lincy!" She said as Rita placed her on his lap with her frown still present.

"Mom what's wrong?" he asked, noticing her angry scowl.

"I am so disappointed in your sisters." She said with an angry sigh As he noticed they were the only ones there. "Where's everyone else?"

"Outside your father put them to work"

She told him as he looked outside and saw Lori and the others being forced by Lynn Sr to build a cactus garden well except for Lana who had to wash Vanzilla and Lori's car as well as herself in the process and Lisa who was busy whipping Lola using a leather whip as the princess was being forced to plow the yard like a horse.

"Why are they making that?"

"Your idiot father thinks a cactus garden will inspire him to make exotic foods" She muttered With a face palm.

"But…that's stupid." he said as he could hear the disappointment in his mother's voice when she gave a response.

"I know..." She muttered while looking at him with her still present frown as Rita took Lily in her arms and walked off leaving him alone.


Lincoln was relaxing his room watching videos on his phone when Luan and lucy walked inside both having uneasy looks.

"So…are you two just gonna stand there or are we gonna talk about what happened?" Lincoln asked his two sisters who were again in his room, silently standing Awkwardly while avoiding his gaze.

"...Lincoln...we're Sorry"


"For trying to Eat you"


"Not that… the…'other' thing." he said interrupting them both from speaking


"I'm waiting." He said as they looked at each other Uneasily.

"Um…" Luan said very nervously. While Lucy just coughed in her hand and also avoided his gaze. "Girls my patience is wearing dry." He said with a glare making Lucy sigh and nervously look at him.

"I...I Love you"

She muttered softly when she realized the attention was on her.

"What was that?" He said with wide eyes as her face turned red and she ran out the room before Luan went after her and literally dragged her back in. "Just tell him Lucy!"

She said with a glare making the small girl looked down with a red face with tears falling down her cheeks.

"Lucy?" He said as he tried to get up And failed as he winced in pain.

"I said I Love you!"

She repeated, this time a bit louder as her entire face lit up In Embarrassment. "Again, what?!" he exclaimed, still unable to process everything.

"Lincoln…you make me feel whole like I actually Matter to the world" Lucy began with watery eyes. "I feel invisible in the world but when you're around my heart it takes flight knowing you'll never forget about me" She went on. "I knew it was more than a simple crush when you took the blame for me that day"

"What is she talking about?" Luan asked as Lincoln looked away with a nervous and awkward chuckle "Well ya See…remember that Clogged Toilet Incident?"

"…Oh my God. That was…and you…" Luan spoke pointing to Lucy who gave a shy nod.

"Yeah…" Lucy said while looking down ashamed.

"We made fun of him for 7 Months because of that and you just let him take the blame?!" Luan yelled as Lucy flinched from her tone of voice.

"I-I didn't expect him to!" Lucy said with a stutter as she stepped back a bit. And looked away. as her face turned red while Luan shook her head and sighed.

"...I'm sorry Lincoln"

She said with a sigh

"For what Luan?" He spoke crossing his arms.

"Pranking you over that book."

She said Sadly as Lincoln Sighed "It doesn't excuse why you did what YOU did Luan," he said with a glare as she looked at her feet while her face turned red. "I…"

"You?" he spoke raising an eyebrow.

"I…I don't know when I started feeling like that…or why…" She stammered with her face also turning red. "I just know that…when you're around I feel accepted…and wanted…"

Luan explained while twiddling her thumbs nervously while her eyes started watering

"Lincoln you're the only one who finds me funny and doesn't see me as an annoyance" She admitted, surprising him. "...I'm Sorry If it seemed I was taking advantage of you I just…couldn't control myself anymore."

She spoke sadly as Lincoln sighed. "That still doesn't excuse the fact that I'm now missing an ear."

He told her with a glare making luan flinch and look down.

"Maybe it was a Mistake to come here...Lets go Lucy"

She muttered sadly as they turned to leave.

*Later that Night*

"Ow." Lincoln groaned as he rubbed the spot where his ear used to be. as he sat back in his bed and frowned sadly as he heard the yells of his mother, still going on after several hours, Curiously he leaned his good ear near the vent.


She screeched like a banshee out of hell making him Chuckle and cringe from her harshness as Luan and Lucy walked in dressed in their Pajamas.

"What're you doing?" He asked them in a Bitter tone as Lucy moved her bangs and tied them around her head revealing her deep bluish red eyes.

"Proving we love you." She told him with determination as she and Luan began to strip before his eyes, making him blush deeply while both were now in their birthday suits.

"Lucy, go lock the door." Luan told her as the short goth nodded while Luan went over to Lincoln's bed and laid next to him and began to kiss his neck while disrobed and joined her sister in doing the same thing but to Lincoln's chest.

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