A lot of things were shaken up to make room for Jai Wilcox, and Conrad Sheehan was one of them. As Auggie told her on her first day, things at the Agency were highly changeable. Hence, the seemingly sudden office relocation that had been stalled in bureaucratic limbo for years, and the introductions to things that wouldn't be there tomorrow.

Annie had liked Conrad a lot. He was entitled, overconfident, and the kind of Textbook Bottom one had to be to thrive under the tutelage of Arthur Campbell, but he made an effort to make others feel comfortable in his presence and Annie respected that. Even Auggie had a certain affection and respect for him, something that distinguished Conrad from the majority of other men in government work.

"So what happened to him?" she whispered over beers at Allen's.

"Let's file that under 'sentences that should never come out of your mouth ever again,'" Auggie whispered back.

"That's a long category."

"Yeah, well it's a stupid question. You're a spy now, Walker. You don't get to know why people disappear."

"Wait- you think someone made him disappear?"

Auggie's lips spread into a smirk. "Wilcoxes are worth more points in this game than Sheehans. Conrad's old-money, Jai's old-power. It seems like a pretty cut-and-dry shake-up to me."

The next time Annie saw Conrad, it was in an elevator. His hair was longer, his face rimmed with stubble, and he looked like someone had just punched his lights out. They rode in silence, separated by a barista on her way to work, and Annie wondered if he'd been out in the field or in lockdown or both. He had the look of a man who'd been tortured, but he wasn't too pale. Foreign espionage, maybe.

Regardless of the circumstances, she never saw him in the DPD again.