The Sky Fox

Prologue: One Way Ticket and Emergency Rescue

One starry night in a forest surrounding a rather tall mountain, the atmosphere was serene and peaceful signifying that there was nothing out of the ordinary with no signs of any irregularities.

Suddenly a part of the sky began to distort as purple lightning was discharging in random directions, then a rift slowly opened to reveal a dark void within it. A red streak shot out of it and towards the ground below before crashing hard enough to destroy a lot of the trees and form a large crate.

The smoke cleared away to reveal something or rather someone laying in the middle of the crater sprawled out and unconscious. It is a boy with spiky blond hair and birthmarks on his cheeks that closely resemble whiskers similar to that of a fox, he wears a bright orange jumpsuit with a white tassel on his right shoulder and a red spiral at the back although it looked like something pierced through the jacket as a two holes are seen from the front to the back, blue sandals and a short blue cloth with a metal plate on it and etched into it is a symbol of a leaf.

The boy laid there unmoving and would have remained laying for much longer had it not been for a loud voice calling out to him, the thing was that this voice could not be heard by anyone else as it originates from the boy's mind.

"Naruto!" said the voice.


"Come on Naruto, wake up!"


"Wake up right now!"

"…ugh," the boy let out a pained groan before slowly opening his cerulean blue eyes to look at the night sky, he slowly sat up and rubbed some parts of his body to try and ease the pain "W-what happen?"

"Naruto! I'm glad that you're alright!" said the voice with a tone of relief.

"Kurami-chan, is that you?" asked the boy now known as Naruto.

"Of course it's me Naruto-kun, who else would have a nine tailed fox sealed in them?" said the voice now revealed to be Kurami.

If one is wondering how a boy like Naruto has a fox sealed in him, then here's the low down. A few years ago, a ninja village going by the name Konoha was being attacked by a giant nine tailed fox, many ninjas fought back but were no match for the beast. Then the leader of the village also known as Hokage performed a self-sacrificing technique to seal fox within a newborn baby who was none other than Naruto. The dying Hokage had wished for the boy to be seen as a hero for preventing the fox from destroying the village, but the village ignored that wish as they rather saw the boy as the fox reincarnated and mistreated him as such. It was during his C-ranked turned A-ranked mission that he met the fox in his mindscape when he tapped into its chakra.

When Naruto first met the nine tailed fox, he was shocked to find out that the beast was actually a girl whose real name was Kurami. She told him that the fourth Hokage who sealed her within him was actually his father Minato Namikaze and that his mother Kushina Uzumaki was her former container and best friend, she also told him that the night when her mother was giving birth to him, a man proclaiming himself to be Uchiha Madara extracted her from his mother's weakened seal after giving birth to him and used his sharingan to cast a powerful Genjutsu on her to attack the village.

Naruto was shown the memories of that night and when he heard his parent's last words, he did something he thought he wouldn't do for a long time…he cried. He cried tears of joy for knowing that his parents truly loved him despite everything and wanted to make them proud of him. He also couldn't hold it against Kurami as it wasn't her fault and that the Uchiha was to blame for everything. Since then, Naruto and Kurami had formed a strong bond between themselves and were always supporting each other with Kurami lending her chakra in times of need.

"Kurami-chan, what happened? The last thing I remember was that I was fighting Sasuke, then he activated the curse mark and you leant me your chakra to fight back, afterwards we clashed with our strongest jutsus and there was a bright flash of light before I lost consciousness, could the blast have sent us this far?" said Naruto while looking confused.

"I don't know Naruto-kun, but we should get out of this forest so that we may learn of where we are," said Kurami.

"Good idea Kurami-chan, maybe that mountain will serve as a vantage point to scope out the area,"

Naruto proceeded to leap through the trees in direction of the tall mountain, he was halfway towards it when he suddenly heard some strange sounds like something was roaring through the forest but it didn't sound anything like a lion or any other animal. Making sure to exercise caution, he silently approached the source of the sounds. Then he peeked behind a tree and his eyes widened upon what he saw and he wasn't the only one as Kurami was just as surprised.

"What are those things Kurami-chan?" asked Naruto.

"I don't know, but they seem to be some sort of transportation," said Kurami.

What they were looking at seems to be a carriage made entirely of metal and is capable of moving on its own without being pulled by horses or even going along rails like a train. There were three of those vehicles and they watched them pass through a gate into what looks like an abandoned base. The vehicles stopped and the doors opened as men came out dressed in clothes which are not familiar to Naruto at all. They all wore a pair of dark brown boots with camo pants with a dark green flak jacket over black t-shirts and dirty green helmets, and they carry strange looking weapons too.

"Who are these guys? They seem to be ninjas since I don't see any headbands on them," said Naruto as he kept a close eye on them.

"They give me an impression of being mercenaries and don't seem to be the good kind as I can sense a lot of negativity from them," said Kurami with a small frown.

They watched as one of the men walked over to middle vehicle and opened the door to drag out a man wearing a white lab coat who was struggling against the man's grip. They heard the mercenary talk to the man in an unknown language who shook his head in refusal and replied to him in the same language. The mercenary snapped his fingers and one of his cohorts went open the door of another vehicle and dragged out a little brown hair girl wearing a yellow dress who upon seeing the man in the lab coat reached in an attempt to get to him while crying papa and man's eyes widened in shock at seeing the girl and turning to glare angrily at the mercenary who was smirking cruelly.

Naruto was confused at first due to the language, but he finally got what's going on and growled in anger at the mercenaries "This is a kidnapping and those guys are forcing that man to co-operate since they're holding the girl who might be his daughter hostage!" he got ready and was about to jump in to help if Kurami hadn't called out to him.

"Naruto-kun wait! Don't just go in like that! We don't know what they're capable of and they might hurt them if we do anything reckless," said Kurami.

"Then what should we do?" asked Naruto.

"Best option is to take them down one by one using stealth, and thankfully you have that down with no problem due to your pranks," The nine tailed vixen was right, due to Naruto inheriting his mother's tendency to play pranks, he was able to outrun and hide from even the ANBU with no problem. He even painted the Hokage faces in broad daylight and no one noticed until he was done and called out to them to see.

"Okay Kurami-chan, I'll go with your plan. Now let's go save those people,"

Then Naruto took off towards the abandoned base and got close to the entrance before hiding behind a tree where he saw one of the mercenaries standing nearby and serving as a sentry "I need to lure him away from the entrance and to somewhere I can take him down without the others knowing," he looked around and saw a twig on the ground, he picked it up and broke it in half to making a snapping sound, the guard immediately looked in direction of the sound but then ignored it and remained where he was. Naruto picked up another twig and broke it as well. This time it caught the guard's attention as he cautiously approached the source of the sound, Naruto quickly ran up the tree and hide within the leaves as he waited for the guard to get closer, and when he did Naruto jumped out and landed a chop on the man's neck hard enough to knock him.

Naruto pulled back his left sleeve to reveal a seal which he channeled into it to release a storage scroll which contained ninja tools since he lost the ones in his ninja pouch during his battle with Sasuke. After restocking the pouch, he used ninja wires to tie up the guard and gag him to prevent from making any noise. He then approached the base but didn't go through the door but instead choose to peek in from the windows, he went round the building and found one before sending chakra to his feet as he walked up the wall before peeking through it. There he saw the man in the lab coat being taken into a room while a mercenary took the girl into another room.

"Naruto-kun, I suggest that you save the girl first and make sure that she's safe before moving on to rescue the man," said Kurami.

"Got it," Naruto went around the building after calculating where exactly the room in which the girl is being held, he looked around and saw a small crack in the wall which is obviously too small for him to fit through but there's a reason why Naruto is a ninja. He formed a handsign and called out "Henge!" there was a puff of smoke and in his place was a small brown mouse. He crawled through the crack and made his way through the narrow spaces until reaching the end where he poked his head out and saw the mercenary smirking at the girl who was sitting in a corner quivering in fear. He silently crawled out of the crack and slowly approached him from behind while making sure that he wasn't seen, then he released the jutsu as he pounced the man and knocked him out with a hard chop to the neck.

Naruto tied up the mercenary with ninja wires and turned to check on the girl who was looking at him in wonder "Are you okay?"

The girl said "Chie siete?"

"I can't understand you," Naruto was pointing at his ears and shaking his head signify what he meant.

The girl spoke again, this time in a different language "Who are you?"

Naruto was momentarily surprised to hear her speak his language but quickly snapped back to attention "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, what's yours?"

"My name is Sonia Salvatore, please help my papa! Those bad men kidnapped me when I was on my home from school," the girl grabbed onto Naruto with tears in her eyes, Naruto smiled warmly and patted her back.

"Don't worry Sonia-chan, I saw what happened and I promise you that I'll save your dad. Until then I'll need you to stay here where it's safe at the moment," then he crossed his middle and index fingers of each hand together and called out "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" there was a puff of smoke and three copies of Naruto appeared by his side and stood ready, Sonia was staring at them in awe.

"Are you some kind of super ninja? I've only seen stuff like on anime?" she asked curiously much to his confusion.

"Uh…you're about me being a ninja but not a super one, and what is anime?" asked Naruto "Never mind about that now, stay here with my shadow clones while I go and save your dad,"


Naruto made his way to the door and slowly opened it to check for any sight of the mercenaries, after finding none in the area he stealthily moved towards the door where he saw the man being taken through and discovered that the door was slightly ajar. He peeked through the crack and saw an open safe in the middle of the room and the mercenary was pointing one of those strange weapons only that it was smaller at Sonia's father with an evil smirk.

"Hurry Naruto-kun, I think that guy's going to kill him!" Kurami yelled worriedly.

"I know but they're too far away for my kunai or shuriken to reach!" Naruto was thinking frantically until coming upon a last minute idea as he sped through a set of handseals.

At that moment, there was a loud bang from the weapon but the man disappeared from his sight and a boy with yellow spiky hair stood in his place, since he was aiming at the man's head the projectile completely missed due to the height difference. The mercenary's moment of distraction was not lost to Naruto as he connected a jumping roundhouse kick to the head and followed it up with a powerful haymaker punch to send him to the ground knocked out.

"For once I appreciate the academy for teaching us the Kawarimi jutsu as it just helped me save a life," Naruto sighed in relief at the close call that he just made. He heard the door fully open and turned around to see the man approach him with caution.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" asked the man in Naruto's supposed language.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I was passing through the forest when I saw those guys holding you and your daughter prisoner,"

This made the man look worried "Is she safe?"

"Don't worry, she was the first I went to rescue and I left her with some of my clones so she'll be safe, and I promised her that I'll rescue you as well,"

The man let out a sigh of relief before looking at Naruto with gratitude "Thank goodness, I was so worried about her. My name is Fabio Salvatore and I'm a scientist,"

"It's nice to meet you Fabio-san, now let's get you and your daughter out of here,"

"Wait! Please I need you to help me get back the IS core from those mercenaries!" said Fabio with a look of urgency.

"Why does he sound so desperate about this 'core'?" asked Kurami.

Naruto was wondering the same thing and asked for the both of them "What is so important about this core?"

"Because it will upset the power balance throughout the world and the status of Italy will be in jeopardy, and I also need the money from the government funding to wake my wife from her coma, she fell into it after giving birth to Sonia for five years ago and an operation is needed to wake her up but the price was very high," said Fabio.

"So he wants the core back so that he can use the money to save his wife and reunite her with their daughter," thought Naruto.

They were snapped out of their thoughts when a loud whirring sound from outside the building and Fabio paled in fear.

"Oh no! They're getting away! It's too late!"

Naruto turned and started running for the door very quickly "No it's not! I'll definitely get the core back so that you can get the money to help your wife and Sonia-chan can be with her mother, and I promise that on my nindo, my ninja way!" by then he had already gone out of the building and towards the sound with Fabio watching on with a bit of hope in his eyes.

"You may be a stranger from out of nowhere, but I can't help but feel like I can count on you for this," thought Fabio, then he turned around and went to look for his daughter.

Naruto was already running through the military base as he pumped chakra to his feet to increase his speed, but his body is reaching his limit due to his previous battle with Sasuke before ending up here. He finally reached the source of the whirring, it was another one of those strange vehicles only that this one didn't have wheels but rather four bladed arms in a cross which were spinning at high speed and was gradually lifting off from the ground into the air.

"You're not getting away from me!" Naruto raced towards the vehicle, one of the mercenaries aimed a turret at him and opened fire, Naruto quickly summoned a dozen clones to distract them while darting left and right to evade the high speed projectiles. He wanted to wrap an explosive tag to a kunai and throw it at the flying transport in order to bring it down, but he couldn't risk damaging the core.

The vehicle was slowly ascending to sky as his clones were getting decimated from being shot at, Naruto quickly ran up a nearby building and was running towards it with the intention to jump on board but his exhaustion was beginning to take its toll on his body.

"Damn! I might not be able to make it unless…Kurami-chan, I need you to lend me some of your chakra!" said naruto with urgency.

"I gave you a large amount of chakra during your fight against sasuke which was more than your body could handle. If I send chakra through your body again after such a short time, it will forcefully shut down," said Kurami worriedly.

"Just a little more, I need to get the core back no matter what! I promised them after all," said Naruto.

"…Okay, but you have to end this as soon as possible. Your body can only take this much right now,"

Naruto felt the vixen's chakra flow throughout his body as a red aura is emitting from his body and he was moving more quickly than before "Thanks Ku-chan," he reached the edge of the building and pumped chakra to his legs before jumping high into the air as he got close enough to the flying vehicle to grab onto the railing as it was trying to stabilize its flight.

He pulled himself up and into the machine to see one of the mercenaries holding a blue globe in his hands.

"That's must the core which Fabio was talking about," said Kurami.

The man yelled something at him before taking out one if those handheld weapons and started shooting at him, Naruto rolled to the side but one of the shots grazed the shoulder of the man controlling the vehicle, causing him to cry out in pain and making it tilt to the right. The mercenary surprised by the sudden movement let go of the core for it to fall to the ground below.

"Dammit!" Naruto dived after it but not before twisting in midair to throw a kunai with an explosive tag attached, causing the vehicle to explode. "Come on come on!" Naruto was catching up to the descending core and managed to grab it in his arms but he didn't notice was that Kurami's chakra had flowed into the core, causing it to glow brightly as he crashed into the ground for the second time on his back. the crash combined with his exhaustion were enough to completely knock him for a quite while.

"That's hurts..a lot… but at least… I was able to…save the core…but why does it I'm holding…something else?" thought Naruto as he lost consciousness.

Fabio had reunited with Sonia and were making their way where they saw Naruto, only to see him jump off a helicopter after a falling IS core while glowing in red energy. They hurried over to where he crashed with worry in their hearts.

"Papa, is he okay?!" asked Sonia with tears in her eyes.

Fabio grabbed the boy's wrist and was relieved to get a pulse, "He's okay, he's just unconscious but we need to get him to a hospital," however his eyes widened upon what he was seeing right now "What?! How could this have happened?"

What Fabio was seeing wasn't Naruto holding the core…but the fact that he was seeing the blond haired boy holding two IS cores!

This is Hussbek online with the prologue of my first Naruto/Infinite Stratos crossover fanfic. This story came into mind with the help of my friend WelshDragon18. Naruto will own two IS and will also have a harem while Ichika will be paired up with Houki and maybe one more as the story progresses. Notice that his two IS will based on the robots from Danball Senki Wars, you'll find out about the models on the next chapter.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.