The Sky Fox

Chapter 21: A Prince's Distress

Naruto was focused intently as he was currently equipped with Dot-Phasor and constantly circling around in the arena with a red balloon placed atop of tall pole at the center whilst aiming at it with the Z-Shooter with one hand and wielding the Z-Sword in a reverse grip with the other hand, he was practicing the Shooter Flow tactic while manually maintaining controlling his flight. This way he trains on his focus and not having to be too reliant on automatic control.

A voice suddenly spoke to him through the comms {Not bad, I can see you're getting a good handle of the manual flight controls}

Naruto looked down to see Tatenashi observing him from the ground, making him sigh. Ever since she tricked her way into being his roommate with the quote 'A maid staying close to her master is the best way to serve him', Naruto had to be on guard around her which he never really had to when Penny and Charlotte stayed with him in the past.

{I can see that you're picking up speed, now I want you to initiate an Ignition Boost straight towards the barrage} Tatenashi instructed.

"An Ignition Boost?" Naruto inquired.

{That's right, shift to a straight-line maneuver from the circular orbit of your Shooter Flow. Break through your opponent's barrage all at once and use your gun at point-blank range}

[I see, this maneuver must have been inspired from observing how a falcon hunts its prey by circling overhead before swooping down to attack the moment it spots the right opportunity] Minato pointed out, he always attained ideas from observing the things around. After all, he created the Rasengan from witnessing the Tailed Beast Bomb.

"I get it now, I'll give it a shot!" Naruto maintained the circular orbit for a bit longer before performing a barrel roll to reposition his body then activated the Ignition Boost to propel himself straight towards his target. He fired a three-shot burst with his Z-Shooter before slicing the target in half with the Z-Sword then he quickly ascended to the sky to maintain control of his flight.

{Impressive, most IS pilots would try to use the Ignition Boost while still in the circular orbit of the Shooter Flow which often leads to them losing control and crashing all over the place. Instead, you repositioned yourself first before using the Ignition Boost} said Tatenashi, visibly impressed.

Naruto landed back on the ground with the helmet opening to reveal his face "Yeah, well the maneuver reminded me of how a falcon normally hunts its prey. So I used that as a visual on how to attack with the Ignition Boost which is different from how I normally use it," he didn't want to reveal too much.

"Oh yes, the Sonic Flicker which enables you to create afterimages to distract your opponents. I've never seen any other IS pilots utilize such a technique the way you did," said Tatenashi, looking at Naruto rather keenly.

"When I started training with the IS and learned about the Ignition Boost, my dad and I started coming with various ways on how to use it, that's how we came up with Sonic Flicker; performing quick bursts of speed to create afterimages instead of a single large boost since it can only be used once," Naruto explained.

"That's quite interesting to hear, anyways let's pick up where we left off," Tatenashi brought out a remote and pressed a button to create another target on top of the pole "Repeat the maneuver until it becomes second nature to you,"

Naruto nodded in affirmation with the helmet closing back up "Sure thing!" he took to the air and prepared to do so.

Later on, Naruto was at the cafeteria with Ichika and the others as he was using his Profiler to project a Holoscreen which was playing a recording of his training session with Tatenashi, figuring that they could also learn from what he went through as a reference.

"…and that's how my training went," Naruto finished explaining.

"Wow, guess that's a student council president for you," said Ichika in wonder, feeling unsure and believing that it will take a while until he's able to perform a similar maneuver accurately.

"But isn't it tiring for you?" asked Ling.

Naruto sighed "There's no denying that but it doesn't make it any less worthwhile, considering that I'm someone who learns greatly through practical more than theory, she must have figured out that aspect of me when we first fought,"

"But how did she become your roommate?" asked Charlotte, mentally frowning.

"*Groan* because I was an idiot who didn't clarify the conditions or rather, she didn't let me do so on purpose and this way she could alter things to suit her needs whether she won or lost with the latter happening," the blonde ninja still feels like a sucker about that.

"I warn you all to tread lightly around her, she truly is formidable," said Laura, feeling rather intimidated.

She remembered that night when she was sneaking into Naruto's room and found him being pressured by Tatenashi who was wearing a bikini and a maid apron at the time, Laura didn't hesitate to attack with a Partial Deployment and the next thing she knew was that Tatenashi easily suppressed her with just her folding fan and hardly any effort. Never has she been so easily beaten outside Chifuyu and Naruto, it was so unreal.

Cecelia and the other girls felt a bit worried, seeing the normally calm and stoic Laura looking so tame before them which is rather worrying since Tatenashi might claim Naruto for herself and they wouldn't be able to stand a chance.

"But did you at least tried to persuade her to leave?" asked Cecelia.

"Believe me when I say I tried; I asked her, tried reason with her. Heck, I even attempted to make another bet to cancel out the first one. She always found a way to counter and nearly made her stay permanent if I hadn't backed off," Naruto whined, placing his head on the table.

[You have to give kudos to her, she definitely knows how to stake a claim and keep a firm hold on it] Kushina commented.

Penny began patting his head "There there, Naru-kun. Don't be sad,"

"Hang in there, man," Ichika cheered for his fellow male student.

"Poor Naruto, I wonder how I can help him?" thought Charlotte, then she had an idea "I know, I can invite him to stay me in my room. It won't be difficult since we used to do so before, and this way I can keep him away from everyone else!"

She was about to suggest her idea when Naruto's Profiler began to ring, notifying him of a video call which he answered much to her displeasure.

"Hello, Naruto speaking," Naruto answered.

The Holoscreen displayed Fabio who smiled in greeting {Hello Naruto, how are things going for you in the academy?}

Naruto smiled in response "As good as they can be, what's up?"

{The new gear for your two IS is currently on its way to you and will no doubt prove useful during your battles. Be sure to let us know what you think of it after trying it out}

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Sure thing, thanks for the heads up,"

{You're welcome, I'll be sure to contact you later on about it} said Fabio before ending the video call.

"Are you getting a new weapon, Naruto?" asked Cecelia curiously.

"More of a support gear which can be used by Odin and Dot-Phasor, I should have received it a week ago but there were some delays. But now it's on its way," Naruto explained.

Ling inquired "What more can you tell us about it?"

Naruto grinned in response "Now now, Ling-chan. That would be telling too much, wait until it finally arrives then you'll see,"

"I like surprises!" said Penny cheerfully.

"As much as I'd like to know of what you're receiving, we have much more important matters to focus on," Houki pointed out.

"What are they?" asked Ichika confusedly.

Charlotte was the one to answer "She's talking about the upcoming Maid Café, Ichika,"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. The School Festival will be starting tomorrow,"

"Then we'll need to go and make last minute preparations, especially me since I'll be cooking," said Naruto.

"I still think that Naruto should be a butler like Ichika," Cecelia complained a bit.

"Agreeable but you cannot overlook his skill in cooking which will be most valued if we want this operation to be a success," said Laura.

"That's true, but…," Charlotte was unsure "I fear that his cooking might end up attracting more rivals,"

Naruto rose from his seat "I'd better check with the catering and make sure than we have the required ingredients for tomorrow since I'll be the head chef. I'll see you guys later," he proceeded to leave to do just that then pick up Kurami from Nohotoke afterwards.

Later on, he was back in his dorm room and was currently brushing his teeth in preparation for going to bed after having dinner with Kurami and Tatenashi. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Tatenashi call out to him.

"Naruto, could you come over here?" Tatenashi asked.

"Okay…?" Naruto left the bathroom while still brushing his teeth "So what is it you wa-pfffftttt!" he spat out the toothpaste from his mouth in shock at what he's seeing right now.

Laying on the bed is Tatenashi who's wearing nothing but a white unbuttoned long-sleeved shirt…HIS shirt.

"What are you doing and why are you wearing my shirt!?" Naruto demanded, he looked around and found Kurami tied up yet again.

"These girls are so lucky that this form of mine is made to use the smallest amount of chakra while the rest stays in the seal," Kurami growled in anger.

"Why else but for you to give me a massage?" said Tatenashi as if talking about the weather.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto was doing all he can to not look at anywhere besides her face.

"Penny-chan told me that you have great massaging skills, you gave her one when she strained herself during training and it actually lulled her to sleep,"

"How could she have told you that?"

"Her tongue loosened quite a bit once something sweet and cold touched it,"

"You bribed her with ice cream?!" Naruto couldn't believe that Penny of all people could be bribed but then he remembered that she has a major sweet tooth.

"Now then, about that massage…," Tatenashi began rising from the bed and Naruto realized something was about to be laid bare so he immediately retreated to the bathroom and quickly shut the door.

"No no no, a million times no! I'm not doing that!" Naruto refuted.

"Come on, Naruto. Tomorrow is the School Festival and I'd really like that massage so I can be ready for the long stressful day,"

"Even if you say that…," Naruto's mind began to wander as he faintly recalled Tatenashi's long slender legs when she was laying on the bed and her-. Naruto immediately slapped himself to snap out of it before his mind went down a dangerous path "Wake up, Naruto! You're not Kakashi-sensei or Pervy Sage!"

[You'd better not be!] Kushina warned heatedly

[Kakashi, Jiraiya-sensei. How could you torture Naruto with your perversions?] Minato didn't know what to think about his former student and sensei anymore.

Naruto felt the door being opened and forced it to remain closed, Tatenashi was obviously displeased by this and tried to open the door several times with the blonde ninja refuting every time.

"If you don't open this door, I will have to resort to force!" Tatenashi issued a warning.

"And I say no means no!" Naruto remained defiant.

"If that's the case…,"

Naruto heard a sound from the other side and paled in realization "Don't tell she's using a Partial Deployment to-,"


Naruto reacted too late as Tatenashi practically smashed down the door and crashed into him with both tumbling to the floor in a heap. Naruto groaned while opening his eyes and realized the position he's in; he's currently laying on the bathroom floor with Tatenashi right on top of him and her breasts were pushed into his face. He tried to get her off of him but the bluenette rather wrapped her arms around his head and shoved his face deeper in his cleavage.

"I got you, now to give me that massage!" Tatenashi declared happily.

Struggling to free himself, Naruto sighed in resignation "Mom, Dad. As the heavens are my witnesses, I didn't initiate anything to end up in this situation,"

[It's understandable, we've long since understood that the women of this world are highly aggressive with what they want] said Minato, sympathizing with his son considering that he's happily married to Kushina who's also aggressive with what she wants occasionally.

[Which I why I don't know whether to approve of her or strangle her] said Kushina,

"I'd go with the latter," Kurami growled in anger.

The next day is the day of the School Festival as the students excitedly took part in the events but a majority of the female students were more confused on the Maid Café due to their main attractions. Case in point; Ichika who's dressed as a butler was currently welcoming a long que of girls into the classroom which has been modified into the café.

"This way, please, Milady," Ichika welcomed the girls in a gentlemanly tone.

"No way! You get to be waited on by Orimura?" asked a girl excitedly.

"And that's not the only thing, I heard the Uzumaki-kun is the head chef!" said another, eagerly waiting to go inside.

"And that's not all, I heard you can take pictures with Orimura-kun and ordering a certain dish would have Uzumaki-kun sign on it too!" a third spoke, this made the girls even more eager to enter.

Meanwhile inside the café, some of the girls were looking through the menu given to them when Penny appeared while dressed in a maid outfit and smiled brightly at them.

"Hello there, miladies! Have you decided on your orders yet?" asked Penny cheerfully.

"Umm, may we ask what exactly is the 'Treat for your Butler set', 'Treat for your Cutie set' and the 'Chef's Lovely Wink'?" asked one of the girls.

"I'm afraid we can't reveal much to avoid imbalance but can guarantee that each is truly worth your while," Penny explained.

The girls whispered amongst, trying to come to an agreement on a particular choice. It went on for a while before they finally made their decision.

"We'll choose the 'Chef's Lovely Wink' please," the girls requested.

"Okay then, may I have your names?" Penny requested which confused them but complied, she went to the kitchen and called out to Naruto "Naru, we have three orders of 'Chef's Lovely Wink' and here are the names!"

Naruto turned from the stove whilst dressed in the chef's attire which included the hat for some reason, he just knew that the girls have been snapping pictures of him like crazy "Alright, I'll get to preparing them…,"

Minutes later, Penny returned with a tray of plates of food covered in silver serving domes in hand "Here you go, please enjoy your meal!" she placed the food on the table and removed the serving domes to reveal something that made the girls practically squeal in excitement. The food served to them is Omurice but that's not the case for excitement.

"Uzumaki-kun wrote our names in ketchup!" said first girl.

"He also made a chibi drawing of himself winking at us!" the second girl pointed at the aforementioned drawing and was snapping pictures with her phone.

The third hesitated on picking up the spoon "I-I don't know if I can bring myself to eat this perfection!"

At another table, some girls had ordered the 'Treat for your Cutie set' which turns out that you get to feed Kurami who's wearing a large pink bow around her neck and acting as the mascot for the maid café, it doesn't need to be said that business is booming massively because of this.

Naruto was hard at work in the kitchen, cooking the food in accordance to the orders made to him albeit that he was getting more of the 'Chef's Lovely Wink' than the regular ones which made him feel awkward as he finds himself writing the names of girls on the food and drawing chibis of himself on the plates.

[At least your Fuinjutsu is paying off in another way] said Minato in amusement.

[Apparently the saying that the way to get a man is through his stomach can also be reversed] Kushina added.

"Please don't distract me, I'm embarrassed enough as is," thought Naruto.

Takatsuki entered the kitchen "Uzumaki-kun, that woman from before is asking to meet with you again,"

Naruto frowned mentally in response, earlier he had met a woman with orange hair called Reiko Makigami who wanted to sell auxiliary weapons to him for his IS. Naruto had politely refused but she was being rather insistent which gave him bad vibes and made it a point to steer clear of her. He even noticed that she also approached Ichika as well and she hadn't approached others like Ling, Cecelia or even Penny which made him feel suspicious of more since she only went after the two male IS pilots.

[Just keep your guard up, Naruto. Don't forget about the rumors which Fabio-san had told us] Minato pointed out.

"I know," thought Naruto then he turned to Takatsuki "Please, tell her that I'm rather preoccupied with the cooking and maybe some other time,"

"Sure thing," the girl cheerfully left to do so.

Sometime later when things slowed down and lesser customers came, Naruto was relaxing with a bowl of ramen which he had made for himself when Penny came inside with Kurami in her arms who had a bit of a bloated stomach from being fed.

"Ooooohhh, I can't take another bite…," Kurami whined.

"Hey Naruto, Takatsuki-san wanted me to tell you that you can go on a thirty-minute break to check out the other exhibitions in the School Festival," said Penny.

Naruto hummed in thought "Well, I'm kinda curious to see what the other classes have done…," he quickly finished his bowl of ramen "Let's go then,"

He barely took a step out of the kitchen when he felt someone wrap their arms around one of his and looked to see Cecelia being the person "Naruto-san, let's go and see the sights together,"

Charlotte popped up next to him and grabbed his other arm "That's not fair, Cecelia-san!"

"Hey, none of you are going with him except me!" Laura declared.

Takatsuki saw what was going on and complained "All of you can't leave the café unattended, why not settle who gets to go with Naruto by playing rock, paper and scissors?"

Suddenly, Naruto felt tension in the atmosphere and looked to see the fierce expressions on the faces of the girls.

"All of a sudden, I feel like a price to be won at all costs," thought Naruto with a sweatdrop.

"That's because you are," Kurami commented with a deadpanned expression.

After a fierce three-round game of rock, paper and scissors; the winner was…Cecelia who was all too happy to be the winner while the rest of the girls were disappointed and had to stay back.

Changing to their uniforms, Naruto carrying Kurami in his arms and Cecelia walked through the hallways and was checking out the exhibitions by the other classes with some of the representatives trying to persuade them to take a look which they did on a few of them, one of them happens to be the Painting Club Exhibition which they're currently at.

"Here you can try a hand in painting a portrait of anything or anyone," the club president explained, gesturing to some of the visitors try to create paintings of things like fruits or even portraits of their friends.

"How interesting…," said Naruto thoughtfully, he recalled his time when he painted for his pranks and training in Fuinjutsu.

"How about giving it a portrait with your friend here," the president suggested.

Cecelia was surprised to hear that "Heh, a portrait of me?"

"That is if you're okay with it,"

"Um well, I wouldn't mind. That is if Naruto is willing to do so,"

Naruto rubbed the back of his "Well, it's been some time since I drew so I might be a bit rusty,"

"I'm sure it will look great," Cecelia spoke in encouragement.

"Alright then, I'll give it a shot,"

The club president smiled "Very well, we'll make preparations for the portrait,"

A few minutes later, Cecelia was seated on an ottoman with Kurami on her lap while Naruto sat a short distance away with a blank canvas mounted on an easel and a set of painting tools at his side.

[Alright son, take a deep breath and concentrate. This is no different from Fuinjutsu, devoid yourself of all distractions and focus on the sole objective] Minato advised, Kushina chose to remain silent so as not to distract him.

Naruto took a deep breath and his eyes narrowed in focus as he proceeded to paint, his surroundings became silent from his point of view, his hand danced on the blank canvas with grace as he constantly switched between paintbrushes to apply various colors with everyone watching him in awe. By the time he felt he was done, Naruto finally snapped back to reality and was surprised to see a large crowd huddled up behind.

"H-Hey, what's going on?" asked Naruto.

"Uzumaki-san, th-that painting…," the club president herself stammered in response as she looked at the aforementioned painting in shock and awe.

Cecelia herself rose from the ottoman and approached them, wanting to see what the fuss was all about. When she came around to look at the portrait…she…was…stunned. The portrait of her made by Naruto was so beautiful that it's a at the level of certain paintings in high class art galleries.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, surprised at himself that he was able to do this "Wow, I didn't know I can draw like this. must be thanks to all that training in calligraphy…,"

[Goes to show that you're every bit of an Uzumaki that you are!] said Kushina with pride.

"Um Uzumaki-san, would it be okay if we kept the painting?" asked the club president anxiously.

Naruto smiled sheepishly "I'd like to, but I'm planning on giving it to Cecelia-chan,"

"Eh? You're giving it to me?" asked Cecelia in shock.

"Yeah, if you're okay with it,"

"Of course I am, I'll accept your gift with grace!" Cecelia was all too happy to accept the portrait since it was something Naruto made just for her, she'd be a fool to refuse! At the back of her mind, she's planning to hang it up in her room before later sending it to her home in England.

"Neh Uzumaki-kun, can you by any chance visit the Art Club from time to time to make paintings with us?" asked the club president.

Naruto hummed in thought before shrugging his shoulders "Sure, when I have free time,"

"Thank you, we'll be looking for ward to seeing you again!" the president and the club members were happy that there's a chance to see Naruto make more amazing portraits in the future.

Afterwards, Naruto and Kurami were returning to the maid café since Cecelia had to take the portrait back to her room. He just stepped inside when he heard someone call out to him.

"There you are, Naruto! I've been looking for you!"

Naruto looked and was shocked to see Tatenashi wearing maid outfit as well but he never saw her working with the others in the early hours "Tatenashi, what are you doing here and what is it you want?"

"Naruto I want you to help us with the student council's entertainment; 'the interactive style play'!" Tatenashi declared.

Both Naruto and Kurami tilted their heads in confusion "Huh?"

"Just come with me!" Tatenashi grabbed Naruto by the arm and proceeded to pull him out of the café to the shower room where she presented a princely outfit complete with a golden bejeweled crown "Just put these on and come to the stage,"

"But this is the first time that I'm hearing this and I've not even seen the script," Naruto pointed out.

Tatenashi waved him off "Don't worry about it, the play is basically ad-lib so we'll be giving you instructions when necessary and you can take care of the rest. Don't take too long now!" she walked away before Naruto could say more.

"I have a bad feeling about this…," Kurami commented.

Naruto nodded in agreement "You and me both,"

Later on, Naruto and Kurami went to the aforementioned stage which was themed to be that of a medieval castle with the former wearing the prince outfit and the crown on his head and the latter still wore her pink bow. They had to be impressed that the dome which was closed had been programmed to display a starry night sky above, then Tatenashi's voice was heard through the loudspeaker.

{Now let's get this started!}

A Holoscreen appeared before Naruto and Kurami then began to tell a story.

{Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cinderella. No…it was no longer name. those who gleefully brought down a swarm of enemies in countless balls. The most powerful of warriors in the world…those who revel in utter destruction. The most appropriate title for those girls…that's 'Cinderella'!}

"Uh, I don't think that's how the story goes…," said Naruto in confusion, then the spotlight shone down on the duo and the Holoscreen displayed the image of the crown which Naruto currently has on his head.

{The girls dance around, targeting the confidential data hidden inside the prince's crown!}

Naruto's bad feeling returned with double the force, especially when Tatenashi continued to speak and the spotlight turning off with the stage lighting up for all to see.

{Once more, the night of bloodthirsty Cinderella begins!}

Suddenly, Naruto felt something descending towards him from above and immediately dashed sideways and turned to see the attacker only to be shocked that it was Ling dressed in a white ballgown with a tiara and wearing actual glass slippers, but the most eye-catching thing would be the single-edged broadsword in her hand.

"Alright Naruto, hand the crown over!" Ling demanded.

"What's going on here?!" Naruto asked confusedly but jumped out of the way to evade a handful of kunai "Are those kunai? Are you trying to kill me!?"

{Don't worry, they're made of safe materials!} said Tatenashi cheerfully.

"That doesn't make me feel any safer!" Naruto was constantly evading the kunai throws and the swings from Ling's sword, he ended up with his back against a pillar when Ling attacked with a mid-kick which he darted away only to see it actually make a hole in the pillar "Aren't those made of glass?"

"Tempered glass to be exact, take this!" Ling attacked with another slash of her sword.

"Naru-kun, catch!" Kurami had separated from Naruto and went to grab one of the kunai scattered on the ground and picked it up with her tail before throwing it towards Naruto who caught it in time to block the blade.

"Alright, now we're evening things up!" Naruto rushed forward and was now clashing blades with Ling and even doubled up on her when Kurami passed more kunai towards him. In a swift movement, Naruto managed to disarm Ling of her sword "Alright then, let-,"


Suddenly, the kunai was shot out of his hand, alerting him that there's a sniper targeting him. Naruto immediately ran whilst dashing from side to side before reaching the balcony and slamming the doors behind him and crouched behind a stone.

Naruto frowned in thought "This style of shooting, the only person I know is…Cecelia-chan!?"

The aforementioned person had positioned herself at a high point with a sniper rifle in hand while also wearing a white ballgown. She recalled what Tatenashi told them when she returned after taking Naruto to the shower room to change. Apparently, whoever manages to collect the crown that Naruto is wearing, they could be allowed to be his roommate indefinitely with Tatenashi using her authority as the student council president.

"I can't pass up this chance!" Cecelia peered through her targeting scope and caught sight of Naruto's spiky hair poking out from behind the pillar "Got you now!" she began firing, forcing Naruto to take cover.

"This would have been a piece of cake if I were to use my jutsu, guess my best bet is to-,"

"Naruto, over here!" a voice called out to him.

Naruto looked down at the ground below the balcony and saw Charlotte waving at him from behind a bush and like the others is also wearing a white ballgown "Charlotte-chan?"

"I'm starting to get an idea of this 'play'…," said Kurami.

Naruto would have asked what she meant but several more shots from Cecelia forced him to leap off the balcony and land on the ground with a crouch before quickly rushing to with Charlotte who was holding an SMG with a riot shield made of tempered glass which made him wary.

"You're not going to attack me too, are you?" asked Naruto tiredly.

Charlotte shook her head in response "Not at all, I'm here to help you escape instead,"

"Really, that's a relief,"

"But before you go, could you let me have the crown?" asked the girl timidly.

Naruto looked up at the said item on his head "This thing that everyone's making a fuss about? Sure, why not?"

"Are you sure about this?" asked Kurami with a quirked eyebrow.

"I don't mind giving it to Charl-chan, considering the fact that she chose not to attack me and asked politely unlike the others that attacked me from the get-go," Naruto thought in response.

[He has a point there] Minato was in agreement.

Naruto began to take the crown off his head when Tatenashi spoke up

{For the prince, his country means all. So if he ever loses his crown which means the confidential data…}

"What's she going on about?" right as Naruto took the crown off his head


Naruto cried out in pain due his entire body getting shocked before collapsing to the ground with the crown somehow finding its way back to his head.

{He gets electrically shocked by his own remorse! Oh, bless his heart!}

"N-Naruto!?" both Kurami and Charlotte were surprised then worried about the blonde ninja.

[She really does plan for everything] said Minato with a sweatdrop, Kushina was laughing her head off at all this.

{Is the prince's love for his country that great? But all we can do is watch him, how agonizing!}

Naruto groaned, getting back to his feet "Taking the crown off by myself or letting the others take it from me will lead to getting zapped. She totally set me up for this…,"

"And taking off the clothes is totally out of the question here," Kurami added

Naruto turned to Charlotte "Sorry, Charl-chan. It seems like I can't give you the crown without getting zapped,"

"What? But that's a problem!" Charlotte complained.

"Stop right there!" they turned to look up at the balcony to see Ling and Cecelia looking down at them.

"Now hand over the crown!" Ling began throwing kunai towards them.

"Watch out!" Naruto picked up the riot shield and used it to deflect the incoming kunai while wrapping arm around Charlotte in a protective manner with the girl blushing beet red, this didn't go unnoticed by the other girls but rather triggered them to attack even more fiercely.

"Naruto, there's a ledge behind us!" Kurami spoke up in alert.

"That just leaves us with only one option," Naruto dropped the riot shield and scooped Charlotte in his arms then jumped backwards to slide down the ledge to the bottom before putting her down "Sorry Charl-chan, gotta go!" he turned around and took off.

"Naruto, wait!" Charlotte tried to stop him but to no avail, making her pout in disappointment.

Naruto and Kurami ran up a flight of stairs leading up to the top of a tower which for some reason was darkened, making the former cautious and brandish one of the kunai Kurami had swiped from Ling earlier. Suddenly, the spotlight turned on to reveal Laura wearing the same thing as the others and wielding a pair of combat knives.

"I've been waiting for you," Laura took a stance "Your crown is mine!"

She lunged at him and attack with the blonde ninja once again being forced to defend himself, part of him is seriously wishing he had put his foot down and refused when Tatenashi persuaded to take in this crazy play. He jumped back away to try and find a way out of this situation.

"You're my bride, so give it up already!" Laura declared.

"*Sigh* At this point, I'm tired of correcting her about the proper marriage roles," Naruto groaned in exasperation.

In the control room, Tatenashi smiled slyly "Love is no fun without obstacles!" she pushed a button on the control panel to activate a cannon which began firing rounds at the tower that Naruto and others were on.

"Laura, watch out!" Naruto leapt forward to tackle Laura out of the way "Come on, that's going overboard!" then he saw more cannon heading their way.

"We'll need to get out of here!" said Kurami urgently.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Naruto held Laura with one hand and ran towards the edge of the tower to find a zipline conveniently placed there for him to grab on to and quickly descend to the ground.

"…," Laura was rather taken with how Naruto handled her in such a manly way, she had been told about it from vice-commander Clarissa of the Black Hare Squad but experiencing is a whole different thing altogether.

Upon reaching the ground, Naruto placed Laura on the ground "Well then, see ya!" then he ran off.

Laura snapped out of her dazed state "Ah, wait…,"

Meanwhile, Naruto had arrived at another part of the castle and was keeping an eye out for any more 'Cinderellas' targeting him, he took note of a ladder leading to the upper parts of the castle and decided to try his luck by climbing it to the top.

"So far so good, should find a hiding place to hunker down until it's all over," said Naruto thoughtfully.

{I'm afraid it won't be that easy, Naruto-kun} Tatenashi pressed another button.

Naruto felt something rumbling and seems to be coming from behind, he looked back and his eyes widened upon seeing a giant stone ball rolling down the pathway towards, inciting him to start running.

"Oh come on, I know you ripped this off from a movie!" Naruto yelled as he continued running to escape from the ball. He found an open doorway ahead and quickly dove inside to allow the ball to roll past him then he came back out "Whew, that was a close one,"

"There you are, Naruto!" Laura had caught up and was already attacking him "Time for you to surrender that crown!"

"Give me a break…," Naruto grumbled and prepared to face her once more when someone interceded by clashing blades with Laura "Penny-chan, you're involved in this too?!"

Like he said, Penny was also wearing a white ballgown and wielded a pair of shortswords which she's using to block Laura's attack.

"Don't get in my way, I'm getting that crowd!" said Laura.

"Well, I want the crown too!" Penny retorted.

"Then we'll see who's worthy of it!" they took to have their duel before Naruto could say a word.

"Geez, just what could be that everyone wants this darn crown so badly?" asked Naruto.

[Perhaps there's a prize to be won which is too enticing for them to resist] Minato suggested.

"If so, what kind of prize could it be?"

[I can think of a few…] said Kushina

Tatenashi spoke up {Now, it's time for the walk-in contestants to participate! Good luck getting the prince's crown!}

No sooner she said those words that an actual drawbridge was lowered and a large crowd of the female students came running towards.

"Oh hell no!" Naruto went down the rooftop and landed on the ground before taking off again.

[Mind your language young man!] Kushina scolded.

"Well excuse me for not wanting t-whoa!" Naruto suddenly felt something grab his leg and pull him down a hole along with Kurami before he could react. He rose to his and saw someone he wasn't expecting "Reiko Makigami, what are you doing here?"

Kurami started to growl at her "Be careful Naru-kun, there's something seriously off about her,"

"Why else other than to steal your Odin and Dot-Phasor," said Reiko, Naruto took note of how her voice is completely different from when she first spoke to him "Now hand them over!" she lashed out with a kick which Naruto caught with both hands then he swung her around to fling into a wall.

[She must be the person from the rumors!] said Minato with a frown.

"So I was right to be wary of you, just who are you?" Naruto demanded, ready to act depending on the response.

Reiko raised her head to look at him with eyes full of insanity "Who am I? Just a mysterious beauty pretending to be a business woman from a corporation to steal your IS," suddenly four orange mechanical spider legs burst out from her back which clearly revealed her intent.

[Use me, sochi-kun! Let's giving this crazy lady a whooping she'll never forget!] said Kushina.

"Soar High, Odin!" Naruto called out as Naruto held his hand before him and tapped the red bracelet with his other hand to be enshrouded in silver light and fade away to reveal him donning the Odin MK II.

Reiko smirked evilly "I was waiting for that!"

"Just try to take them from me, you'll soon find out that I'm not someone you wanna mess with!" said Naruto with the helmet closing up around his face as he equipped himself with the dual HF blades, ready to face down the unknown assailant.

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There was a bit of a mishap between Naruto and Tatenashi on the account of her wanting a massage from him. The next day marked the start of the School Festival with Naruto's class doing a maid café which really drew in a lot of customers due to how the main attractions utilized Naruto, Ichika and Kurami effectively. Naruto went to visit other exhibitions and ended up painting a portrait for Cecelia and Kurami with the latter being more than happy to accept it.

Then Tatenashi got Naruto in a so-called interactive play of a seriously twisted alternation of the fairy tale Cinderella whereby the girls compete to acquire Naruto's crown with the winner liable to be his roommate. Things went crazy for the blonde ninja as he didn't know exactly what to do and taking off the crown leads to him getting zapped as a penalty.

However, he got separated and encountered a business woman who had been pursuing him and Ichika to sell auxiliary weapons for there is but he was suspicious of her. His feelings of wariness soon proven true when she straight up told him her evil intent, now Naruto has to face this 'mysterious beauty' and find who does she work for and what is their end goal of stealing IS from all over the world?

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