The Sky Fox

Chapter 2: A Fox's Debut

"Haaaaah, I'm so bored right now," those were the words of a spiky blond haired teenager who was currently in class and was staring at the blue sky through the window with a long of boredom. This was none other than Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Salvatore. Much has changed for him in the past years as he has grown several inches taller, his spiky hair has grown bangs to reach his jaws just like his dad and has gotten even stronger than he was before.

Right now he's wearing a black t-shirt with a Konoha leaf in front, an orange open sleeveless vest with a red spiral at the back, blue jeans and pair of white sneakers with yellow highlights.

He was waiting impatiently for the bell to ring as a signal of school being over which isn't surprising due to inability stay in one place without doing anything. Finally the bell rang much to his relief as he slung his backpack over a shoulder and made his way to the entrance of the school. He walked under tree and something jumped from the branches and landed on his left shoulder.

It was a small red fox with a long bushy tail, it let out a happy yip as it curled its tail around his neck and rubbed against his cheek lovingly.

"Hey there Kurami-chan, did you miss me?" said Naruto with a chuckle.

"It was very boring around here Naruto-kun, there was nothing to do since I've already explored the entire city," said Kurami through their mind link.

With the help of his parents, Naruto was able to modify the seal such that he could let Kurami out with a tails worth of chakra so she could roam freely though she prefers to hang around Naruto a lot and when she's not with him, then you could find her with Sonia or Maria.

"I feel the same way Kurami-chan, let's wait for Sonia- chan to come out so that we can get home and maybe do a little more training. I need to work on how to add my wind element to the Rasengan," said Naruto.

They didn't have to wait for long as they saw many children walking out of the school building with one of the kids running towards them. She is a brown haired girl wearing a yellow dress with sunflower prints with a red jacket worn over it.

"Hi Naruto and Kurami!" said Sonia with a smile to which Naruto smiled back and Kurami let out a happy yip.

"Hey Sonia-chan, how was your day in school?" asked Naruto.

"It was okay, I was able to get an A+ on my cake in cooking class," said Sonia while doing a victory sign with her fingers.

"That's amazing Sonia-chan, maybe on the weekend you could bake a cake for us to try out," Naruto petted her head as she giggled.

Then they walked towards the school gate and upon reaching it, Naruto reached into his pocket and took an orange handheld device and flipped it open to reveal two screens with the bottom a touchscreen, on the left is a directional pad while the right side is the keypad (Think of the Sinnoh Pokédex from Pokémon for better understanding). Naruto tapped a wheel icon on the touchscreen before typing a few codes on the keypad then a feminine AI voice spoke up.

[Autopilot activated, Kitsune cycle en route to rider]

It didn't take more than one minute when they heard the rev of an engine and an unmanned motorcycle came to a stop before them. It is a motocross bike with white body paint and vinyl sticker of a large red fox with nine tails on each side. Naruto purchased the bike before customizing it with the technology from the Stellare enterprise which he calls the Kitsune cycle.

Then they got on the bike and put on their helmets with Sonia wrapping her arms around Naruto's waist from behind and Kurami sitting in front before Naruto revved the engine and took off in direction of home. After taking a detour to buy some ice cream, they finally arrived home as Naruto parked the bike in the garage with Sonia waiting for him before entering the house together.

"Mom! We're home!" they called out at the same time, then they heard a feminine voice call out from the kitchen.

"Welcome home you three! Dinner's almost ready, so go and get yourselves cleaned up!" said Maria.

"Okay mom,"

Then they went upstairs to their bedrooms to change clothes before coming back down and sitting in the living room, with Naruto lounging on the sofa and using his S-Touch (The handheld from before) to check for anything interesting online while nodding his head to some music from his wireless headphones, Kurami was on the sofa with him relaxing as well and Sonia was using the remote to flip through the channels on the plasma TV to see if something interesting was on.


The said blonde was snapped out of his browsing online and turned to see Sonia looking excited and pointing at the TV.

"What's the matter Sonia-chan?" asked Naruto as he closed the S-Touch and took off the headphone while looking confused at her sudden behavior.

"Look at the TV! I just heard something about a male using an IS!" said Sonia excitedly.

Hearing this made Naruto snap his head towards the TV to listen attentively to what the newscaster has to say with Kurami listening as well since this is unheard of especially when his being a male IS pilot is a well-kept secret for the meantime.

"In later news. Orimura Ichika, an average Japanese third year student of Aoetsu Private School has been discovered to be the first ever male to be use an IS which has been known to react to only females. As of now, Orimura Ichika has been enrolled in the IS study program over at the IS academy in Japan, more information is yet to be discovered until further notice. And now we bring you the weather forecast," said the female newscaster.

"Whoa, I never thought that there would be another male IS pilot like me," said Naruto.

"But they were wrong, you're the first male IS pilot," said Sonia with a cute pout, making Naruto pat her head while smiling.

"Technically yes, but remember that we kept it a secret otherwise they would have made me go without being prepared or for that matter leave you and mom alone back then, and I know that you wouldn't like that,"

"Boooo, when you say it like that…well I wouldn't have liked it at all," Sonia admitted to the logic.

"So what happens now Naruto-kun?" asked Kurami from the top of his shoulders.

"Let's wait for dad to get back home from work, then we'll talk about my next move," Naruto replied.

Later that evening, Fabio had returned from his job at the Stellare Enterprise and was currently sitting in the living room along with Naruto, Kurami, Maria and Sonia. Naruto took out a blue cube and placed it on the table before pressing a button, then the cube lit up and displayed a hologram of Minato and Kushina.

"Good evening Minato-san and Kushina-san," said Maria.

"Good evening to you too," said Minato with a bow.

"Hello Maria-chan," said Kushina happily before turning to Naruto "Hello Sochi-kun, how was school today?"

"It was okay kaa-san," said Naruto.

Fabio cleared his throat to get their attention "Well then, I'm sure you heard about the news of the male IS pilot in japan?"

"That we did, although it surprised us that there would be another like our son," said Minato.

"The same could be said for my team and I when we heard about it from the government, so the question is what we do about it,"

Minato looked at Kushina who nodded at him before he spoke up "I believe the time has come for Naruto to go to the IS academy," this made everyone look at the older blond in surprise.

"Are you sure dad? You told me that I wasn't ready yet the last time I spoke about this subject," said Naruto.

"It's true I said that, but what you need is experience when battling against another IS since you only experienced a lot of battles in our old world,"

"And we can still continue your training over there, besides I need to find the right girl or rather girls for you so that I can spoil some grandkids," said Kushina with a blissful look on her face with Maria nodding in agreement while Naruto was blushing and both fathers were chuckling though Sonia looked a bit down.

"Does this mean you're leaving me?" said Sonia in a sad tone.

Naruto walked over to her before lifting her up and placing her on his lap "It may seem that way, but that doesn't mean that I won't come back from time to time or make contact with you Sonia-chan,"

"Then do you promise to come back to see us?"

"Of course, you know that I always keep my promises," said Naruto with a foxy grin to which Sonia smiled and hugged him with their parents watching them with smiles.

"So when do you plan on leaving?" asked Maria.

"Tomorrow, I don't wanna make that guy feel lonely in a school full of girls now do I?" said Naruto with a smirk.

The next morning, Naruto had packed his clothes in a suitcase before sealing it away in a scroll which he placed in his old ninja pouch. Then he with Kurami on his shoulder stood at the doorway with the Salvatores standing before him.

"I've packed some lunch for you to eat on your trip to japan, and make sure to eat well. I don't want you to live on only ramen okay?" said Maria.

"Okay mom," said Naruto.

"I sent information about you as well as the data on the two IS to the government, so they should be ready for you when you arrive at the academy," said Fabio

"Won't they be angry with you for keeping this from them for so long?"

"Normally yes, but I'm sure the data and your performance in the future should be enough to placate them and leave me with nothing but a slap on the wrist,"

Then Sonia came forward and held out a golden locket to him, Naruto took it and opened to see a picture of him and the family smiling happily. He bent down and gave her a warm hug before wearing it around his neck alongside the Hokage necklace that Tsunade gave to him.

"Thank you Sonia-chan, I'll treasure it always," said Naruto, then he used his S-Touch to summon the Kitsune cycle from the garage. He got on and revved the engine "Goodbye everyone, wish me luck and I promise to keep in contact with you," he rode off with the Salvatores waving as they watched him leave.

With that, Naruto had a 60km ride from Sorrento to the Naples International Airport where he had booked a ticket to Japan last night. He rode first class while enjoying the lunch his mother gave to him and read a magazine to while away the time until arriving at the Tokyo International Airport. After leaving the airport, he went into an alley and unsealed the Kitsune cycle from a scroll (He sealed it before boarding the plane while Kurami went back into the seal) and was pressing a few buttons on the S-Touch.

"Give me a route to the IS academy," said Naruto as he pressed the enter key.

[Processing…complete, route to IS academy created. Please follow the path set on the GPS on your goggles] said the AI (AN I might need a name)

Naruto put on a pair of goggles which the HUD activated and displayed the map, then he rode towards his destination which took a while before finally arriving at the front gates of the IS academy

Naruto summoned Kurami from the seal as they marveled at the sight of the place. The IS academy is on an offshore island which he had to take a monorail (A train running on a single rail) from the mainland. The place has a very futuristic look with all domes scattered throughout, there are also plenty of trees and parks, and what caught their eye was the branch-like tower at the center.

"This place looks amazing," said Kurami who was in awe.

"I know, we need to chronicle this moment," Naruto took out his S-Touch and activated the camera function, then he positioned himself with his back to the academy and pointed it at himself and Kurami as they both smiled before taking the picture "Sonia-chan would love to see this selfie," then he pressed a button which sent the image to Sonia's email address "Let's go and get signed up,"

They went past the gate and walked along the path while following the holographic signs that appeared along the path until locating the administrative building, he made his way to the reception table where a lady was typing away on a futuristic computer. The woman raised her head and quirked an eyebrow upon seeing a blond haired boy with a fox sitting around his shoulders and wondered what he was doing here.

"Can I help you sir?" asked the receptionist.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Salvatore, I believe this will explain everything to you," Naruto took out an envelope with the Italian government seal on it and held it out to her.

The receptionist took the envelope and broke the seal to read the letter, her eyes widened in surprise as she looked at the boy who was sharing the same grin with the fox "So you're the one the Italian government sent for?" she received a nod from the boy, then the receptionist reached into her desk and took out a brown parcel which she held for Naruto to take "Inside is your uniform and according to what I've been told, your classroom is…

In a certain class, a boy with black hair that is parted in the middle sits up front and in the middle row of the class while surrounded by girls. He gulped nervously as he could practically feel their stares boring into the back of his head.

"I don't really to be here with all these girls surrounding me, it feels so awkward. I kinda wish for another guy to be here with me," thought the boy, then he heard the door open and looked up to see someone enter the classroom.

She is a woman with short green hair, a voluptuous figure with a notable bust and wears glasses. She also wears a revealing yellow dress with short sleeves and knee high boots.

"Hello and congratulations on entering this school, my name is Maya Yamada and I am the assistant homeroom teacher," said the newly identified Maya with a bright smile.


Apparently no one paid any attention to what she said as their main source of attention is the boy who couldn't bring himself to even turn his head.

"Uuuummmm, how about we move on to the self-introductions. We're going according to the numerical order on the attendance list,"

"This is so awkward," the boy took a side glance at a girl sitting at the far end of the classroom. She has long purple hair tied in a ponytail with a green and black ribbon. She notices him looking at her as if asking for her help but she simply turned away much to his shock "Is that how you act towards your childhood friend after we haven't seen each other for 6 years? Does she hate me?"

"Ichika Orimura-kun?" he snapped out of his depression upon hearing his name, he looked up to see Maya staring while the girls around were giggling at his absentmindedness.

"Sorry for bothering you, but having started from 'A' on the attendance list we moved on to 'O' so could you please introduce yourself?" said Maya.

"O-okay," Ichika was about to stand up and introduce himself when there was a knock on the door.

"Just a moment," Maya turned to the door "You may come in please,"

The door slid open and someone entered the classroom which everyone let out a gasp in surprise with Ichika being the most affected.

They were looking at a male teenager with height a of 175cm which is a bit taller than Ichika, blond spiky hair with the bangs reaching his jaws, what stood out was the whisker markings on his cheeks. What really caught their attention was that he was wearing a white blazer with long trousers, not only that but he had a small red fox curled around his shoulders.

For him to wear their uniform must mean that he is a new student of the IS academy and also…another male IS pilot!

"Hello, sorry I'm late but I was a little delayed during the registration and got myself lost while trying to find my new class," said the blond haired fox while rubbing the back of his head and looking sheepish.

Maya still looked stunned upon seeing another boy in the school but she finally snapped out of it and politely responded "O-oh no, it's no problem at all. We were just having our self-introductions at the moment, you can take your seat right next to Orimura-kun,"

"Thanks sensei," said Naruto with a foxy grin which made her among a few girls blush and think of how cute he looks along with his fox. Naruto took his seat and looked at Ichika before giving him a smile which he returned with his own, feeling quite relieved that he wasn't the only guy anymore.

"Oh yes before that, Orimura-kun was about to introduce himself," said Maya.

"Y-yes," then Ichika stood up from his looking all the while nervous as the girls stared at him intensely "Erm…my name is Ichika Orimura, pleased to meet you," everyone remained silent as they wanted to hear more about "Urm that's all," this led to everyone doing a comical collapse at such a short introduction while Naruto was laughing out loud "D-did I do it wrong?"

"Dude, that's not how you introduce yourself. You're supposed to tell them your name along with your likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams," said Naruto.

"Oh so that's how it's done?" said Ichika with all the girls nodding in affirmation.

"You can't blame him since he was nervous at the time," said Kurami through the mind link.

"That's right, let me show you what I mean by introducing myself," Naruto stood as Ichika sat down with everyone listening attentively to the second male IS pilot "My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Salvatore, my likes are ramen, the color orange, my precious people. My dislikes are the ten minutes it takes to cook instant ramen, traitors and perverts. My dream is to be the strongest Sora no Kage and protect all those precious to me. My hobbies are inventing, gardening and playing pranks,"

Many of the girls let out squeals upon hearing his introduction while Ichika looked at Naruto with understanding and respect.

"At least his introduction is much better than yours which was quite short and pathetic," everyone turned to the source of the stern voice, she is a tall woman with long black hair which Naruto noticed is split into two parts just like Ichika which made him wonder if they're related somehow. She wears a formal white shirt with a black business overcoat and a matching skirt, green tie, stockings and high heeled but didn't fail to showcase her good figure.

"Wow she looks beautiful," thought Naruto.

Kurami was pouting until she took a closer look at the woman "Naruto-kun, be careful around her,"

"What makes you say that?" Naruto looked at her before realizing what she meant "I think I get what you're talking about, her stance reminds me of Kakashi-sensei and the others Jounins back at home. Which means there's more to her than meets the eye,"

On the other hand, Ichika seemed to know the woman as he called out to her in surprise "Chifuyu-nee?! What are y- gah!" he was reeling in pain from receiving a bonk in the head courtesy of the woman.

"Call me Orimura-sensei when in school," said Chifuyu sternly.

"Why is she here? I never get to see her because of her mysterious job," thought Ichika as he massaged his head to ease the pain.

"I guess they're related," thought Naruto.

Chifuyu walked over to Maya and gave her a nod before turning to the class "Allow me to introduce myself, I am your homeroom teacher Chifuyu Orimura. It's my job to completely train you in one year, even if you dislike my attitude you will do as I say. Understood?"

Instead of the girls feeling awkward from the introduction, they rather let out shrieks of joy.

"Kyaah! It's the real Chifuyu-sama!"

"I've always been your fan!"

"I came all the way from Hokkaido to be taught by you!"

Naruto, Kurami and Ichika sat there stunned at the fangirlism before them.

"Whoa, she must be popular to get a reception like this. But haven't I heard of her from somewhere?" thought Naruto.

"Yes you did, Fabio-san told us that Chifuyu is a former IS pilot representative of Japan who has never been defeated in a single match, but then she suddenly retired and had never been heard from ever since," said Kurami,

"She almost seems like a Kage to be that strong," thought Naruto, then he noticed the woman looking at him quite intensely. "Why is she looking at me like that?"

"Maybe because you just showed right after her brother, so she might be suspicious of us,"

Chifuyu walked up to him with eyes locked on him and everyone were watching on silently "Animals aren't allowed here, Uzumaki-san,"

Naruto frowned a little before replying "Sorry but Kurami-chan has been with me since the day I was born, and she doesn't like to be separated from me,"

"Even so, I will not let your pet disrupt my class," said Chifuyu with a glare, she was to see Naruto frown right back at her.

"Kurami-chan is not a pet, she's my friend and a very smart fox! Why don't you ask her yourself?" said Naruto, at this Kurami jumped off his shoulders and onto the table before looking straight at her.

"Do you expect me to believe that the fox can understand what I'm saying?"

"Why don't you give it a try then?"

Chifuyu turned to the red fox who was still staring at her "Can you understand me?" she along with everyone else was shocked when the fox nodded to the question with Naruto smirking "Do you wish to remain with Uzumaki-san?" then she got a nod "Will you avoid doing anything that will disrupt the class," and a shake of the head. Chifuyu stood there for a minute and then let out a sigh before turning back to Naruto.

"Very well then, she can stay. But if she disturbs the class, then she leaves," said Chifuyu.

Kurami let out a happy yip and wagged her tail before jumping back onto Naruto's shoulders and nuzzled his cheek. The girls were squealing "Kawai!' at the sight while Chifuyu returned to her table while deep in thought.

"There's something strange about that boy, for him to appear right after Ichika's enrollment is very suspicious. I better keep an eye on him,"

After receiving an orientation before taking on the first theory class, it was now time for recess. But Ichika didn't or rather couldn't go anywhere due to the fact that the middle corridor are full of girls from other classes who are peeking through the glass after hearing rumors of there being two male IS users, and let's not forget that Ichika is the younger brother of their idol Chifuyu Orimura.


Ichika turned to see Naruto by him with a foxy grin and waving at him.

"Oh Naruto-san-" Ichika began but Naruto cut him off.

"Please call me Naruto, being called with such honorifics makes me feel distant. After all, we're going to be friends while here in the academy right?" said Naruto while rubbing behind Kurami's ears which made her purr in pleasure.

"Yeah, you're right," said Ichika with a smile "So how did you discover that you were able to use an IS?"

"Well the thing is that I learnt how to use an IS long before you,"

Ichika was shocked to hear that "What?! But then why didn't you enroll earlier?"

"That's because I needed to train under my clans' techniques so I kept it a secret, plus I didn't want to leave my new family in Italy yet,"

"I see,"

"So when I heard about you, I decided to enroll and join you cause it might feel awkward being the only guy in a school full of girls,"

"Yeah you have no idea how relieved I am to have another guy with me here," Ichika looked at Naruto with gratefulness.

"No problem buddy, just know that I've always got your back," said Naruto as he raised a fist, Ichika looked confused at first until he got the meaning before using his own fist to bump Naruto's with a smile.

At that moment, the girl whom Ichika was familiar with walked up to them

"Excuse me but I would to speak with him for a moment?"

"Houki?" said Ichika in surprise.

"Oh okay, I'll catch you later Ichika," said Naruto.

"Sure Naruto, see you around," Ichika got up from his and left with the girl.

"Seems like he knows her from somewhere," thought Naruto.

"They must be childhood friends," said Kurami "And it looks like she has a crush on him too,"


Naruto and Kurami turned to the voice that called out to them, she is a girl with pink hair at shoulder length with two small pigtails on either side tied by yellow fox themed hair ties. Naruto noticed that she wears her uniform differently from the others as her sleeves are extended to obscure her hands.

"My name is Nohotoke Honne, but my friends call me Nohohon. It's nice to meet you!" said the girl cheerfully.

Naruto was a bit surprised by her enthusiasm but smiled back as she kind of reminds her of him in a way "It's nice to meet you too Nohohon-chan, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Well my friends and I have been wondering…if those are real?" Nohotoke pointed at the whisker marks on his cheeks.

"Oh these, they're actually birthmarks,"

"Really?! Wow, they make you look like a fox!" she said gleefully.

"You must really like foxes huh?"

"Yes cause they're so cute!"

Naruto would have bet that if she had a tail right now, it would be wagging. He noticed that she was stealing glances at Kurami and knew what she wanted to do.

"If you want to hold Kurami-chan, I'm sure she wouldn't mind as long as you're gentle with her. Right Kurami-chan?"

"Of course," Kurami jumped off his shoulders and into Nohotoke's arms as she nuzzled her.

"Waaaii! She's so fluffy, I can cuddle her all day!"

"I wouldn't mind if she does, she knows where to touch the right spots," said Kurami blissfully.

"Sure but try not to get spoiled too much," thought Naruto, he could hear the girls whispering among themselves.

"So those whisker marks are real,"

"How unfair of her, I wanted to cuddle the cute fox too,"

"His hair is almost like the sun,"

"Do you think he'll purr if we rub those whiskers of his?"

Naruto got nervous at hearing the last statement as he does purr much to his embarrassment, Kurami said that he must have gotten that from her. Sonia was the one to find and ever since then wouldn't let him have the time of the day.

Later on after the break, they were having another theory class although Ichika could barely understand any of it which led to Chifuyu bashing his head in with the record book due he didn't read the book that was sent to him and compulsory to read before entering the academy. Naruto offered him his notes that was modified by Fabio which was much easier for him to understand much to Ichika's relief (Naruto was also taught the basics during his training)

During another recess, Naruto and Ichika were hanging out in class and Kurami had gone to play with Nohotoke along with her friends. The duo suddenly heard someone call out to them.

"Excuse me, may I have a moment with the both of you?"

She is a girl with log blonde hair and wears a blue headband. Her uniform is slightly modified with a long skirt with black frills at the ends of the skirt and sleeves. Judging by the sound of her voice, she must be British.

"Yes?" said Ichika.

"Oh what a response! Don't you know how honored you should feel for just talking to someone like me? You need to have a better attitude," said the girl snobbishly.

"Well the problem would be that we don't know who you are," said Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

The girl looked shocked at what her fellow blonde said "You mean that you don't know me? Cecilia Alcott? The valedictorian of the entrance exam and the representative contender student for England?"

"May I ask a question please?" said Ichika.

"Oh go ahead, after all it's the job of nobles to answer the request made by the people of the lower class," said Cecilia with a wave of her hair.

"This girl is quite full of herself," said Kurami through the mind link while relaxing on Nohotoke's lap with one eye open.

"What's a representative contender student?" asked Ichika, this led to those listening to fall comically while Cecilia was stunned and Naruto was trying to contain his laughter.

"I can't believe this! Is every man in Japan so lacking in knowledge? It's common sense!" said Cecilia.

"You can fault Ichika for this as he was just introduced to the world of IS," said Naruto.

"Hmph, well in that case I'll explain. The representative contender students are the elites chosen as candidates to represent their countries as their IS pilots, surely you can imagine the meaning of what I'm talking about?"

"I guess so," said Ichika.

"That's right! And I am an elite, so you should feel elated that you're in a class with someone like me," said Cecilia with a dramatic flair.

"Wow, just…wow," thought Naruto.

"Well since you have insufficient knowledge, I could probably teach you even you come crying and begging to me. After all I am the elites among elites who defeated an instructor during the entrance exams," said Cecilia.

"Oh I also defeated an instructor,"

Cecilia turned with her eyes wide in surprise "Huh?"

Naruto raised his hand "So did I,"

"Huh?! But how?!"

"Although I said that, the instructor suddenly came charging towards me, so I evaded her while she crashed into the wall and was out of commission," said Ichika.

"For me, when the instructor lashed at me with her blade. I deflected it and before knocking her off her feet before holding her at sword point," said Naruto.

"But I heard I was the only one…" said Cecilia with her shoulders shaking.

"Won't that carry the clause 'among women'?" said Ichika.

"Uh oh, looks like she going to burst out," thought Naruto, recognizing it from how Sakura, Ino and Tsunade would react, and he was spot on.

"So you both defeated an instructor too?!" said Cecilia angrily.

"Please calm down Cecilia-san," said Naruto in a placating manner but it wasn't working at all.

"How can I calm down after hearing this?!" at that moment, the school bell rang to signal the end of recess "We'll continue this conversation later, all right?" then she strutted off.

"How arrogant can she be just because she wasn't the only one to defeat an instructor?" said Kurami as she walked over to Naruto and jumped to his shoulder.

"Maybe but that remains to be seen," thought Naruto.

Soon class was over and everyone were walking along the paths towards the dormitories. Naruto and Ichika had arrived and were looking for the rooms assigned to them with the slips of papers in their hands. They stopped before a door which had the number plate '1025' on it.

"I guess this my room," said Ichika looking at the slip of paper to double check.

"Okay, my room must be further so I'll see you tomorrow," said Naruto before walking off.

"Okay goodnight Naruto, Kurami," said Ichika as he opened the door before walking inside.

Naruto continued down the corridor in search of his room until he finally found it with the number plate '1035', he found it a bit ironic that the number plate relates to Kurami when you sum up the numbers. He walked inside and was impressive by what he saw.

Inside the room are two beds beside each other, a bathroom, two computers, a small kitchen and he could even see a balcony through the glass doors.

"Whoa this place is almost like a luxury hotel," said Naruto.

Kurami leapt off his shoulders and transformed into her human form, then she went lie on one of the beds "Yeah, but there might be a chance that we would get a roommate later on,"

"True but it might be a while, so until then we have this room all to ourselves," Naruto took a scroll out of his pocket and started to unseal his belongings and arranged them to get a homely feeling of the room. He took a bath and came out of the bathroom and put on his sleep clothes which was a black t-shirt and shorts. He was about to lie on the bed when he heard chattering outside the door "I wonder what's going on?" Naruto went to open the door and look outside only to quickly shut it and walk back to the bed, Kurami noticed that he was blushing.

"What happened Naruto-kun, and why is your face red?" asked Kurami curiously.

"I just saw something that Ero-sennin would call a goldmine, so I quickly came back so that I won't be called a pervert," said Naruto as he laid down to sleep but not before sending a message to Sonia and his foster parents.

"He's so cute when he reacts like that," Kurami giggled before going to sleep as well.

The next morning, Naruto had woken up and got himself ready for class then he left the dormitory with Kurami once again in her fox form and riding on his shoulders. They went into the cafeteria where he had a bowl of miso pork ramen and plate of steak for Kurami which he sliced into smaller pieces for her then he saw Ichika sitting next to Houki although he noticed that she looked angry but decided not to ask about it and walked over to them.

"Yo mind if I sit here?" asked Naruto.

"Oh hey Naruto, you can sit here," said Ichika with a nod of his head.

Naruto set his tray on the counter and proceeded to eat his ramen while Kurami was eating her steak when they heard a familiar voice.

"Hi Naruto-kun and Kurami-chan!"

They turned to see Nohotoke who was wearing a pajama which looks like a yellow fox along with two others who seem to be her friends and they're all carrying trays of food.

"Hey Nohohon-chan, what's up?" said Naruto with a smile.

"Can my friends and I sit next to you?" asked Nohotoke.

"Sure, the more the merrier," said Naruto with a foxy grin, though he could hear some of the girls whining about not asking him or Ichika first.

"Wow, you and Ichika sure eat a lot," said one of the girls.

"I don't know about Ichika but I have a strong metabolism so I tend to burn energy rather quickly which results in me eating a lot," said Naruto.

"And I'm the type who eats little at night, so I have to eat a lot in the morning otherwise I won't make it. On the other hand, are you girls eating too little?" said Ichika.

Like he said, the food on their trays are quite small in amount and the girls were looking at each other nervously.

"Well that's because we eat a lot of snacks!" said Nohotoke cheerfully.

Then Houki stood up from here seat "I'm going now," she picked up her tray and walked off, leaving the others behind while Naruto watched her leave with a small frown on his face, something which Ichika caught.

"Naruto, what's the matter?" asked Ichika.

"It's just that she reminds me of someone I know, he always prefer to be left alone and would never seek company no matter how much I try to befriend him," said Naruto with a sad smile, Kurami had a good idea of who he was talking about.

"Well Houki and I are childhood friends, when we were in first grade we started going to the same kendo dojo. And then we were together again in fourth grade, though I don't remember much of the past anymore," said Ichika with a faraway look.

Suddenly they heard clapping from behind and turned around to see Chifuyu in a white tracksuit.

"How long are you going to eat?! You've got to be fast when eating, be efficient! If you're late, then you'll be running ten laps around the field,"

Then the girls started eating as fast as they could, Naruto leaned over and whispered into Ichika's ears.

"Dude, your sister's strict,"

Ichika nodded in affirmation "I know that all too well Naruto,"

After breakfast Naruto and Ichika went to their class to start their lesson and were being taught the basic knowledge about the IS among other things and soon they were into third period. Chifuyu stepped forward and spoke up.

"Now we'll decide on who will be the class representative who will be competing in the inter-class tournament. Not only that but they will also attend student council meetings as well as committee meetings sort of like a class leader. Self-nominations or nominating of others, either of them is fine so are there any candidates?"

One of the girls raised her hand and spoke up "Sensei, I recommend Orimura-kun,"

"I choose Uzumaki-kun to be the class leader," said another.

Soon more joined in with Naruto getting more of the votes than Ichika much to his relief since he didn't want to be in the spotlight.

"From the looks of things, Naruto Uzumaki will be chosen to be the class representative. Are there any opinions?" said Chifuyu.

"I object to this!" everyone turned to see that it was Cecilia who made that outburst "Do you expect me, Cecilia Alcott to bear the shame of having a man as our class representative for a whole year? I will not accept this!"

"What is this girl's problem?!" thought Naruto with a frown.

"It's already bad enough that I'm living in a country of underdeveloped culture like this one, it's such an unbearable pain!"

By this point, Naruto finally had enough as he stood up from his seat and was glaring at her.

"I would stop talking about Japan like that if I were you, don't act as if Britain is a piece of heaven. Last I checked, Britain had awards for the worst cuisines ever unlike japan and Italy for their best delicacies," said Naruto with Kurami yipping in agreement.

Cecilia looked flabbergasted before glaring back angrily "How dare you?! We have many delicious dishes, are you insulting my country?!"

"Isn't that exactly what you're doing when you spoke of how Japan's culture was so underdeveloped?" said Naruto.

"To insult me like this…I challenge you to a duel!"

"I accept it, time to show you that the world doesn't revolve around you,"

"You better fight with all you have, because if you lose to me on purpose, I'll make you my servant…worst yet my slave! Or are you going to run away like a coward?" Cecilia said smugly.

"Uh oh, she's gone and done it now," thought Kurami.

Naruto's eyes widened as those words made him remember something back in his old world, the time he started to walk his own path. He reached into his pocket and took out his headband only that he replaced the blue cloth with a long black one.

Everyone looked at what Naruto was holding with curiosity while Chifuyu was watching with a look of interest.

"I'm not gonna run away and I never go back on my word, that is my nindo! My ninja way!" Naruto said this as he put on his headband and looked at Cecilia with eyes showing great resolve, something that surprised Chifuyu.

"I never thought that would see eyes like that in any man, what could have happened for him to have eyes like that?" she thought.

"What do you mean by that nindo nonsense and what are you wearing that headband for?" Cecilia was taken aback upon seeing such strength behind his eyes.

"My nindo is the personal rule which I live by and follow without any regrets, and this headband signifies the pride that I possess as a Shinobi. For this will not be a battle between a man and a woman, but a battle between two IS pilots!"

Everyone sat there silently in surprise upon what he said, this boy doesn't care about the male and female strength ratio but is truly taking this battle very seriously.

"Naruto, for you to talk like that. What have you gone through?" thought Ichika.

"This boy called himself a ninja? I'll have to pay more attention on him from here on," thought Chifuyu before speaking up "Now that it's settled, the battle will be held next Monday at the third arena. Uzumaki and Alcott, make sure you guys prepare well,"

Both blondes stared at each other with one thought in mind.

"I'm will win this battle!"

This is Hussbek online with another chapter, looks like Naruto has finally arrived at the IS academy and made some friends and now he's about to engage an elite in an IS battle. Who will come out on top? The elite of the elites or the unpredictable ninja? Stay tuned to find out. I'd like to take my time and thank all those who took their time to read this fiction, and for all those who read my other fictions, don't worry as I'll soon update them.

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